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Fed Officials Worry the Economy Is Too Good. Workers Still Feel Left Behind.

Many Americans are just beginning to climb out of the Great Recession, yet policymakers are debating whether the economy is on the cusp of overheating.

Signs of Wavering Eurozone Economy Are Unlikely to Faze E.C.B.

Tentative indications of slowing growth will probably not cause the European Central Bank to revise its timetable for gently winding down economic stimulus.

Walmart, With Billions to Spend, Seeks Flipkart E-Commerce Site in India


The company is said to be in talks to acquire Flipkart, India’s leading online retailer, to counter Amazon’s push into the country.

How Fake Mark Zuckerbergs Scam Facebook Users Out of Their Cash

The Facebook chief executive has vowed to clean up the social network, but his company has failed to stop even those impersonating him from swindling people.

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Why Privacy Scandals Haven’t Dented Facebook, Yet: DealBook Briefing


The tech giant’s sterling first-quarter earnings have granted the company a respite from investor ire.


Deutsche Bank Abandons Wall Street Ambitions, and Focuses on Europe


The plan by a new chief executive means that the bank is giving up its efforts to compete on equal terms with Wall Street behemoths.


‘Desperation Oncology’: When Patients Are Dying, Some Cancer Doctors Turn to Immunotherapy

The drugs don’t work against every cancer — but on rare occasions, they work miracles.

The Era of Very Low Inflation and Interest Rates May Be Near an End


Moves in global bond markets over the last few months suggest changing expectations about prices.


Ashley Longshore Is Fashion’s Latest Art Darling


Her glittery, bawdy feminist work gets likes on Instagram and love at Bergdorf.


Ford Will Drop Focus and Fusion Sedans in North America

The automaker is accelerating efforts to slash costs in a bid to turn around its fortunes both at home and abroad.


Sean Spicer Unveils a Wax Melania, and Says Little More Than She Does

The former White House press secretary made an appearance to promote the Madame Tussauds version of the first lady. He has a book coming out in July.

Is Facebook Serious About Its Clean Up?: DealBook Briefing


Facebook has promised to spend large sums policing its operations. Its first-quarter results indicate it has room to spend more.


ConocoPhillips Wins $2 Billion Ruling Over Venezuelan Seizure


An arbitration panel sided with the company 11 years after Hugo Chávez expropriated several of its oil projects. Now the problem is trying to collect.

Vincent Bolloré, French Billionaire, Faces a Rare Corruption Inquiry

Mr. Bolloré, called the “King of Africa” for his business dealings there, faces allegations of bribing politicians in exchange for contracts.

Wall Street Ekes Out Small Gain as Earnings Offset Cost Worries


Wall Street limped into positive territory on Wednesday on optimism over a spate of upbeat earnings that was nearly offset by jitters over rising U.S. bond yields and corporate costs.


Facebook’s Privacy Scandal Appears to Have Little Effect on Its Bottom Line


The social network posted increases in profit and revenue as it deals with a torrent of criticism about its privacy practices and the way it handles user data.


YouTube Kids, Criticized for Content, Introduces New Parental Controls

Parents will be able to handpick the channels and topics their children can view on the app, which has been criticized for allowing disturbing content to slip through.


What Amazon’s New Headquarters Could Mean for Rents

Winning the contest could mean a steeper increase in local housing costs over the next decade, a study finds. Nashville is already contemplating the impact.

There’s No Smoking in Disney Films. What About When It Owns Fox?

Walt Disney Studios hasn’t released a movie that depicts smoking since 2015. Now antismoking activists want that rule extended to all films aimed at young audiences by Fox, which Disney is buying.

Consumer Bureau Looks to End Public View of Complaints Database

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau might grant the banking industry’s wish to take offline a public database of complaints against the industry.

Wednesday, Apr 25

Comcast Starts Bidding War With 21st Century Fox for Sky

A $30.7 billion offer for Sky puts the American cable giant in a takeover battle with Rupert Murdoch for control of the British broadcaster.

The Shift: Workers of Silicon Valley, It’s Time to Organize

Employees in the tech industry have an unusual power: They can make their companies act more responsibly. All they have to do is speak up.

Mulvaney, Watchdog Bureau’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail Agency

Mick Mulvaney, acting director of the bureau, also described the two types of people he was most responsive to as a lawmaker: constituents and the lobbyists who contributed to his campaign.

Facebook Replaces Lobbying Executive Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Facebook shuffled its ranks in Washington as it confronts pressure from lawmakers over data privacy, election interference, misinformation and other issues.

Tuesday, Apr 24

In Brexit Vote, Town’s Nostalgia for Seafaring Past Muddied Its Future

Branded “idiots,” residents of Grimsby, England, choose romance for a dying fishing industry over another that is thriving.

Economic Scene: The Facebook Fallacy: Privacy Is Up to You

Mark Zuckerberg told Congress that the social network would empower its users to control their own data. There’s just one problem: human behavior.

Amazon Tries a New Delivery Spot: Your Car

The new service is aimed at anyone who doesn’t want to risk a package being stolen from a porch and can’t receive an order at work.

Sears C.E.O. Seeks to Buy the Retailer’s More Valuable Parts

Edward Lampert made the unusual move of offering to have his hedge fund buy parts of Sears, including its Kenmore brand, as it struggles to pay down debt.

Monday, Apr 23

This Start-Up Says It Wants to Fight Poverty. A Food Stamp Giant Is Blocking It.

Propel was begun to bring convenience and new services to food stamp recipients. A big government contractor is getting in the way.

How Looming Privacy Regulations May Strengthen Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are dealing with a privacy backlash and new European rules on data collection. The rules, though, may not be as damaging to the companies as they appear.

Modi May Pay the Price as India’s A.T.M.s Run Out of Cash Again

The shortage, caused by government policies, poses a challenge for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was also responsible for India’s last cash crisis.

Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Even as private employers have rebounded from the recession, the public sector’s ranks have withered, and pay and benefits have lagged.

Sunday, Apr 22

Zelle, the Banks’ Answer to Venmo, Proves Vulnerable to Fraud

The personal payment platform Zelle is flourishing. But so are fraudsters, who are exploiting weaknesses in the banks’ security.

Tariff Dodgers Stand to Profit Off U.S.-China Trade Dispute

Chinese brokers send goods around the world to disguise their origin and escape penalties. Tougher trade rules may end up only helping them.

The Week Ahead: Tech Companies Report Earnings and Economic Growth Data Is Released

Detroit automakers are also reporting results, while President Trump will discuss trade with French and German leaders but skip the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

Overseer Faults Volkswagen’s Reform Efforts Since Emissions Scandal

Larry Thompson, a former U.S. deputy attorney general, said the carmaker had not held wrongdoers accountable or been serious enough about change.

Saturday, Apr 21

In Message to Trump, Europe and Mexico Announce Trade Pact

The update of an existing pact will lift trade in dairy, digital goods and other products, and sends a message that some of America’s trading partners are moving on.

With a Glance Backward, Brooks Brothers Looks to the Future

The reinvention of the 200-year-old American brand by its brash Italian owner, Claudio Del Vecchio, has meant staying true to its past.

Is Facebook’s Campbell Brown a Force to Be Reckoned With? Or Is She Fake News?

As Facebook’s head of news partnerships, Ms. Brown, a former CNN and NBC anchor, is emerging as a surprisingly adept negotiator for her publishing vision at the social network.