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How to watch Zuckerberg testify at the European Parliament

Mark Zuckerberg is set to be grilled by European lawmakers on Tuesday. Here is what you need to know.


Former Uber employee files harassment lawsuit

Uber eliminated its forced arbitration policy for survivors of sexual assault and harassment. It is now being sued by one former employee for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Monday, May 21


Worried about companies spying on your browsing? Here's what you can do

After a House vote, a repeal of Internet privacy protections goes to Trump's desk. You'll have to do more than set your browser to private mode.


Consumer Reports: Can't recommend Tesla Model 3

Tesla's entry-level Model 3 is exciting to drive but awkward controls, weak brakes and uncomfortable back seats mean it's not recommended.


Facebook wants to make changing your privacy settings less work

Facebook engineers and designers want to make changing your settings less work.


'Bad Blood' explores the culture inside disgraced startup Theranos

In a new book out Monday, Wall Street Journal investigative reporter John Carreyrou sheds light on what went on behind the scenes of disgraced company Theranos.

After CNN report, nine lawmakers demand answers on sexual assaults from Uber, Lyft

CNN / Money

Congress is demanding answers from ridesharing companies about sexual violence on their platforms.


Musk says Tesla will soon make money

CNN / Money / News

Musk tweets more bullish profit outlook for Tesla, promising electric car maker will be making money second half of 2018.


Mark Zuckerberg will testify live and you can watch it

Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to have his testimony in the European Parliament live streamed, after facing pressure from senior European officials.


Everything you need to know about GDPR, Europe's new data law

GDPR comes into effect across the European Union on May 25, bringing a huge change to how companies handle data of their customers and users.

Saturday, May 19


Real-time location for millions of phones exposed

LocationSmart said it has taken a demo feature offline after cybersecurity experts revealed it could be exploited to find location data for millions of cellphones.

Friday, May 18


The first holographic smartphone will be released later this year

Sure, you have a fancy iPhone X or Pixel 2 that can take amazing photographs and handle even the most graphics-heavy games. But does it have holograms?


PayPal clinches its biggest take-over yet

The acquisition will allow PayPal to extend its platform to stores around the world -- and 11 new countries.


Elon Musk promises $1 rides in tunnels

Boring Company founder Elon Musk is rallying support for his side project.

Thursday, May 17


Pacific: Elon Musk vs. the world

Musk is a long-term thinker in a short-term world, but his runway is running out.


How the losing Amazon HQ2 cities can still win

Only one city will win Amazon's second headquarters. But other cities can still benefit from the process.


Kroger's automation deal sends Ocado shares up 50%

Kroger has signed an exclusive deal with British online supermarket Ocado to use its technology to automate warehouses in the United States.

China's answer to SpaceX blasts off

CNN / World

OneSpace, a startup based in Beijing, on Thursday became the country's first private company to launch its own rocket.

Wednesday, May 16


Uber says no to class action lawsuits in rider assault cases -- but it's up to court to decide

Uber says survivors of sexual assault and harassment will be able to seek justice how they choose, but there's a catch.


China's Tencent on top of the social world

CNN / Money

Tencent, the Chinese tech company that's a bit like Facebook but also has a huge, thriving gaming business, reported strong earnings. Shares surged on the news, lifting Tencent's market value back above $500 billion.


Mark Zuckerberg agrees to appear before European Parliament

CNN / Money

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to come to the European Parliament, according to the parliament's top official.


City reveals why it lost Amazon HQ2 bid

Arlington, Texas is out of the running for Amazon's second headquarters. The mayor said Amazon is looking for a 'more advanced urban setting' for the new facility.


Amazon Prime adds new Whole Foods perks

CNN / Technology

Whole Foods will start giving an additional 10% off of sale items to Amazon Prime members.


China's ride-hailing market is worth more than the rest of the world combined

Ride-hailing in China is already worth more than the rest of the world combined and the market could more than double in size by 2020.


Tesla SUV earns record for towing a Boeing 787

Tesla's Model X SUV is so strong it earned a Guinness World Record for towing.

Tuesday, May 15


The Seattle-Amazon tax fight is a lose-lose for everyone

CNN / U.S.

The war that pitted Seattle's City Council against Amazon, Starbucks and other businesses over homelessness ended in a lose-lose-lose draw.


Twitter makes changes to fight trolls and spam

Twitter said it will use new 'behavioral signals' to hide more tweets that 'distort and detract' from conversations and searches.


Lyft joins Uber to end forced arbitration for sexual assault victims

Lyft will no longer force riders into arbitration who say drivers sexually assaulted or abused them.


Seattle passes a lite version of the 'Amazon tax'


A hotly debated proposal to tax big business in Seattle to alleviate the city's acute homelessness and affordable housing problems was amended to attract broader support from Council members and the city mayor.

Facebook took down 21M adult nudity posts

Facebook says it's removed a lot of "bad stuff" from its platform.