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California chef accused of sexual harassment plans return to restaurants


Oakland chef Charlie Hallowell is planning his return to his restaurants after being accused by 31 employees of sexual harassment.

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson to open restaurant in Miami's Overtown neighborhood


Miami is trying to rebuild a neighborhood that was once a vibrant center for black culture, and a celebrity chef is contributing what he does best: food.

Restaurant sign declaring 'guns are welcome' sparks heated debate


A Kansas restaurant has sparked a heated debate on social media after posting a picture to its Facebook page stating, “guns are welcome on our premises.”

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Riders removed from Six Flags America roller coaster after ride stalled on tracks

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Riders had to be rescued from a roller coaster at Six Flags America in Maryland on Monday afternoon after the ride stalled on the tracks.



Suzuki Samurai successor revealed, but don't get too excited


Sales of the Suzuki Samurai may have ended in the United States in 1995, but it’s been living in exile under a different name ever since.



Dr. Eric Mueller’s advice for keeping pets healthy this summer


The Atlanta vet chatted exclusively with Fox News.


Chef and 'Top Chef Mexico' judge Martha Ortiz: Trump will 'never be' welcome in my country


Forget about her restaurants — renowned Mexican chef Martha Ortiz says Trump isn’t even welcome in “my country and my world.”


Rare $450,000 Ford GT burns in German street


Good luck getting a loaner.

Restaurant in China closes after going $80G into debt over all-can-eat promo


They closed their doors after just two weeks of running the special deal.


Toddlers go wild with mom’s self-tanner, make viral mess


The youngsters got their glow on - and made a total mess.


Michael Jackson's old pet elephant, Ali, escapes enclosure at Florida zoo

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An elephant that once lived at Michael Jackson'sNeverland Ranch briefly escaped its enclosure at a Florida zoo.

Wendy's employees film mouse 'moving around' in burger buns at Oklahoma location


Wendy’s is reportedly investigating a possible pest problem at one of its location in Catoosa.

English World Cup team refusing food from Russian room service over poisoning fears, source claims


"Nothing will pass their lips apart from food and drink provided by chefs and nutritionists," a source claims.


Customer revolted at gross instructions on burger receipt: 'Please spit in it too'

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He certainly didn’t request a side of saliva with his Father's Day dinner.



Royal Caribbean cruise ship will have bathroom suspended over the ocean

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On Royal Caribbean’s new Spectrum of the Seas , select guests will be able to indulge in a shower with "unparalleled water views."

Sunday, Jun 17

Peacock kept off United flight gets special wedding invitation

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Dexter the peacock is more than proud.

New York Philharmonic is considering allowing female musicians to wear pants


The New York Philharmonic is considering allowing female musicians to wear pants while playing Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Most common kitchen items send thousands to the ER each year


Who knew a drinking glass was one of the most dangerous items in your kitchen?

Saturday, Jun 16

Father’s Day: 5 little known facts about the holiday


It's all about Dad on the third Sunday in June.

Why Meghan Markle is wearing neutral colors

There's a logical explanation for the new Duchess' recent style looks.

Deaf woman hopes to earn pilot’s license through scholarship program

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She says the seven-week opportunity, made possible through a scholarship, is a dream come true.

Couple marries on 46-foot-high tightrope


The daredevils said "I do" in Germany.

Friday, Jun 15

Houston police officer buys Walmart groceries for diabetic man after his food was stolen

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"You have to treat people like they were your own family… how you want to be treated.”

Queen Elizabeth gave Meghan Markle pearl earrings that match her own


Meghan Markle‘s got some brand-new sparkle.

More fast food workers diagnosed with hepatitis A

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Health officials in West Virginia say two more food service workers have been diagnosed with hepatitis A. One of the workers who contracted the highly contagious disease worked at a Taco Bell in Hurricane and the other worked at a Pizza…

Thursday, Jun 14

Boy befriends bear at Nashville Zoo, films 'cutest' viral video ever

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Most folks might run away in fear after coming face-to-face with a bear, but not 5-year-old Ian Parker.

Dad buys billboard for son after school doesn't recognize him as valedictorian


A dad in North Carolina bought his recently graduated son a billboard recognizing him as valedictorian even though the school refused to do so.

Oklahoma fishermen catch 'behemoth' alligator snapping turtle

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Two fishermen in southeast Oklahoma unexpectedly caught a 4-foot long, roughly 100-pound alligator snapping turtle earlier this month.

Bricklayers protest 'no shorts' dress code by wearing dresses


They are happily embracing their new freedom.