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David Lynch: ‘You gotta be selfish. It's a terrible thing’

The Twin Peaks director lives for his work. He talks about his four marriages, why explaining his films is a ‘crime’, and what makes him a happy camper

'You can't judge a generation's taste': making Now That’s What I Call Music

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This month sees the 100th edition of the famed (and still bestselling) album. How do you capture musical moments – one Bieber track at a time? Tom Lamont finds out

Drawn from life: why have novelists stopped making things up?


Karl Ove Knausgaard, Rachel Cusk, Sheila Heti, Edward St Aubyn – authors are using their own life stories in their fiction. Does the boom in autofiction spell the end of the novel, asks Alex Clark

Donald Glover on the return of Atlanta: ‘I’m not making a TV show, I am making an experience’

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As the dramedy that catapulted Glover to superstardom returns for its new season, the This Is America star talks race, risks and Robbin’ Season

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Pantera drummer and co-founder Vinnie Paul dies at 54

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Tributes pour in from rock and heavy metal groups including Kiss and Guns N’ Roses


Anna Mackmin: 'I knew far too many children who were having sex with adults'


Theatre director has poured her memories of growing up in a hippy commune in Norfolk into her debut novel Devoured, and baked them into an experimental comedy about the me generation

Inside stories: Turkey’s grim tradition of publishing behind bars


Former HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş has published a short story collection, written while in jail awaiting trial – just the latest example of a writer clashing with Turkey’s government

The Snapper review – Roddy Doyle's baby banter brought to vivid life


Gate, Dublin The author’s adaptation of his comic novel about an unplanned pregnancy is filled with nostalgic touches and noisy energy


Game of Thrones' Kit Harington and Rose Leslie to marry in Scotland

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Couple who met on set of TV series expected to wed at castle in Aberdeenshire


Sex And The City made me who I am – and I make no apology for that

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I’m so glad I got to grow up alongside a show that depicted single life in the city as something fabulous and female-centric, not tragic and male-obsessed

TV’s best pop spoofs: from Paper Boi to Peeno Noir


The trap track created for Atlanta follows in a long line of original songs created for shows, from The Office to Insecure and beyond


Rufus Wainwright: ‘I like sugar a lot; I can swig maple syrup from the bottle’

The singer on sleep, his sweet tooth, and home renovation in the Canadian mountains


And Now We Have Everything review – the shock of motherhood


What if women were told the truth? Meaghan O’Connell chronicles the blood, sweat and tears of having a baby


Vandalism or art? Graffiti artists' deaths reignite debate

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The three young men killed in London were part of a flourishing subculture vying for a ‘king spot’


Paul McCartney serves up surprise show in Liverpool pub

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Rock star returns to home city for appearance on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden


Choreographer Gillian Lynne has West End theatre named after her


Andrew Lloyd Webber’s New London theatre is renamed after Cats choreographer

Billy Elliot musical axes dates in Hungary amid claims it could 'turn children gay’

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Ticket sales fall after media outlets close to PM say show promotes ‘deviant way of life’

'Xenophobic and racist': Elena Ferrante warns of danger to Italy from Matteo Salvini

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In her Guardian column, author of the bestselling Neapolitan novels makes rare intervention in politics to voice fears of interior minister’s ‘racist fists’

Elena Ferrante: Matteo Salvini seems persuasive – until he bangs his racist fists

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I’ve never voted for Five Star: its muddled, sometimes naive, sometimes banal language is alien to me

Friday, Jun 22

Pusha T’s Whitney Houston homage: work of art or moral atrocity?

From the recent use of the late singer’s bathroom to Kanye West’s tribute to Emma Gonzales, dissecting rap imagery in the age of moral outrage is a complex process

Dave Eggers: ‘I always picture Trump hiding under a table’

The Circle author talks about Facebook, why immigrants are not the enemy and his first novel for children

How did some of cinema's greatest films end up in an Iowa shed?

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A heartwarming new documentary tells the story of the history teacher who stumbled upon the Brinton Collection, a unique archive of films from the earliest days of moving pictures

Nile Rodgers: ‘My family were high-functioning addicts. I inherited that gene’

After a tumultuous childhood, drug addiction and the death of disco, the coolest man in pop is bringing back Chic

Thursday, Jun 21

The Murder of Rhys Jones: Police Tapes review – a forensic examination of the efforts to catch a boy’s killer


It took eight months of painstaking work by Merseyside police to break the omerta surrounding the shooting of 11-year-old Rhys and get justice for his grieving parents, as this documentary recalls

Ranked! Winona Ryder's 20 best films

From the turkeys to the triumphs, Ryder’s 30-year career has taken her from the too-bad-to-be-missed depths of The House of the Spirits to some much more intriguing choices

Trent Reznor: ‘You’re seeing the fall of America in real time’

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He’s survived infamy, addiction and a foray into tech. Now the Nine Inch Nails frontman has swapped his self-loathing for shame at the state of the nation

'There was a lot of panic' - behind the first movies to tackle the Aids crisis

Before Philadelphia won two Oscars, a set of smaller films dealt with the pandemic and those involved talk about the battles they faced getting their stories on screen

Wednesday, Jun 20

Michael Jackson's personal photographer: 'He didn't identify as one gender'

Harrison Funk spent three rollercoaster decades capturing the pop legend’s extraordinary life. He reveals the stories behind his favourites shots, from hugs with Mandela to wielding a powder puff backstage

Women composers: why are so many voices still silent?


Extraordinary talents are missing from our musical lives. Ahead of a BBC documentary, the singer and presenter wonders why, still, we hear so little of our greatest female composers

Freak Show review – Trudie Styler looks for the funny side of bullying


Alex Lawther plays a gay high-schooler with dreams of being homecoming queen in this smug, overcooked comedy drama

Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse on World Cup midges and ageing gracefully

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The comedians, who are teaming up for a new unscripted series about fishing, answered your questions about Jacob Rees-Mogg, a ‘vegan fishing’ episode and forming a Bollywood cover band

Tuesday, Jun 19

'We like a party!' – why is Scottish pop so potent?

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It all started 60 years ago with the line: ‘There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!’ But is the eccentric spirit that unites Biffy Clyro, Orange Juice and Ivor Cutler dying out in the age of Calvin Harris?

Vida survey of gender bias in literary criticism shows 'stubborn imbalance'


Authors of report warn that continuing dominance of male writers ‘creates a dangerous lens through which the world is viewed’

Nina Simone: the growing legacy of a dazzling, defiant talent

The recognition of the singer’s North Carolina home as a national treasure marks another step in reassessing her remarkable career

Best films of 2018 so far

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The very best of 2018, from Black Panther rewriting the rules for superheroes, Gary Oldman going to war as Churchill, and Maxine Peake blazing her way through 70s sexism

Monday, Jun 18

Flight of the Conchords: ‘We're retired sex symbols'

The fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand are back – and selling out stadiums. They’re now married, with kids, and fans still love their Sugar Lumps. But is there anything Bret and Jemaine actually like about fame?

How we made Orbital's Chime


The Hartnoll brothers reveal how their rave anthem was created for £3.75 in a cupboard under the stairs at their parents’ house

Inside the real Studio 54: Sex balconies! Liza Minnelli! No hats!

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Full of rollerskating Wall Street Bankers, tabloid fixtures and postwar frivolity, a new documentary reveals the social backdrop of the famous club

Best TV of 2018 so far


Queer Eye gets revamp, Hugh Grant enjoys a makeover and Anthony Hopkins delivers his usual Shakespearian splendour – with added karate … The small screen’s finest offerings so far