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Christine Blasey Ford Agrees To 'Provide First-Hand Knowledge' On Kavanaugh Allegation


It's still unclear whether Blasey, who has accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault, will be testifying at an open hearing.

Is Ted Cruz Endorsing Beto O'Rourke In This Tweet Or Is His Racism Just Showing?

The Republican senator apparently thinks speaking out against the killings of unarmed black men is a bad thing.

GOP Aide In Kavanaugh Confirmation Resigns As Sexual Harassment Claim Surfaces

Garrett Ventry's exit marks another moment of turmoil in Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Climate Change Comes Home To Roost In North Carolina

Breached swine lagoons. Overflowing coal waste ponds. Sewage in the streets. The hellish aftermath of climate-fueled Hurricane Florence.

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Man Accused Of Choking Woman Unconscious Takes Plea Deal For No Jail Time


Justin Schneider allegedly offered a woman a ride, choked her until she passed out and ejaculated on her. He got his “one pass,” an Alaska prosecutor said.



Man Rescued Two Days After Tanzanian Ferry Capsized, Killing At Least 207


Tanzania's president ordered the arrest of those responsible for the disaster.


At Least 25 Dead After Gunmen Disguised As Soldiers Attack Iran Military Parade


It's the bloodiest assault to strike the country in recent years.


Reviving The Mishandling Of Anita Hill's Testimony Is Bad News For Biden 2020


The former vice president's biggest career misstep is now being replayed in advance of a potential presidential run.


The Cast Of 'Assassination Nation' Is Going To War With Misogyny

Abra, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse and Odessa Young are ready to “shake s**t up.”

China Treats Uighur Kids As ‘Orphans’ After Parents Seized


“It’s like my kids are in jail. My four children are separated from me and living like orphans.”


Trump Vows To Get Rid Of 'Lingering Stench' At FBI And Justice Department


He also hailed "fantastic" Brett Kavanaugh from "central casting."


Congressman Discounts Kavanaugh's 'Supposed' Assault That Didn't Go 'Anywhere'

It's going to be tough to find "good people" if they need to have a "perfect" high school record, says GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer, who's running for the Senate.

GOP Extends Christine Blasey Ford's Deadline To Decide On Senate Hearing Request

Republicans granted the extension after lawyers for Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser claimed they were bullying her with the tight deadline.



Mueller Probe's Fate Hinges On Rod Rosenstein Convincing Trump He Was Just Joking


The president has long sought an excuse to fire the deputy attorney general and replace him with someone who would get rid of the special counsel.


Reagan's Daughter Patti Davis Reveals She Didn't Disclose Sex Assault For Decades


"Your memory snaps photos of the details that will haunt you forever. It blacks out other parts that really don’t matter much," she writes in support of Christine Blasey Ford.


Minnesota Lawmaker Drops Re-Election Bid After Daughter Claims He Molested Her


State Rep. Jim Knoblach abandoned his campaign after learning that Minnesota Public Radio News was publishing his daughter's allegations.

Kavanaugh's Accuser Rejects GOP Deadline For Agreement on Testimony

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says he has not agreed to allow Christine Blasey Ford to testifying after Brett Kavanaugh.

Friday, Sep 21

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Recording Trump And Invoking 25th Amendment: Reports

However, a source tells HuffPost that the deputy attorney general’s comments about recording Trump were “sarcastic.”

Kavanaugh Friend Stirs Outrage With Twitter Conspiracy Theory On Christine Blasey Ford

After Blasey rejected the conspiracy theory from conservative lawyer Ed Whelan, he apologized and deleted his tweets.

Christine Blasey Ford's Attorneys Lay Out Conditions For Senate Hearing

Negotiations for the Supreme Court nominee's accuser to speak to the Senate panel mostly focused on logistics and safety issues, news outlets reported.

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski Just Got Even More Pressure To Vote Against Brett Kavanaugh

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (I) and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott (D) announced their opposition to the Supreme Court nominee.

Thursday, Sep 20

Dean Heller Calls Kavanaugh Allegation A 'Hiccup' To His Confirmation

"We’ll get through this and we’ll get off to the races," the Nevada GOP senator said. He seeks re-election this year.

Brett Kavanaugh Liked Female Clerks Who Looked A ‘Certain Way,' Yale Student Was Told

Yale professor and "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua, who's a Kavanaugh cheerleader, told the young woman to look "outgoing."

Abortion Foes Say Christine Blasey Ford Should Be Heard

"I don't think that a woman claiming sexual assault should ever be dismissed."

Republicans In Texas Apologize For Hindu-Themed Campaign Ad


“Would you worship a donkey or an elephant? The choice is yours,” the ad read.

Wednesday, Sep 19

Jeff Flake, Bob Corker Don't Want Brett Kavanaugh Vote Delayed

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing the Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault, asked the FBI to investigate before her scheduled hearing.

Donald Trump Torches Jeff Sessions: 'I Don't Have An Attorney General'

"I’m not happy with numerous things," the president said.

Sen. Chuck Grassley: No Need For FBI To Investigate Kavanaugh Allegation

"Nothing the FBI or any other investigator does would have any bearing on what Dr. Ford tells the committee," the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said.

Tuesday, Sep 18

Mark Judge, Key Witness To Alleged Brett Kavanaugh Assault, Refuses To Testify

Judge was a classmate of Kavanaugh's at Georgetown Prep when Christine Blasey Ford says the incident occurred.

Brett Kavanaugh's Supporters Now Far More Reluctant To Speak Up Publicly

There has been radio silence from the liberal feminist lawyer who introduced Kavanaugh at his hearing.

Florence Flooding Is The Slow-Motion Train Wreck Forecasters Warned About


Days after landfall, the remnant storm continues to pummel flood-scarred communities in North Carolina.

Brett Kavanaugh And His Accuser Will Publicly Testify Monday

Christine Blasey Ford has accused the Supreme Court nominee of attempted sexual assault when they were teens.