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Jon Huntsman Ignores Trump In Explaining Why He Won't Resign As Russia Ambassador


The former Utah governor said he asked his colleagues if he should step down: "Their laughter told me everything I needed to know."

Jake Tapper Uses Ex-Trump Aide Carter Page's Own Words Against Him On Russia Ties


“That’s yourself, calling yourself an informal adviser to the Kremlin.”

Marco Rubio Breaks With Trump: FBI 'Did Not Spy' On President's Campaign


“I don’t think they did anything wrong,” the GOP senator said of the wiretapping of Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide.

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Accused Russian Agent Maria Butina Met With 2 Senior U.S. Officials In 2015: Reuters


The meetings involved officials at the U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury Department.


IN PICTURES: Tightrope Walker Wows Spectators With Daring Paris Performance


Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga, who was not wearing any safety equipment, walked across a rope suspended 115 feet above the ground.


Jeanine Pirro Slams 'Fascism' After Whoopi Clash On 'The View'

"The anger of the left in America is out of control," Pirro snipes on her program.


Reminder: Women Migrants Are Fleeing Countries The U.S. Helped Decimate

The violence driving people to seek shelter in the U.S. has its roots in American foreign policy.


FBI Believed Trump Campaign Aide Carter Page Was 'Collaborating' With Russia

The agency's wiretap applications reveal startling suspicions about the onetime Trump campaign adviser.


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold Dead at 57


Gold, the first restaurant critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, died of pancreatic cancer.


Listen To James Comey Troll Trump On NPR's 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me'


"I meant to say I wouldn't choose that answer," the former FBI director quipped on the news quiz show.

1 Killed In Hostage Situation At Los Angeles Trader Joe’s


The suspect was taken into custody without incident. He's suspected of shooting his grandmother and another woman earlier in the day.

Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Questioned Watergate Tapes Decision

Kavanaugh was reportedly taking part in a roundtable discussion when he made the remarks about the Watergate tapes case.


'Family Guy' Character Will Have Me Too Moment, Producers Say


Seth MacFarlane took a personal interest in the episode, which revolves around serial assaulter Glenn Quagmire.


Michelle Wolf's 'ICE' Recruitment Video Borders On Brilliant

The host of Netflix's "The Break" has an interesting take on what ICE is.


Intelligence Chief Dan Coats: Reaction To Putin Visit Not Meant To Be Disrespectful


Coats issued a statement to control the damage from his "admittedly awkward response" to Trump's announcement.


Julian Assange Could Be Turned Over To U.K. Authorities Soon: Report

Ecuador is in talks to kick the WikiLeaks founder out of its embassy in London, according to The Intercept.


Zoë Kravitz Calls To Impeach Trump At 'Fantastic Beasts' Comic-Con Panel


The crowd was on board with casting an "Impecheous Maximus" spell.


Crying Neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell Pleads Guilty To Assault At Charlottesville Rally


"We're not nonviolent," Cantwell said in a Vice News documentary. "We'll f**king kill these people if we have to."

How Pizzagate Pusher Mike Cernovich Keeps Getting People Fired

He just took down director James Gunn. Now he's using a trollish rumor about a sex tape to go after journalists.

Saturday, Jul 21

Trump Denies Wrongdoing, Says Michael Cohen's Tape 'Perhaps Illegal'

“Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer’s office (early in the morning) - almost unheard of,” Trump tweeted.

Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bring A Joint Progressive Push To Kansas

The senator from Vermont and the young congressional nominee from NYC help campaign for House seat candidate Brent Welder and a leftward tilt in the Plains.

Michael Cohen Tape Suggests Team Trump Lied About Karen McDougal

In the recording, Trump discussed a payment he supposedly knew nothing about.

Friday, Jul 20

Kimberly Guilfoyle Did Not Leave Fox News Voluntarily, Sources Say: Scoop

Sources have told HuffPost about the host's departure from the network.

Michael Cohen Taped Donald Trump Discussing Payments To Playmate: Reports

The New York Times reports that the recording, regarding payments to Karen McDougal, has been seized by the FBI.

Russia Says Putin And Trump Discussed Referendum In Ukraine

Russia's ambassador revealed the discussions amid confusion in the U.S. about what the two presidents agreed behind closed doors.

DNI Dan Coats Has 3 Words After Learning Trump Invited Vladimir Putin To White House

The director of national intelligence learned the president invited Putin to the White House during a Q&A discussion at the Aspen Security Forum.

Thursday, Jul 19

Can Anyone Take Down Nancy Pelosi?

There's an internal Democratic effort to stop Pelosi from being speaker again, but will it matter?

Donald Trump Says Second Putin Summit Is In The Works


After the "great success" of the first meeting, Trump wants Putin to visit Washington.

Steve King Is A White Supremacist, And The GOP Doesn’t Care

Among other white supremacist views, the congressman refused to apologize for promoting a neo-Nazi on Twitter. Republicans continue to look the other way.

Trump Pulls Rug Out From GOP Once Again

The president's contradictory statements about Russia are giving everyone whiplash.

Wednesday, Jul 18

Trump Says Russia No Longer Targeting U.S., Rejects U.S. Intelligence Again

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said the opposite as recently as last week.

James Comey, Longtime Republican, Tells ‘All Who Care’ To Vote Democrat In November

“History has its eyes on us,” the former FBI director said after Trump’s remarks in Helsinki.

Trump's Russia Ambassador Is Having A Very Bad Week

Jon Huntsman has spent decades cultivating a reputation as a pragmatic Republican. Now some of his allies are urging him to ditch the Trump administration.

Here Are The Excuses Republicans Made For Donald Trump On Putin And Russian Meddling

Apparently a bunch of Republicans just missed Trump's Russia meltdown.

Tuesday, Jul 17

Trump Tries To Clean Up After Disastrous Putin Summit

President Trump now says he accepts U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusion on Russian interference, but also said it "could be other people."

Obama Warns In Mandela Speech That 'Strongman Politics Are Ascendant'

The former U.S. president spoke in South Africa the day after Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

4 Notable Moments From Vladimir Putin's Fox News Interview

In a tense interview with host Chris Wallace, Putin refused to touch the new indictments.

Forced To Choose Between Putin And His Own Government, Trump Picks Putin

Trump says that both countries are equally to blame for the tensions, rather than Russia’s invasion of Crimea or interference in the 2016 U.S. election.