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10 places to try in Maitland

A SHORT two-hour drive from Sydney along the banks of the Hunter River you’ll find a city rich in heritage with a blossoming foodie scene.

How to make friends as an adult

WHEN was the last time you felt lonely? Or, more to the point, when was the last time you didn’t feel lonely?


Hilarious chat filmed at McDonald’s drive-through

A MAN who pulled up at a McDonalds drive-through to order breakfast got more than he bargained for as the server’s private phone conversation blared through the speakers.

Man tied to pole in Ukraine street

A FACEBOOK Live video broadcast on July 20 showed a man tied to a pole in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, with a makeshift sign attached to him that read “vatnik,” which is a slur word used for pro-Russian supporters in the…


‘We took turns being her slave’

News.com.au / National

AN EXPANDING group of Federal MP Emma Husar’s office staff claim they were her slaves, washing her dishes, cleaning up her dog’s poo and running errands while being verbally abused.


Man unleashes chainsaw in Bunnings


A 27-year-old man who stripped down to his underwear and started up a chainsaw during a meltdown at a Bunnings store has been charged.


Poo jogger ‘on the run’ in Sydney

SYDNEY’S own poo jogger — a blonde woman caught on CCTV defecating outside a Pyrmont bottle shop — may be “on the run” around the inner city suburb.


YouTube channel backlash

IN A heart-wrenching video posted by one of their adoring fans, three young boys sob to the camera and tell hundreds of thousands of followers their YouTube channel has been deleted for a second time.

Friday, Jul 20




Gice your sweettooth something to live for with this Fried Chocolate Cheesecake strawberry recipe! Go ahead and try it out! Make sure to let us know what you think!


Never once did I think of my jiggly bits


IT’S said that once you have a baby you lose all your inhibitions.


Tour de France’s Rolling Doctors: Patching Riders at 25mph


A team of medics riding in convertible cars can treat any cyclist without needing the rider to drop out of the race. Photo: Reuters


$1700 a day without leaving home

A CASHED-UP Brit says she can make “up to £1000 ($1700) a day” getting naked live on webcam.


Ugly road-rage incident in Florida

News.com.au / World

A SHOCKING incident filmed at a petrol station in Florida shows the moment when two men attempt to pull the driver out of a BMW.

Foods Meghan isn’t allowed to eat

THANKS to the Queen, the habits of Meghan Markle — now a Duchess (of Sussex to be exact) — have had to change.


How Russian used sex in plot

MARIA Butina is one of the most controversial women in the world right now.


A Paradigm Shift in Genetic Testing


A breakthrough new genetic test will allow parents to find out if their newborn has one of 60 terminal or disabling health conditions and get early treatment that could save their lives.

Why we shouldn’t be eating meat

IF YOU’RE someone who enjoys tucking into a juicy steak, there’s a long list of reasons why you shouldn’t according to new research.


ABC defends story after NZ furore

THE journalist behind a controversial report about New Zealanders being kicked out of Australia has defended his work after his story exacerbated a diplomatic furore between the two nations.

Ridiculous $987 wedding trend


I STUPIDLY fell for the online trend of proposing to your Bridesmaids. Good news is, I have an amazing photo for social. Can’t pay my mortgage this month, but you know, YOLO!


Uni plan to end rampant sex assault

AUSTRALIAN universities have been told to train all staff who deal with students as frontline responders capable of dealing with sexual assault victims.

Take STI test for VIP entry to Splendour

REVELLERS will be asked to take a sexually transmitted infection (STI) test this weekend in exchange for access to a VIP area at a Byron Bay music festival.


Stolen dog reunited with owners after five years

A DOG has been reunited with his owners almost five years after being stolen when a video of him wandering the streets of London was sent to his owners.


Bizarre sex habits of super-rich Aussie mums

FORGET Big Little Lies, a new, detailed survey has revealed what cashed-up mums on Sydney’s mega-affluent lower north shore are actually up to.


Food hack: 84 meals at once

AS A teacher, Rebekah Freeman is used to planning a term ahead — a simple logic she cleverly applies to cooking too.


Cadbury launches low-calorie chocolate

CADBURY UK is launching a low calorie Dairy Milk bar with 30 per cent less sugar, with claims that it tastes exactly the same as the original.

Man sues cop for anal probe

A MAN in Washington, D.C., is suing a police officer for probing his anus and grabbing his genitals in an invasive body search during a stop-and-frisk last year.

Angry waitress body slams customer

THIS is the moment a furious waitress body slammed a customer in a crowded restaurant — for grabbing her bum as he walked past.


Millions in unsold products destroyed

News.com.au / World

LUXURY British fashion house Burberry destroyed tens of millions of dollars worth of its fashion and cosmetic products over the past year to protect its brand.

Thursday, Jul 19


‘You are expected to have sex’


SUGAR dating sites such as SeekingArrangement.com are aggressively targeting college students — with free premium memberships for signing up under an .edu email plus plenty of assurances that being a “sugar baby” is safe, empowering and…


Liam’s response to split rumours

AUSSIE Liam Hemsworth is not one to usually comment on his private life.