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Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Says She’s Willing to Testify Before Judiciary Committee

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The decision by the woman, Christine Blasey Ford, came after days of uncertainty over whether she would appear at a hearing and answer questions about her accusations of sexual assault.

Trump Galvanized a Movement of Women. Kavanaugh Is Testing It.

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The judge’s fate, and the Senate’s treatment of his accuser, have the makings of a pivot point in American politics — a wrenching apex in the struggle over the status of American women and abortion.

Trump Administration Aims to Sharply Restrict New Green Cards for Those on Public Aid

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A rule proposed by the Trump administration could force immigrants seeking permanent resident status to prove they will never become reliant on government assistance.

Campaign Sign for New Jersey Congressman Vandalized With Swastikas and Racist Graffiti


Swastikas, racial epithets and profanity were scrawled across a campaign banner for Representative Josh Gottheimer and the home of a supporter who had put the sign on his lawn.

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Six Siblings of a Republican Congressman Endorse His Opponent in Campaign Ads

The siblings say their brother’s extremist views on immigration and his comments about a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., prompted them to take action.


China Demands U.S. Withdraw Sanctions Imposed Over Military Purchases From Russia


Chinese officials summoned the United States ambassador in Beijing to denounce the sanctions that Washington announced this week.

White House Memo: Talk of the 25th Amendment Underscores a Volatile Presidency

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The deputy attorney general’s reported discussion last year of a mechanism to remove the president showed just how fractured the team around President Trump is.


FEMA Chief Brock Long Must Reimburse U.S. for Misuse of Agency Vehicles


Brock Long will have to reimburse the government for misusing government vehicles to travel to and from his home — but will keep his job.


Ruling on Health Care Subsidies Could Prove Costly for Government


The government had a clear obligation to reimburse insurers for assistance provided to low-income people under the Affordable Care Act, a federal judge says.


Grassley Extends Negotiation Deadline for Christine Blasey Ford

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Dr. Blasey, who has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, has until 2:30 p.m. Saturday to agree to testimony terms, Charles Grassley said late Friday night.


On Politics: This Week’s Biggest Stories


From the sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to developments in the Russia investigation, it’s been a busy week in American politics.

At Missouri Rally, Trump Vows to Eliminate ‘Lingering Stench’ at the Justice Department

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The event resembled a boisterous re-election pep rally for the president rather than an effort to lift Josh Hawley, the Republican attorney general running for Senate.


Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke Debate Who is ‘Out of Step’ With Texas

The Texas political rivals spent weeks preparing for the debate, the first of three in their Senate race, which is one of the tightest and most heated this year.


Florence’s Floodwaters Breach Defenses at Duke Energy Plant, Sending Toxic Coal Ash Into River


Duke Energy shut down a power plant in Wilmington, N.C., after a dam at the site breached and allowed coal ash to enter the nearby Cape Fear River.


Billionaire Backer of Maria Butina Had Russian Security Ties


Konstantin Nikolaev, the oligarch who helped finance Ms. Butina, has been an investor in projects linked to the Russian government.

Friday, Sep 21

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

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In the turbulent days after the firing of James B. Comey, the deputy attorney general appeared conflicted about his role and wanted to expose administration dysfunction, people around him said.

In Reversal, Trump No Longer Demands Declassification of Russia Documents

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In a tweet on Friday morning, Mr. Trump said that instead of an immediate release, Justice Department officials would review the documents.

Many Voters Tend to Believe Christine Blasey Ford, Even if They Question Her Motive

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In a Pennsylvania swing district, voters are gripped by the allegations against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, and divided over them.

Anita Hill’s Testimony and Other Key Moments From the Clarence Thomas Hearings

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In three days of televised hearings that riveted the nation, Anita F. Hill detailed allegations of workplace sexual harassment by Judge Clarence Thomas.

Thursday, Sep 20

The Plot to Subvert an Election: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far

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For two years, Americans have tried to absorb the details of the 2016 attack — hacked emails, social media fraud, suspected spies — and President Trump’s claims that it’s all a hoax. The Times explores what we know and what it means.

Kavanaugh’s Supporters and His Accuser Are at an Impasse Over Her Testimony

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Republicans say a hearing on Monday is Christine Blasey Ford’s only option. Her lawyer says a hearing with only her and Judge Kavanaugh “is not a fair or good faith investigation.”

For Christine Blasey Ford, a Drastic Turn From a Quiet Life in Academia

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Dr. Blasey, a researcher and statistician, was reluctant to come forward with her allegation that Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, sexually assaulted her.

Wednesday, Sep 19

News Analysis: For Red-State Democrats, Accusation Against Kavanaugh Scrambles Midterm Calculus

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Three moderates had been weighing a yes vote to confirm Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, while other Democrats hoped there would be few consequences for a no vote. The sexual assault allegation has changed calculations.

Books News: Stormy Daniels’s ‘Full Disclosure’ Book Will Likely Rattle White House

Mr. Trump’s presidency has proved to be an unexpected boon for the publishing industry, which has unleashed a barrage of juicy insider accounts.

Political Memo: On Kavanaugh, a Changed America Debates an Explosive Charge

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The accusations against the Supreme Court nominee are being assessed under different social and cultural conventions than when the episode allegedly occurred.

Christine Blasey Ford Wants F.B.I. to Investigate Kavanaugh Before She Testifies

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Her position puts the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for Monday in doubt.

Tuesday, Sep 18

Trump Sides With Kavanaugh, Accusing Democrats of Timing Sex Assault Charge to Delay Confirmation

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“I feel so badly for him that he’s going through this,” President Trump said of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. “This is not a man that deserves this.”

Echoes of Anita Hill, but in a Different Era for Women

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Now it is Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh who faces a hearing to address explosive accusations by Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers.

Hearing Set for Monday to Hear Kavanaugh and His Accuser

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Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, said he is willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee about accusations from a woman who said he sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers.