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SEC reportedly investigating whether Elon Musk tweeted about take-private deal to hurt short sellers


The agency is pressing Tesla's board for details on how much Musk had shared with them prior to announcing his plans on Twitter.

Google employees protest secret work on censored search engine for China


In the letter, which was obtained by The New York Times, employees wrote that the project and Google's apparent willingness to abide by China's censorship requirements "raise urgent moral and ethical issues."

The $999 Galaxy Note 9 is the best Android phone you can buy ... if you need the kitchen sink


The Galaxy Note 9 is the best Android phone you can buy — but it's loaded with features that a lot of people probably don't really need, CNBC's Todd Haselton says.

Amazon reportedly looking to buy a movie chain next


Bloomberg News says Amazon is looking at buying Landmark Theatres, citing people familiar with the situation.

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Crypto hedge fund Pantera on track to raise $175 million despite bitcoin’s price slump

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

Despite bitcoin slumping by half this year, hedge fund Pantera Capital is well on its way to hitting a $175 million target for its third and largest fund yet.


Nvidia falls more than 5% on low revenue guidance

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

CNBC's Josh Lipton breaks down Nvidia's second-quarter earnings, which beat revenue and EPS expectations, but offered light third quarter revenue guidance.


Nvidia is tanking on earnings, but one trader is buying the dip


Nvidia is selling off after reporting earnings, but one trader sees an opportunity in the pullback.

Tesla ex-security employee alleges theft, spying and drug dealing at company

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / World

Tesla ex-security worker alleges company covered up theft, drug-dealing and spied on employees


Policing Twitter will ruin its 'magic,' internet entrepreneur says

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

"If they try to reverse engineer Twitter into being like Facebook, where you can't just put yourself on somebody else's wall, ... that kills the reason for Twitter to exist," Jason Calacanis says.


Booming Walmart, Cisco results show US economy’s strength is real and broad-based

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / Investing

Major U.S. companies are confirming the positive macro data by reporting their best financial results in many years.


Your kid's Fortnite obsession could land them a college scholarship

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

In a little less than a year, Fortnite has become a global phenomenon. Now parents are hiring gaming coaches for their kids with the high hope their Fortnite skills will be enough to land them a college scholarship.

Musk's take-private proposal for Tesla is a nightmare for potential advisors


Any financial or legal advisor that the board hires to evaluate Musk's offer faces a lot of challenges.

GOP senator says she's concerned that social media companies are biased against conservatives


Sen. Shelley Moore Capito says she worries social media companies may lean left.


Pro-Trump super PAC seeks donations from billionaire Peter Thiel as the fight for Congress heats up

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

America First Action super PAC is hoping it can reel in Peter Thiel as a donor.

As San Francisco grows, so does the earthquake risk — here's why the city is not ready


Here's why San Francisco is not as ready as one may think when the next big earthquake hits.

Trade war should 'really concern' Apple investors, hedge fund manager Dan Niles warns

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / Investing

AlphaOne Capital’s Daniel Niles believes there’s a high probability China tariffs will hurt iPhone growth.


Where's Waldo? Watch this robot find him

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / Small Business

"If Waldo is identified the arm will move to that position and point the little creepy hand at Waldo on the page."

These cities are finishing strong as Amazon narrows down choice for new headquarters


As Amazon seeks to pare the list of finalists for its HQ2 project, a new CNBC analysis of the 20 finalist locations reveals the retailer would do well to consider Austin and Dallas. Other strong finishers: Atlanta, Boston, Denver and Miami.


$178 billion wiped off Tencent shares since record high — that's like losing a whole Netflix

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC

Tencent's shares have fallen over 30 percent since they hit an all-time high in January, because of issues with its core gaming business.


Chinese firm touting 'innovative' software to beat US rivals is found using parts of Google's code

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC

Redcore, a Chinese start-up, created a web browser it claimed had "independent intellectual property rights," but was found to contain traces of Google Chrome.

Thursday, Aug 16

Tesla whistleblower tweets details about allegedly flawed cars, scrapped parts

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC

Tesla whistleblower Martin Tripp is tweeting internal emails, photos and vehicle identification numbers that he says are evidence of deeply flawed manufacturing practices at Tesla's battery factory.

Wednesday, Aug 15

Netflix pays more for TV shows up front, but keeps more upside on big hits, insiders say


To lure TV shows to its platform, Netflix is offering lucrative contracts, then keeping more of the upside if a show takes off. This is making it hard for traditional TV networks to keep pace, while boosting Netflix's revenues long term.

The way you get TV and internet at home is about to change drastically — for the better


Your home internet and TV experience is about to change drastically with the roll out of 5G.

Tesla's board scrambles to control a chief executive who some directors think is out of control


Some members of the board have grown alarmed by what they see as Mr. Musk’s erratic behavior, the New York Times reports.

Amazon now owns $1 billion worth of other companies

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

Amazon disclosed in its latest quarterly report that it now owns $1 billion worth of stock in public and private companies.

Tuesday, Aug 14

Tesla forms special committee to consider going private

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau wraps up the latest developments in Tesla potentially going private.

Apple is beefing up a team to explore making its own health chips

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

Apple's latest chip development effort involves computing data from health sensors.

The next step for Tesla and Elon Musk is a formal takeover proposal — here's what it could look like

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC

Musk's offer is likely to include conditional financing from third parties, including Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, and may have requirements that a certain number of Tesla shareholders roll over their existing stakes into a…

Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and others want to fix one of the most broken things about health care

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

Patients can't easily get their health data. Microsoft, Amazon and others want to change that.

Monday, Aug 13

Turning off 'location history' doesn't stop Google from storing your info — here's how to limit it

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

It can be confusing how Google stores location history. Here's how to check what information it stores about you.

Facebook exec reportedly tells publishers it would let them die

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

Facebook news executive Campbell Brown reportedly warned publishers if they didn't work with the social media giant, "I'll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a hospice."

Netflix CFO David Wells to step down

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / World

Netflix says CFO David Wells will remain on the job until the company chooses his successor.

Musk says Saudi fund wants to take Tesla private, justifying his 'funding secure' tweet; stock slips 1%

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / World

Tesla has been battling wild stock swings and widespread scrutiny in the week following Musk's tweet.

Sunday, Aug 12

Elon Musk comes from a family of entrepreneurs - here's who they are

www.cnbc.com also on CNBC / U.S.

Billionaire Elon Musk, the man behind companies like Tesla and SpaceX, isn't his family's only success story. The family actually consists of nine entrepreneurs who have been disruptors in multiple industries.