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Why this South American company is making laptops in Rwanda


You would expect to see the words 'Made in Rwanda' on a jar of coffee, but probably not on a laptop.

Interrogate Americans: White House considering Russia's proposal


The White House said on Wednesday it is entertaining a proposal raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin to interrogate Americans in exchange for assistance in the ongoing US investigation into election interference, putting the White…

Israel passes controversial 'nation-state' bill into law


Making no mention of the values of equality and democracy, Israel has passed into law a highly controversial bill that serves to define the nature of the state of Israel, with critics slamming it as the "nail in the coffin" of Israeli…

Opinion: Confronted with Putin's lies, Trump flinches again


Like a boy forced to say "I'm sorry" when he doesn't mean it, President Donald Trump has been sullenly trying to fix the problem he caused in Helsinki, Finland when he embraced Vladimir Putin and disrespected America's intelligence…

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Thai boys recall battle to survive cave ordeal -- and moment they were found

www.cnn.com also on CNN / Asia

Members of the "Wild Boars" Thai youth soccer team and their coach have described their rescue from a flooded cave as a miracle, thanked the experts who saved them and discussed how the experience will affect the rest of their lives.


Anderson Cooper imitates Trump's 'no' moment


CNN's Anderson Cooper reacts to President Trump's shifting comments following his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Canadian police investigate beating of Muslim man as hate crime


Two brothers from Ontario who allegedly assaulted several people, including one man who reportedly remains in intensive care, are the subjects of a hate crime investigation, Canadian police said Wednesday.


Syria reaches deal with rebels in Nawa


The Syrian government reached a reconciliation agreement Wednesday with rebels in Nawa, in southern Daraa province.


Xi Jinping heads to Africa to clinch China's hold over the continent

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Chinese President Xi Jinping heads to Africa this week as Beijing moves to further cement its role as one of the continent's closest economic and diplomatic allies.


Turkey lifts state of emergency, two years after coup almost toppled Erdogan

www.cnn.com also on CNN / Europe

Turkey lifted a state of emergency Thursday, two years after a dramatic coup attempt nearly toppled President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Spain might be next to criminalize sex without affirmative consent

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Spain may soon join a growing list of countries to classify sex without explicit consent as rape.


Zuckerberg's comments give Holocaust deniers an opening


Deborah Lipstadt says Mark Zuckerberg was very wrong in a recent interview: the only way to be a Holocaust denier is on purpose and intentionally. Someone like Zuckerberg must know, and do, better.


Security tightened as Pakistan braces for more election violence

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Pakistan is due to vote next week in general elections overshadowed by deadly terrorist attacks, hundreds of arrests and accusations of widespread interference by the military.

Opinion: Our democracy depends on securing the next election


According to indictments released last week by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Russian intelligence officers successfully breached voter registration databases during the 2016 election. This echoes the Senate Intelligence Committee's…


Opinion: What Trump gets terribly wrong on Montenegro


On June 5, the small European country of Montenegro became the 29th member of NATO. And on Tuesday night, on Fox News, President Donald Trump implicitly questioned why Americans should die for Montenegrins, saying they were "very…

Opinion: Pictures tell the story on Trump and Putin


'Strongmen' try to convey dominance over others, but photos from the Helsinki visit between the American President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, revealed the insecurities of both men underneath the façade of power.


US offers no details as Russia claims military agreements reached


Russia announced it was ready to pursue agreements reached by Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump "in the sphere of international security," though the White House and Pentagon would not confirm any agreements had been made or offer…


Opinion: Dan Coats' remarkable rebuke


Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats spent over a decade in the House and Senate and served as ambassador to Germany during the George W. Bush administration before reluctantly answering his friend Vice President-elect Mike Pence's…


Google's latest attempt to crack China

Google launched a game on China's biggest social media platform, as it looks to grow its presence in a market where most of its services remain blocked.

Wednesday, Jul 18

11-year-old girl raped by 17 men since January, police say

www.cnn.com also on CNN / Asia

An 11-year-old girl from the Indian city of Chennai was raped by 17 different men who worked in the building she lived in, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Opinion: Trump is not evil


Sometimes, I'm more alarmed by people's exaggerated reactions to Donald Trump than by Trump himself. It's the cult of exceptionalism. When Barack Obama was in charge, we were told that everything he did was a "first." Now that Trump runs…

Tuesday, Jul 17

Trump finds few defenders as news media covers his 'betrayal'


The tone of Monday and Tuesday's news coverage suggested that there will be long memories of the Helsinki press conference.

This country is Netflix's next key battle ground

money.cnn.com also on CNN / Money

Netflix's first Indian series 'Sacred Games' and movie 'Lust Stories' are generating momentum for the company in a market that is key to its future success.

How long can his war Cabinet stand Trump's farce?


Peter Bergen says the realists in Trump's foreign policy team have to be questioning how long they can support a president capable of the stunning statements he made in his Helsinki summit with Putin

Protests spread, turn deadly in Iraq: At least 8 are dead, dozens hurt


At least eight people are dead and dozens injured in weeklong protests over jobs and basic services, Iraq's Ministry of Health spokesman Saif al-Bader said Monday.

Monday, Jul 16

Will Elon Musk's antics hurt his businesses?

money.cnn.com also on CNN / Money

Once again, Elon Musk is in the middle of a controversy of his own making. And he may be testing investors' patience.

China is making it harder to invest in Xiaomi

China's big stock exchanges have denied mainland investors the ability to buy into Xiaomi and other companies with two classes of shares.

France's World Cup win is a victory for immigrants


France's electrifying 4-2 World Cup win over Croatia represents a victory for Africa and immigrants everywhere.

Killer heat latest misery for flooded Japan

www.cnn.com also on CNN / Asia

A heat wave in southern Japan has killed at least eight people, dealing another blow to a country still recovering from the worst flooding in decades.

Sunday, Jul 15

At least 7 killed in Kabul suicide blast


At least seven people were killed and more than 15 were wounded in Kabul, Afghanistan in a suicide attack at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai told CNN.

Death toll in Nicaragua protests reaches 273


At least 273 people have died and 2,000 have been injured in the unrest that's rocked Nicaragua since April, according to the human rights arm of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Hamas, Islamic Jihad say ceasefire reached with Israel


Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the two largest militant factions in Gaza, said Saturday a ceasefire agreement was reached with Israel following a serious spike in fighting between the two sides over the past 24 hours.

Saturday, Jul 14

Sandra Oh's Emmy nom represents new wave


We're in the midst of a moment where we will see more Asian protagonists on screen than ever before, writes Jeff Yang. And with all the whitewashing that has gone on in Hollywood, it's something that Asian actors and creators have been…

Watch protester paraglide near Trump in Scotland


Police in Scotland are searching for a Greenpeace paragliding protester who they say breached a no-fly zone while trying to send President Donald Trump a message as he entered a Scottish hotel. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Bunker city: How Finland survived in Russia's dark shadow

www.cnn.com also on CNN / Europe

On the busy streets of Finland's capital, Helsinki, security preparations are underway to host a much-anticipated summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

If you want to know whether Strzok was biased, just look at his texts


FBI agent Peter Strzok's bias against then-candidate Donald Trump is obvious from the disparaging texts about the future President, a focal point of this week's congressional questioning, Paul Callan says.