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Charity couldn't get NZ Police to 'come to the table' to help scam victims

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The Kiwi victim of a $250,000 Nigerian romance scam thought she might have a chance to turn her life around when she found out in February that Western Union was paying out hundreds of millions to fraud victims such as herself to settle a…

You're paying up to $40,000 for KiwiSaver: What do you get?


Presenting annual fees to clients as a dollar figure is a good step, but KiwiSaver providers could still do more to make their charges as "clear as humanly possible", the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) says.

Rocket Lab launch from Māhia in Hawke's Bay scrubbed

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Rocket Lab's delayed second launch has been scrubbed and postponed to Monday, weather pending.

Web giants - dumb and mean when it comes to local support


OPINION: I couldn't help but feel bad for Dunedin home owner Jeremy Craw last week.

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Bitcoin sites play down security threats despite Korea attack


British Bitcoin websites have assured MPs that customers' cryptocurrencies are safe, after members of a parliamentary committee raised concerns following yet another attack on a foreign exchange.

Nadine Higgins: There's nothing wrong in taking a sick day for your brain


OPINION: At this time of year, the workplace is full of martyrs: sniffling, snivelling martyrs.

Evading tax just got even harder


Today, money can be sent electronically anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. This is vital to international trade and modern economies. But some people try to use this flexibility to avoid paying the right amount of tax.

Focus on the shopping experience, and profits will come: AMP manager


Shopping centre managers can continue to have faith in bricks and mortar while embracing the benefits of online trading, a shopping centre manager says.

Post-GFC, countries are finding their own economic paths again


OPINION: Interest rates and economies around the world are diverging. Central banks are addressing local economic circumstances, after nearly a decade of universally low interest rates.

Financial compatibility doesn't mean you have to be the same


OPINION: In the dating game, the closest you usually come to discussing finances is working out who will pick up the bill for the date.

Bank claims it's winning against huge number of credit card fraudsters

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Travis Barker has had his credit card replaced three times in the past six months.

Don't hit the panic button when markets turn down


OPINION: The human brain is hardwired to avoid pain. That's why the intensity of the hurt from a $100 investment loss is many times that of the pleasure brought by a $100 investment gain.

Businesses so anti-social that banks won't touch them


Kiwibank doesn't call itself an ethical bank, but it's the only bank to have an ethics committee with the power to "off-board" dodgy lenders.

Nothing is sacred when it comes to identifying Auckland's wasted spaces

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Places of worship, ghost houses and an aircraft graveyard are occupying large swathes of valuable Auckland land.

Friday, Jun 22

Foreign buyer ban changes 'go too far'


Changes proposed to restrictions coming on foreign buyers may go too far and risk exposing New Zealand to a dangerous over-supply of housing, an economist says.

A $5000 increase: Here's why your insurance might be going up

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Insurance premium hikes for Tower Insurance customers have stunned homeowers - with one facing a $5000 hike and another a $1000 increase.

Troubled Fletcher Building's new board still lacks construction experience

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Fletcher Building has overhauled its board, but fund managers are concerned it still lacks people with construction experience.

Govt blames public servant cap for blowout in consultant costs to $550m a year

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The cap on the number of public servants is to be lifted, with the Government blaming it for a surge in contractor spending costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Thursday, Jun 21

Chinese owner fights access to NZ farm, says would harm NZ image

Officials and the Chinese owner of a Wairarapa sheep station are deadlocked over public access to a forest hut and tramping route.

Finance Minister says economy 'transforming' as economic growth lags population increase

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Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the economy is in "transition" as new figures show the economy is barely growing at the same speed as the population.

So you're going to be a working mum...

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OPINION: There are defining moments in many people's careers. Perhaps it was when you secured a great deal with a huge client, you won your first court case or got your first promotion.

Fletcher Building's plan for a prefabricated home factory in Auckland

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Fletcher Building is negotiating a lease on a site to build a giant prefabricated home factory in Auckland.

Wednesday, Jun 20

Seven reasons why wages may finally rise


OPINION: It's been a long time coming, but after years of suppressed wage growth, could the conditions be ripe for a general wages breakout?

House building costs track well above inflation


House building costs continue to rise at a faster pace than the rate of inflation because of strong demand for materials and labour.

Trans-tasman trade agreement creates loophole for microbead importers

Retailers are rushing to pull plastic microbead products from their shelves after an investigation uncovered they were exploiting a trade agreement with Australia.

Tower insurance premiums put the squeeze on homeowners


Auckland homeowner Satyan Mehra was shocked to discover his Tower house and contents policy would cost almost $1000 more for this year's cover than it had the previous year.

Tuesday, Jun 19

14 councils are considering introducing a regional fuel tax

Regional fuel taxes like the 11.5 cent per litre one in Auckland are being considered by at least 14 councils.

Pulled a sickie recently? Christchurch company encourages staff to take mental health days

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We've all been there, lying in bed, work the last place we want to be. So we fake a cough and call it in – "sorry boss, I must've come down with something".

Airbnb teens as drunk 'as newts' by 8pm - neighbour

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Teens at a boozy Airbnb party in Dunedin were so drunk some could not even stand when police arrived.

Apple fined $9.6 million for misleading Australian customers

Apple has been slapped with an A$9 million ($9.6m) fine by Australia's Federal Court for making false or misleading claims to customers with faulty iPhones and iPads.

Monday, Jun 18

Where do New Zealanders want to work?

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New Zealand workers value work/life balance and job security but if you really want to win them over, you'll have to pay them well and offer solid perks.

Job seeker 'horrified' after recruitment website PageUp data breach threatens New Zealand applicants

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New Zealanders who applied for jobs with Jetstar and Kathmandu have been warned they may have had their data accessed by hackers.

Explainer: Why Govt employees want to take strike action

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Frustrated public service workers have threatened to take strike action next month.

Richlister Graeme Hart signs conditional offer to buy Hansells Food Group

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Reclusive billionaire Graeme Hart has offered to buy one of the country's biggest food manufacturing firms.