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Hardest thing about work in a brothel

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COMPLAINTS continue to roll in to a special commissioner set up to monitor illegal activity in Victoria’s massage parlours. Licensed brothels have had enough.

Karl Stefanovic’s family upset by ex-wife’s claims

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IT HAS BEEN two years since Nine Network TV presenter Karl Stefanovic called it quits with his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.

‘Right-to-die’ laws rejected in Senate


The Senate tonight rejected a bid to allow territories to pass euthanasia laws in what is seen as a showdown on the possibility of federal right-to-die laws.

Cheeky 6yo’s $400 Amazon order


A SAVVY six-year-old managed to order $415 worth of toys on Amazon using her parents’ iPad — and got it all shipped overnight before they had a chance to clock on.

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Missing dad found with new wife

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A BRITISH dad reported missing by his partner of 27 years turned up days later — married to another woman in Utah.


Mystery pooper is school chief

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A HIGH-RANKING education official earning a six figure salary has been outed as the mystery pooper plaguing a high school in New York.


The voices schizophrenic people hear

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“I HEAR voices all the time. Even just sitting here.”

‘I’d be starving’: Fans question Michelle’s meals

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FORMER The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges is famous for her tough stance on health and fitness.


Amazing tribute for grieving mum

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THE devastated mother of a seven-year-old boy killed in the Barcelona terror attack last year has revealed how her son’s love of superheroes has helped her through the past 12 months as she prepares to visit the place where he died.


Dad suggests why grandfather killed family

THE father of four children murdered in Margaret River in May hasn’t been able to look at photos of them since they died at the hands of his former father-in-law.


How you can own an island cafe for $15

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WE ALL daydream sometimes about what it would be like to pick up sticks and move somewhere new or try our hand at a new business, if only we had the money to make it happen.


Model’s cheeky response to wardrobe malfunction

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YOU might know model Emily Ratajkowski from Instagram, from Amy Schumer’s film I Feel Pretty, or from the film clip for that Robin Thicke song Blurred Lines.

Aussie bid to make a crease-free cotton shirt

THE dream of a cotton shirt that does not need ironing could become a reality.


Kids battling body image at eight

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CHILDREN as young as eight are suffering from body image issues that could have serious and long-term health consequences, startling new research has found.

Ultimate numberplate worth $1m

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A CENTURY-OLD motorcycle numberplate worth up to $1 million has sparked a turf war among investors and superannuation funds as it goes on public sale for the first time in 80 years.


Bride upset over ‘small’ $2k ring


GETTING engaged is for many one of life’s most exciting moments — so should the ring matter?


How a mum overcame incredible heartbreak

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SOPHIE Smith has faced the unthinkable, losing her triplets one by one then watching her husband die from a brain tumour years later.


Big problem with six hours sleep

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AUSTRALIANS aren’t getting nearly enough sleep each night — and it’s slowly killing us.


Why you should never hit snooze


WHATEVER time your alarm goes off, it’s almost impossible to avoid hitting the snooze button straight away.

Woman’s amazing face transplant

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A 21-YEAR-OLD woman who was left heavily disfigured in a failed suicide bid has become the youngest person in the US to receive a face transplant.

Tuesday, Aug 14

Teen’s daring escape from famous clinic

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MAYO Clinic is one of the world’s most revered hospitals.

Widow expected $200k, got $25

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WIDOWER Kim Garbutt said she was “dumbfounded” when she received a double-digit cheque from AMP in death benefits associated with her estranged husband Craig’s superannuation fund.

Which flirting techniques actually work


WITH online dating becoming increasingly popular, users are now spoiled for choice about what platform to use to meet a potential love interest.

Parrot stuck on roof tells rescuers to ‘f*** off’


FIREFIGHTERS who tried to rescue a parrot stuck on a roof for three days were told by the bird to “f*** off”.

Monday, Aug 13

Breast surgeons sent shock photos

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CUT- PRICE cosmetic surgery clinics are offering Australian women treatment by doctors who aren’t trained plastic surgeons under a business model described as a “boob factory”.

Four rules that will improve your sleep

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EARLIER this month mattress company Koala posted a task to community platform Airtasker, offering to pay someone $1000 to sleep.

‘Pig-headed’: Comedian attacks drought-hit farmers

SHE’S come under fire for her controversial remarks before and now Catherine Deveny a new target.

‘Years of hell’ from contraceptive device


Australian women who’ve suffered severe complications from the contraceptive implant Essure are joining a class action against pharmaceutical giant Bayer which manufactured the device.

Sunday, Aug 12

‘My ancestry test revealed a bombshell’

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WHEN Linda Ketchum asked her husband for an AncestryDNA kit for Christmas, it was just a lark. She had no family secrets she was trying to uncover, no genealogy mysteries that needed answers. She was just curious.

‘This water bottle is ruining my life’


A WATER bottle is ruining my life.

75-year-old granny’s enviable body

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YOU will often find Janice Lorraine in the heavy weights section of a gym.

The Block’s big bathroom fail

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WHILE a vertical garden sounds beautiful and Zen-like, in reality it proved to be a big no-no in a bathroom, especially one that’s too small to handle its wow factor.

Saturday, Aug 11

10 places to try in Botany Bay


THE views alone make a trip to the northern headland worthwhile but linger a bit longer to find a growing number of foodie delights in suburbs like Little Bay and La Perouse.

The celebrities who have gone vegan


VEGANISM is the hot-right-now trend people around the world are learning to embrace. From Oscar winners to chart toppers, female celebs are leading the dietary charge.

Will this get more out of your workout?


WHEN it comes to exercise, you either love it, hate it or flounder away somewhere in the middle.

Hawkins ‘replaced by reality star’

AFTER 12 years working with one of Australia’s biggest retailers, former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has stepped down as the face of the brand.

Friday, Aug 10

Cows help cops corral criminal

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A FLEEING suspect who bailed from a car to escape police in Florida was caught by an unlikely herd of heroes: 16 cows.

Cadbury’s launch very ‘unusual’ flavour

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CADBURY is about to bring out its most unusual flavour combination since someone thought it was a good idea to stuff gooey Vegemite into Dairy Milk bars.

Sara Huegill has shoplifting charges dropped

SARA Huegill, wife of former Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill, has had a charge against her dropped today, after she was accused of stealing a pair of $2500 leather pants from a Byron Bay boutique.

Death row inmate: ‘Just get on with it’

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A NEVADA death-row inmate whose execution has been postponed twice said a legal fight over his fate is taking a tortuous toll on him and his family and he just wants his sentence carried out.