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Tea or coffee? The answer might be genetic


In new research studying how genetic factors determine taste, scientists now believe they know why some humans prefer coffee while others opt for tea.

Judge orders White House to return Acosta pass

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A federal judge in Washington is ordering the Trump administration to immediately return the White House press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Canadian researchers developing 'Trojan horse' weapon to battle bacterial superbugs


Researchers from the University of Manitoba are finding a new way to tackle Canada’s billion-dollar antibiotic-resistant superbugs problem: by using nanotechnology.

'The Princess Bride' writer William Goldman has died

Oscar-winning screenplay writer William Goldman has died. He was 87. Goldman, known for adapting "The Princess Bride" won Academy Awards for "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "All the President's Men."

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Black Friday, Christmas deliveries threatened by Canada Post strikes


Canada Post has warned that Christmas deliveries may be in jeopardy if a “just-in-time resolution” is not reached with its workers.


Scheer backs Brexit despite chaos, says it's giving Britain back control of itself


Canadian Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his support for Britain's departure from the European Union is undiminished, despite the chaos Brexit has sown in British politics.


Sucking on your baby's pacifier to clean it may lower child's allergy risk: study

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It may seem counterintuitive, but parents who clean their baby’s pacifiers simply by popping it into their own mouths may be lowering their child’s risk of allergies.


Canadian crude oil industry in crisis as prices plunge to record low

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The Canadian crude oil industry has declared a national emergency after prices plunged to record lows.


Facebook says it's getting better at removing hate speech


Facebook said it's making progress on detecting hate speech, graphic violence and other violations of its rules, even before users see and report them.

'Regular Joe' suits up as emergency goalie in NHL game

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Winnipeg’s Gavin McHale, a personal trainer and goalie coach, joined the Washington Capitals Wednesday night as their emergency backup goalie after regular starter Braden Holtby suffered a last-minute upper-body injury.


Supreme Court to hear case of woman arrested after not holding escalator handrail

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The Supreme Court of Canada agreed Thursday to hear the case of a woman who was ticketed and arrested after she refused instructions to hold onto an escalator handrail.


Montreal airport introduces 30 furry friends to take the stress out of flying


Nervous flyers are getting a helping paw at Montreal’s airport after it brought in 30 therapy dogs to help passengers calm down.


'The smell can be really rank': Loud, stinky sea lions invade quiet B.C. town


Sea lions by the hundreds have made their home along the shores of a quiet Vancouver Island town, leaving some residents frustrated with the excess noise and foul smell.

Thursday, Nov 15

Toronto private school didn't report alleged sexual assault to police: cops

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A prestigious private school where a student was allegedly sexually assaulted didn't report the incident to the Toronto police, a spokeswoman for the force said Thursday.

Couple, homeless man charged in alleged scam

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Authorities say a New Jersey couple and a homeless man made up a “feel good” story about the man helping them so they could raise money through an online fundraiser.

Cop accused of stealing cash during drug raid won't face charges

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A British Columbia police officer will not be charged over an allegation he stole cash during a drug raid in Abbotsford last year, even though the provincial prosecution service says the officer's actions are "concerning."

'Angels were here to watch us': Man and his mother survive California wildfire

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In a California neighbourhood where everything else was destroyed by the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history, Brad Weldon and his mother managed to survive the blaze -- and so did their house.

Wednesday, Nov 14

Police investigate alleged sex assault at Toronto private school

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Police say they are investigating an alleged sexual assault at a private Catholic school in Toronto.

Celine Dion plans to disrupt the gender binary with baby clothes and glitter

Celine Dion plans to upset the gender binary with a new line of unisex clothing for children and magical glitter, according to a promotional video.

Calgarians vote 'no' on 2026 Olympic bid in non-binding plebiscite

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Calgary residents have voted not to support a bid for the 2026 Winter Games.

'You wouldn't burn or bury a Picasso': Tattoo artist's skin to be preserved, framed

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The tattoos that covered nearly all of a Saskatoon man’s body are being preserved and framed by a U.S. company

Tuesday, Nov 13

New Royal Family photos released to mark Prince Charles' 70th birthday

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Clarence House has released two new photos of Prince Charles with his family to mark his 70th birthday.

Ont. woman found dead near where partner's remains discovered

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One of the victims of an alleged triple homicide in Middlesex Centre, Ont., was the common-law partner of a man whose remains were found on a nearby reserve in 2017.

Wow airline takeover another blow to people seeking ultra-cheap flights

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For those hoping for ever cheaper fares on long-haul flights, this month's takeover of Icelandic airline Wow is not good news.

Canadian accused of vandalizing ancient Thai wall released with fine

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A Canadian woman who faced a possible 10-year prison sentence in northern Thailand for spray-painting an ancient wall has been released with a fine.

Monday, Nov 12

Heartwarming clip shows newcomer kids experiencing first Canadian snowfall

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A woman who shared a video of two Eritrean children reacting gleefully to their first Canadian snowfall says the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the clip is reaffirming her faith in the country as a welcoming place for newcomers.

Marvel giant Stan Lee has died at age 95

Stan Lee, the creative dynamo who revolutionized the comic book and helped make billions for Hollywood by introducing human frailties in superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, died Monday

Will audio evidence impact future of Saudi arms deal?

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday became the first Western leader to acknowledge his country had heard recordings of the killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi.

'So many bears:' Draft plan says Nunavut polar bear numbers unsafe

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There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn't yet affected any of them, says a draft management plan from the territorial government that contradicts much of conventional scientific thinking.

Sunday, Nov 11

SNL's Pete Davidson apologizes, invites injured veteran to mock him

A U.S. veteran of the Afghanistan war who was offended after a comedian made fun of his combat injury last week on Saturday Night Live got his revenge this weekend.

Trudeau and Putin sit side-by-side, talk Russian wartime sacrifice

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, at the World Peace Forum in Paris organized to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the armistice that ended the First World War.

'Incredible sight': Thousands of bald eagles flock to B.C. valley

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Birders and biologists are prepping for a mass migration of as many as 35,000 bald eagles into British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.