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Green energy feels the heat as subsidies go to fossil fuels

Community projects can slash household bills but the sector has ground to a halt in Britain – in contrast with schemes in Europe


Living next door to 17 million chickens: 'We want a normal life'


Ukrainian villagers living in the shadow of Europe’s biggest chicken farm are fighting back – not just against the company but the development banks funding it


Are some landlords bending energy efficiency rules?

Renting out properties with bad insulation and heating has been prohibited since April


Country diary: they look like a crowd of skinheads frowning in long grass


Kirkham Abbey, North Yorkshire: If the residents of these anthills object to me perching on their home like some mammal Godzilla, they don’t show it


You don't use so much plastic, do you? How to ditch plastics for July – and beyond

The Guardian / AU

Cutting single-use plastics can be surprisingly challenging but there are easy alternatives

Friday, Jun 22


Weatherwatch: rising levels of anxiety


Danger of coastal flooding might make sensible people think twice about building houses in vulnerable places, let alone nuclear power stations


A swift response to vanishing bird concerns | Letters


Readers respond to Patrick Barkham’s article about declining swift numbers

England will beat Panama. The ant pundits have spoken

Insects racing with flags of the two countries offer prediction for outcome of World Cup tie


Tesla downsizing residential solar business bought for $2.6bn

Company to close facilities and end Home Depot partnership after buying company founded by Elon Musk’s cousins


The week in wildlife – in pictures

Burkina Faso’s sacred crocodiles, a family of cheetahs and a humpback whale are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world


'Drunken' kangaroos may be suffering grass poisoning, vets say

Greater than usual presence of Phalaris grasses this year could be behind the neurological damage in the animals


'Drunken' kangaroos may be suffering grass poisoning – video

Wildlife rescuers have reported a spike in the number of eastern grey kangaroos that appear to have Phalaris 'staggers', a condition commonly seen in ruminants such as sheep and cattle that have been grazing on the new shoots of Phalaris…


MPs to examine environmental footprint of UK fashion industry

Inquiry will explore the carbon impact, resource use and water footprint of growing throwaway ‘fast fashion’ sector


Country diary: the old mystery of the 'devil birds'


Hathersage, Derbyshire: Vibrant and restless, swifts are never anywhere for long


Farmers' federation lines up against Tony Abbott on national energy guarantee


Growing number of Liberals and Nationals also warn against scuttling the policy

Kitten-loving Koko the gorilla dies in California – video


Koko, the gorilla that mastered sign language, has died aged 46 in California. It was considered a pioneer in interspecies communication after being taught it by scientist Dr Francine Patterson. At one point Koko was estimated to able to…

Thursday, Jun 21


Pollutionwatch: let's rate exhaust fumes as also a lethal road risk

Vision Zero is a plan that rejects road accident deaths as ‘acceptable’. Is it time we called for zero tolerance of deaths from traffic pollution?


Indigenous group hid more than $2m in payments from Adani mining giant


Exclusive: directors were paid cash for invalidated cultural assessments of Abbot Point


Zigzag elm sawfly attacking trees in UK, warn experts

Elm leaf-eating pest has gradually travelled across Europe from Japan, leaving mark reminiscent of that by Zorro’s sword


Cocaine in rivers harming endangered eels, study finds

Tests show drug causes eels to become hyperactive and damages their muscles, possibly hindering their ability to migrate

Iced coffee is ruining the environment – and your body

From plastic straws to almond milk, the season of cold brews is officially ruining the planet


David Attenborough launches wildlife fund for advertisers

Firms signing up to Lion’s Share fund will give 0.5% of money spent on ad campaigns featuring animals to conservation schemes


Malta's 'barbaric' finch traps ruled illegal by EU court

Campaigners hail court verdict, which bans trapping of several species of the bird

Saving Britain's swifts - in pictures

Swifts are one of the most recognisable birds of summer, returning to the UK to breed in early May each year. But in the last 20 years, the breeding population has halved, with a lack of nest sites and declining insects among the causes.…


'Washing is a privilege': life on the frontline of India's water crisis

By 2030 the nation will have access to half the water it needs. The city of Shimla has already run out

Some rare good climate news: the fossil fuel industry is weaker than ever | Bill McKibben

From Wall Street to the pope, many increasingly see fossil fuels as anything but a sure bet. That gives us reason to hope


Tourism preventing Kenya's cheetahs from raising young, study finds

Research in Maasai Mara linked areas with high density of vehicles to lower numbers of cubs raised to independence


'Time running out' for UK parks, government told

Coalition of environmental groups put forward Charter for Parks as ‘crisis point’ declared following years of budget cuts


Country diary: the glorious fauna of a north Pennine meadow


Mickleton, Teesdale: Flowering grasses are an ethereal presence, graceful and constantly moving

UK gardeners urged to build ponds as sightings of frogs and toads dry up

Sightings of toads have fallen by nearly a third and frogs by 17% since 2014, RSPB survey finds