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Fiat Chrysler’s C.E.O. Steps Down Early

Sergio Marchionne, who masterminded Fiat’s acquisition of Chrysler, is leaving for health reasons. His replacement is Mike Manley, head of the Jeep and Ram truck brands.


Ex-‘Manhattan Madam,’ Kristin Davis, Expects Subpoena From Mueller

In an interview, Ms. Davis, a former fixture of New York tabloids, said she did not know why the White House special counsel’s office was interested in her.


Military’s Influence Casts a Shadow Over Pakistan’s Election

With out-of-favor candidates sidelined and news outlets censored, some Pakistanis say the vote Wednesday will be more like a soft coup than an election.

Airbnb Reviews of My Childhood Home

The New York Times

I chose the place as a convenient weekend rental while in town for an old friend’s wedding. Right away there were problems.


Trump Signals Consequences for Michael Cohen Over Secret Recording

With a tweet, President Trump signaled open warfare on his longtime fixer, who has publicly discussed the idea of cooperating with the Justice Department.

Lessons From a Failed Nomination, for Both Brett Kavanaugh and the Senate

Senators expect the embarrassing collapse of one judicial nomination to influence others to come.

Brazil’s Military Strides Into Politics, by the Ballot or by Force

Scores of former officers are running for office. And if the ballot box doesn’t work, some former officials warn of a possible military coup.


California Wants to Reinvent the Power Grid. So What Could Go Wrong?

Two decades ago, a new approach to power delivery led to blackouts. Now the state is considering another energy makeover: a regional electric grid.


Suspicious Minds

Mingling with wariness and wonder at a conference devoted to “Ancient Aliens.”


There Is a Revolution on the Left. Democrats Are Bracing.

After victories by progressive candidates in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Maryland, young liberals are trying to remake the party into a ferocious opposition force.

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

Is George Soros losing his big bet on liberal democracy? Finding the American dream in Philadelphia. Maggie Haberman steps back from Twitter. And more.

White Nationalists Came to Charlottesville. A Year On, the Wound Still Festers.

Nearly a year after the rally, the city’s first black female mayor has vowed to address centuries of racial and economic disparities.

Ciudad Tecún Umán Dispatch: Rafting Across a Mexico River to Make a Living, and Remake a Life

The porousness of the Guatemala-Mexico border is most evident at a river crossing, where smugglers, migrants and raftsmen shuttle back and forth all day long.


In Duterte’s Philippines, Having a Beer Can Now Land You in Jail

More than 50,000 Filipinos have been locked up for offenses as trivial as drinking in public or being outdoors without a shirt.

With Brexit Deadlocked, Britain Stares Over a Cliff

Another week of infighting has left Theresa May besieged, her E.U. withdrawal plan on life support. No one seems to know what happens next.


Step Inside the Thai Cave in Augmented Reality


Walk and crawl through the openings the rescuers confronted to reach the soccer team and their coach.


Trump and Putin’s Meeting, the Aftermath and More Political Stories This Week

The meeting incited conflicting statements, outcry and new developments in the relationship between Washington and Moscow. Here’s a look at the meeting, what happened afterward — and some links to other political articles if you want to…

When Donald Met Vladimir: The Transcript

The New York Times

President Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia before their meeting in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday.

Airbnb Reviews of My Childhood Home


I chose the place as a convenient weekend rental while in town for an old friend’s wedding. Right away there were problems.

Seduced by Hate, Indian Politician Embraces a Lynch Mob

Jayant Sinha, an American-educated politician, draped garlands of flowers around the necks of eight men convicted of murder, provoking national outrage.


Yes, She Is in Kansas: Ocasio-Cortez Makes Her National Campaign Debut

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who has quickly become the face of a left-wing populist wave, visited Kansas with Senator Bernie Sanders to campaign for progressive candidates.

Got $250? You Can Go to Sean Spicer’s Book Party

The former White House press secretary, looking for a second act, is on a book tour for “The Briefing,’’ a memoir of his six embattled months at the lectern.

Trump Doubles Down on Russia. The Spies Shake Their Heads in Disbelief.

The policy gap on Russia between the president and his administration’s intelligence and national security agencies appears to be growing wider.

City Releases Trove of Documents in Central Park Jogger Case


A first batch of documents related to the 1989 rape are likely to provide insight into how the high-pressure investigation took a wrong turn.

New York’s Arts for All

The New York Times

A library card opens the door to culture in New York.


What if You Owned a Beach but Weren’t Allowed to Get to It?

The New York Times

In California, a long-running fight could be nearing a conclusion. At stake for the public is access to a magnificent coastline.

Missouri Duck Boat Accident Kills 17, Including 9 From Same Family

The tourist boat, carrying 31 people, sank in a storm that hit with shocking ferocity, raising new concerns about the safety of duck boats.


The Essay That Helped Bring Down the Soviet Union

It championed an idea at grave risk today: that those of us lucky enough to live in open societies should fight for the freedom of those born into closed ones.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Co-Host of ‘The Five,’ Is Leaving Fox News

Ms. Guilfoyle, who recently revealed that she is dating Donald Trump Jr., had been at the network for 12 years.

Disney Fires ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director Over Offensive Tweets


James Gunn wrote most of the tweets before 2013. They resurfaced after he criticized President Trump on Twitter and far-right provocateurs searched his social media history.