Wednesday, May 16


Premier League Clubs Should Work With Disabled Supporters

Football means the same to me as any other fan: it’s normal, everyday life. It’s just what everyone else does.

Friday, Apr 27


The Government Should Think Again On Safe Standing

Tracey Crouch is everything a Sports Minister should be – bright, independent minded, and above all passionate about her subject. But on this one I think she’s wrong.

Friday, Apr 20


Wenger Is Out So Now We Can Celebrate His Extraordinary Achievements And Fundamental Decency As A Human Being

So Arsene Wenger is leaving, and a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. For many years now we Arsenal fans have lived through an almost comically repetitive situation in which we never quite bought the players we needed in the…

Thursday, Apr 5


Eric Bristow, Five-Time World Darts Champion, Dies Aged 60

Five-time world champion Eric Bristow has died aged 60 after suffering a heart attack, the Professional Darts Corporation has announced.

Wednesday, Apr 4


Going From Party Girl To Team GB Triathlete: The Resilience I Didn't Know I Had

Huffington Post UK

Like many women, I had stared at my bum in the mirror many times. But one particular butt-cheek gazing moment in the summer of 2015 was different.

Tuesday, Apr 3


The Australia Ball-Tampering Scandal Shows Cricket Has A Problem With Cheating

Last weekend, Australian captain Steve Smith, alongside vice-captain David Warner and opening batsman Cameron Bancroft all admitted to “ball-tampering” in the third test match against South Africa. The process of ball-tampering involves…

Sunday, Apr 1


EU To Field Team In World Cup In Solidarity Against Russia That Could Knock Out England

The EU is planning to field a team at this summer’s World Cup in a shock move to mark solidarity against Russia’s recent geopolitical provocations.

Tuesday, Mar 27


Ford And Alibaba Have Launched A Giant Car ‘Vending Machine’ In China

A giant car vending machine in China allows you to pick a car via an app, test-drive it by using a selfie and then buy it all without speaking to a single human being.


Mark Zuckerberg Branded 'Absolutely Astonishing' For Refusing To Give Evidence Before MPs On Cambridge Analytica Scandal

An MP has called it “absolutely astonishing” that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has rejected a request to give evidence over the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

NHS Hospitals Failing To Give Bowel Cancer Patients Potentially Life-Saving Genetic Test

More than eight in 10 (83%) NHS hospitals in England are failing to test bowel cancer patients for Lynch syndrome – a genetic condition that increases your risk of bowel cancer by up to 80%, as well as other cancers.

Ant McPartlin Will Appear On ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ As It Returns To ITV

Ant McPartlin will appear on this weekend’s ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ as it returns to ITV following a one week break.


The Waugh Zone Tuesday March 27, 2018

The biggest ever mass expulsion of Russian diplomats/spies from Western countries yesterday was a testimony to the power of UK intelligence on the attempted murders of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. The truly savage nature of this assassination…


Madeleine McCann News: Detectives Receive More Funding In £11m Search For Missing Girl

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will be given more funding for the search, the Home Office has announced.

Vote Leave Campaign May Have Broken Electoral Law, Whistleblowers Claim

The Vote Leave campaign may have broken electoral law during the 2016 EU referendum, whistleblowers claim.

For Women, Brexit Will Have Serious Economic Implications

The battle bus with its promise that leaving the EU would result in an extra £350million a week to spend on the NHS was one of the most powerful images of the referendum campaign.

Monday, Mar 19


This Is What Visually-Impaired Paralympic Skier Menna Fitzpatrick Sees When She Competes

Watching visually-impaired skier Menna Fitzpatrick hurtle towards gold at the Winter Paralympics on Sunday was already heart-in-mouth stuff, but her achievement is even more impressive when you gain an insight into how she sees the course.

Sunday, Mar 4


Roger Bannister, First Runner To Break The Four Minute Mile, Dies At 88

Sir Roger Bannister, the first athlete to run a sub-four minute mile, has died aged 88.

Thursday, Mar 1


Could Reducing The Number Of Rounds Make Boxing Safer?

The sport of boxing exists under a permanent cloud of scrutiny with lightening just one incident away from striking down. Sadly, a recent fatality has now led to that lightening strike. Calls for an outright ban are now echoing around the…

Monday, Feb 12


Step Aside Spinning, Indoor Rowing Classes Are The New Fitness Trend To Try

The humble rowing machine, which has long gathered dust in the corner of the gym, is having something a renaissance. Dubbed “the new spinning”, gyms and clubs across the country are launching indoor rowing classes and it’s set to be the…

How To Navigate Your First Valentine's Day Together Without It Becoming A Cringe-Fest

Knowing what do to for Valentine’s Day with a new partner can be an absolute minefield. If you try to be cool and ignore the day, you might feel bad when they do something romantic, but equally you could come off too strong if you shower…


London City Airport Closed After Unexploded Second World War Bomb Found Nearby

London City Airport has been closed and all flights cancelled after an unexploded Second World War bomb was uncovered nearby in the River Thames.


Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash: Three British People Killed

Three Britons who died when a helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon have been named and one has been pictured for the first time.

Sunday, Feb 11


George Soros Commits Extra £100,000 To Anti-Brexit Group In Wake Of Attacks Led By Right-Wing Press

George Soros is to pump an extra £100,000 into the campaign to halt a ‘hard Brexit’ as a direct result of newspaper-led attacks on his financial interventions.

Thursday, Feb 8


The Best Super Bowl Ad Wasn’t An Ad

There really is nothing quite like the Super Bowl. Every year the sporting event meets pop concert meets TV special captivates a global sporting audience. This year’s game may have had the lowest US TV rating of any Super Bowl in 9 years,…


Overcoming Ethnic Disparities Of Women In Sports

Four years after the first male-only Olympic games, women were allowed to compete in the 1900 Olympics. Out of 997 athletes, the 22 female participants were permitted to compete only in five sports—tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrian, and…

Wednesday, Feb 7

60 Years Since the Munich Air Disaster And 60 Years As A Fan Of Manchester United

Manchester United are more than just a global football team. They are a symbol of strength, grit and determination against all odds. It is what pulled them through the events in Munich on February 6th, 1958, when a British European Airways…

Friday, Feb 2

Why Am I Watching The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a big spectacle. A really, really big one. More than 111 million people tuned in to watch last year’s contest between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. While the American market takes up the lion’s share…

Wednesday, Jan 31


Old-Fashioned And Modern Racism In Football

Cyrille Regis was one of the first black footballers to represent England, making his debut as a substitute against Northern Ireland in 1982.

Monday, Jan 29


Sydney Sevens: In Celebration Of Rugby Australia’s Epochal Pay Parity

Citius, altius, fortius. The Olympic motto translates as faster, higher, and stronger – is there a more virtuous apophthegm? It strives to push the capabilities of humanity, and 2,794 years after the first Olympics (in 776 BC) it is still…

Wednesday, Jan 24


The Healing Power Of Sport

Sport can do incredible things. It can convince people who’ve always been told they’ll never achieve, that anything is possible. It can inspire people who’ve never left the sofa that running 5k might just change their lives. Perhaps most…