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'You're having a laugh!' Farage SAVAGES caller who says Britain should have JOINED euro


NIGEL FARAGE was reduced to fits of laughter by a caller who claimed Britain would be 30% wealthier if it had joined the EU in 1997, before tearing apart his point.


Bank holiday 2018: is it a bank holiday today after the Royal Wedding?


MEGHAN MARKLE finally tied the knot, marrying Prince Harry this weekend, with millions of Brits tuning in to celebrate the union. The Royal Wedding captured the nation’s hearts, with thousands flocking to Windsor to catch a glimpse of the…


Travel chaos: Ongoing disruption as four MILLION trains rescheduled in timetable shake-up

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A TRAIN operator has apologised for the disruption it has caused to passengers after the introduction of the largest timetable change across Britain for decades, affecting nearly four million trains.

'My job is to OVERTHROW capitalism' John McDonnell's SHOCK claim during TV grilling

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JOHN McDonnell has declared his job is to overthrow capitalism and transform the economy as he was grilled on BBC Sunday Politics while debating the impact of re-nationalisation the East Coast Main Line.

NASA space probe beams back first picture – featuring a mind-boggling 200,000 stars


NASA's latest planet-hunting satellite has sent back a stunning image of the cosmos featuring more than 200,000 stars after completing a successful lunar flyby which will help it settle into its final orbit.


India SIDES WITH RUSSIA as Putin and Modi plan to STRENGTHEN TIES despite US sanctions

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INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold the first-ever informal summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, with the aim of bypassing US sanctions and reinforcing the ties between the two countries.

Corbyn’s rail nationalisation WON’T bring down fares ADMITS top Shadow Cabinet minister

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JEREMY Corbyn’s plans to nationalise UK railways won’t stop increases in ticket prices, according to one of his biggest Shadow Cabinet allies.

Brexit Irish border negotiations blasted for being 'recklessly EXPLOITED by REMAINERS'

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BREXIT’s Irish border negotiations have been blasted for being “recklessly exploited by Remainers” attempting to sabotage the UK’s breakaway from the European Union, the former Conservative Northern Ireland secretary and the DUP’s Brexit…


Saudi Arabia air defences DESTROY ballistic missile over city of Jazan

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SAUDI Arabia air defences have destroyed a ballistic missile over the city of Jazan near the Yemen border, it has emerged.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry heading to CALIFORNIA? Royals may visit Thomas in hospital

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MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry could be heading to California to visit Thomas Markle, who is recovering in hospital following a heart surgery procedure that prevented him from attending the Royal Wedding.


Huge earthquake SHAKES Mexico as sirens send residents DASHING into the streets

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A HUGE preliminary 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck Mexico as sirens have sent residents dashing into the streets in a desperate effort to get to safety, it has emerged.

UK weather forecast: Britain to BAKE as high pressure brings more SCORCHING summer heat

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BRITAIN is set to bake in roasting May temperatures over the next week, as high pressure controls the country’s weather, but the Met Office are warning the sunshine could come with the risk of explosive thunderstorms.


'MONSTER' blackhole 'BIGGER than the Milky Way' found by scientists in shocking discovery

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ASTRONOMERS have identified the fastest-growing black hole ever seen in the known universe and they are calling it a "monster with an appetite" as its gravity can devour the mass equivalent of our sun every two days.

Plane 'MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARS' from radar while flying over Vermont, USA

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OFFICIALS are scrambling to find a plane that has mysteriously disappeared from radars in north eastern America, it has emerged.


Palestine President in hospital for third time in a week as tensions with Israel ESCALATE

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THE PALESTINIAN President was hospitalised for the third time in a week on Sunday, but there are conflicting reports as to the cause and severity of the Middle Eastern leader’s condition.

Meghan Markle’s rescue DOG - 'LIFE and SOUL of the party' at the Royal Wedding reception

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MEGHAN MARKLE’s rescue dog Guy proved to be a real partygoer as he entertained the 200 guests throughout the evening at the Royal Wedding reception on Saturday.

Hawaii volcano eruption: Coast Guard issues MAJOR WARNING as lava 'FILLS Pacific Ocean'

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HAWAII’s Coast Guard has issued residents with a major warning as red-hot lava continues to fill the Pacific Ocean causing dangerous clouds to billow across the island, it has emerged.

India diplomat JAILED for passing ‘sensitive information’ to Pakistan amid WW3 fears

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AN INDIAN diplomat has been jailed for passing “sensitive information” to Pakistan as fears of World War 3 between the two South Asian nations continue to flare.


REVEALED: Everything that went on at Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding reception

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PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle partied the night away with 200 of their closest friends and family at their rip-roaring wedding reception that involved everything from celebrity hosts to the Prince of Wales in a dance off.


World War 3: Israeli military PROVOKE Iran in latest air force flight along Lebanon border

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THE ISRAELI air force has been actively patrolling the border between Syria and Lebanon bringing two of the region’s major powers, Israel and Iran, closer to the brink of direct confrontation.

Hawaii volcano eruption: Residents warned of 'ACID STEAM' as lava fills Pacific Ocean

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HAWAII residents have been warned of acid steam as lava from the Kilauea volcano continues to fill the Pacific Ocean following a series of horrific eruptions on the US island.

EU on ‘ALERT’ - Italy president expect to confirm new Eurosceptic government TODAY

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ITALY’s President is expected to confirm a coalition between the League and the Five-Star Movement today, cementing the nation as having one of the most Eurosceptic governments on the continent.

‘You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to Haz’ - William welcomes Meghan in speech

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PRINCE William paid tribute to his late mother and welcomed Meghan Markle to the family, calling her “the best thing that’s ever happened” to his brother, in his “hilarious and solemn” best man speech.

Royal Wedding: Stunning day leaves Britain with a warm glow

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PRINCE Harry summed up the mood of the nation yesterday as he described his new wife Meghan as “absolutely stunning”. The happy couple left St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday to glorious sunshine and thousands cheering them…

Scots parents risk identity theft by social media over-sharing

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SCOTTISH parents are unwittingly putting themselves and their families at risk of identity fraud – by over-sharing images of their children on social media. Research by Barclays shows that three-quarters of Scottish parents proudly share…

Sunday, May 20


Hawaii volcano eruption warning: Acid from Kilauea pours into Pacific Ocean

Daily Express

A byproduct of toxic hydrochloric acid steam following a series of thunderous eruptions from Mount Kilauea in Hawaii is posing a fresh threat to worried locals as lava streams reach the ocean.

Royal Wedding: Meghan thanks the Firm

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MEGHAN thanked the Royal Family for welcoming her to the Firm as she broke with tradition by giving a speech at the reception. The Duchess of Sussex paid a glowing tribute to her new in-laws during the evening reception.

The reason why Meghan Markle and Harry’s children will not be a PRINCESS or PRINCE

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MEGHAN Markle will not be called Princess Meghan, and her future children will never be a Prince or Princess, according to long-standing royal tradition.

'Don't BETRAY Britain' Boris Johnson issues dire warning to May in EU customs union row

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BORIS Johnson last night dramatically warned Theresa May her post-Brexit customs plan must not lead to a "betrayal" of the referendum vote to quit the EU. In a fresh salvo in the Cabinet squabble over future ties to Brussels, the Foreign…


Royal Wedding: Royal parties are right up our street


ROYAL wedding celebrations went on long into the night – and not only for the married couple. With clear skies and temperatures of up to 72F, Union Flags adorned houses as street parties were hosted up and down the country.