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49ers' list of QBs to replace injured Garoppolo doesn't include Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers have several quarterbacks working out for them Tuesday as they attempt to fill the spot left by Jimmy Garoppolo. Colin Kaepernick won't be there.

Federal judge restores grizzly protections, canceling bear hunt

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"This case is not about the ethics of hunting, and it is not about solving human- or livestock-grizzly conflicts,” the judge wrote.

Dallas police department fires officer after manslaughter charges

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Earlier this month, Officer Amber Guyger entered the wrong apartment in her building and fatally shot the man who lived there, mistaking him as a burglar.

Man who threatened Boston Globe may have called Times, NFL, prosecutor says

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Robert Chain, who lives in Encino, California, faces seven counts of use of interstate and foreign commerce to transmit a threat to injure another person.

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NorCal Rapist suspect makes first court appearance

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Waller, who was arrested partly on evidence from a genealogy website, could face life in prison on 12 counts of forcible sexual assault.

Indiana school bus driver fired, arrested after video shows students at wheel

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Joandrea McAtee, 27, was charged with neglect of a dependent, a felony charge, after video surfaced showing students as young as 11 years old behind the wheel of her school bus.


Police hunt for suspect in alleged anti-gay attack in Brooklyn

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Two men were attacked in a possible hate crime on Sunday outside of Metropolitan, a popular gay bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Sex offender walks into police station, confesses to 2014 jogger murder

William Winters Leverett is charged with stabbing insurance executive Melissa Millan to death in November, 2014, while she was jogging in Simsbury, Connecticut.


Andrea Constand testifies in Cosby sentencing, wants 'justice as court sees fit'

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Before Constand took the stand, a psychologist testified that Cosby is a "sexually violent predator."


Pain device zaps spine, helps patients walk

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The experiments show that the spine can act on its own to move limbs, the researchers say.


FBI joins search for missing 6-year-old boy in North Carolina

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FBI and local authorities were told that the boy has autism and is nonverbal.

Sunday of surprises? Nope, one vet says, 'This is the normal'

Week 3 might have seemed really weird, but Adrian Peterson is here to tell you it was completely normal. Today, Peter King’s Football Morning in America column covers the upsets.


$17.8 million worth of cocaine found in hidden fruit

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"One of the boxes felt different than the others," the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.


Teen rescued after surviving 49 days adrift in Pacific Ocean

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Unable to attract passing ships, he caught fish in the mornings and read his Bible in the afternoons.

Tiger Woods after 1st Tour win since '13: 'I just can't believe I've pulled this off'

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Tiger Woods reflected on his comeback after winning the Tour Championship.


Rob Goldstone wishes he'd never set up that Trump Tower meeting

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Goldstone, who arranged the Trump Tower meeting at the request of a pop star, says Mueller's team wanted to know about links between Trump and Russia.

China hikes tariffs on $60B in U.S. imports, accuses Trump of 'trade bullyism'

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China raised tariffs Monday on thousands of U.S. goods in an escalation of its fight with President Donald Trump over technology policy.

The NBA is doing everything it can to eliminate tanking

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The NBA finally enacted lottery reform that will take effect this season, but Philadelphia has already reaped the rewards of The Process.


0-2 Lions take down Patriots in Sunday Night Football

Few would argue that Matthew Stafford is better than Tom Brady. But on Sunday night, Stafford was able to play a lot longer, and that made a a big difference.

3-D gun advocate accused of sex with minor is jailed in U.S.

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He was arrested in Taiwan, where police say he flew after learning he was under investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage girl.

Monday, Sep 24

Tiger Woods wins Tour Championship, his first victory since 2013

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Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, marking his first PGA Tour victory in five years, while Justin Rose captured the FedEx Cup Championship.

Sunday, Sep 23

Report: Lions tried to trade for Gronkowski, who threatened to retire

The Patriots and Lions nearly pulled off a trade that would have sent Rob Gronkowski to Detroit — until Gronk put the kibosh on it.

Bill Cosby to be sentenced for sexual assault

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Attorneys for Cosby were expected to ask that he remain free on appeal.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reopens after Kilauea eruption

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The eruption destroyed hundreds of homes and reshaped the popular summit crater inside the park.

New rule would deny green cards to immigrants who used food stamps, Medicaid

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Proposed disqualifying benefits would also include parts of Medicare and vouchers for Section 8 housing.

Saturday, Sep 22

Yale law professor denies reports she groomed Kavanaugh's prospective clerks

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"Substance is the most important thing," Amy Chua said in email statement to the Yale Law community.

Former first lady Michelle Obama pushes midterm voter turnout

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The former first lady has partnered with nearly 20 African-American organizations with her initiative When We All Vote.

Gunmen attack Iran military parade, killing dozens

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Foreign Minister Javad Zarif immediately blamed the attack on regional countries and their "U.S. masters."

#WhyIDidntReport inspires survivors of sexual abuse in defiance of Trump

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"I never filed a police report and it took me 30 years to tell my parents," the actress Alyssa Milano tweeted.

Friday, Sep 21

Florence floodwaters breach dam at power plant; coal ash could spill

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Duke Energy can't rule out that ash might be escaping and flowing into the river.

Rail company blamed for Hurricane Florence flooding in North Carolina town

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“We’re talking about a company that placed life in danger, placed millions of dollars of personal property of individuals in danger to protect their own interests,” a local leader said.

Three newborn babies, two adults stabbed at New York City day care

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A Queens, New York, day care worker was in custody with self-inflicted wounds. A meat cleaver and a butcher knife were recovered at the scene, police said.

Slow-moving hurricanes like Florence could become increasingly common

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The idea of a slow-moving storm isn’t exactly a new one. Hurricane Harvey in 2017 bore a similar signature. A recent study showed that the speed of tropical cyclones worldwide over land has decreased by ten percent in the last 70 years,…

Thursday, Sep 20

Aberdeen, Maryland, shooting: Three dead after woman opens fire at Rite Aid facility, shoots self

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The shooter, Snochia Moseley, a 26-year-old temporary employee at the Rite Aid distribution center turned the handgun on herself.

Russia teams up with China to aim for 'desirable world order'

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Moscow-Beijing relations are "showing dynamic growth," according to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He also described Vladimir Putin as a "close friend."

Daughter of woman who died in sheriff's van flooding wants answers

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"I was confused as to why ... police officers would drive down a road that was in an area that was known for flooding," said the daughter of Nicolette Green.

Gunman wounds 4 in Penn. court building lobby, is killed by police

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"Without the rapid response of these brave officers to the shooting, more individuals may have been shot," Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Steve Dowlin said