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Democrats unveil ambitious reforms targeting voter suppression and ethics violations – live

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House Democrats plan to hold first vote on campaign finance reforms and automatic voter registration

UK all but gives up on November Brexit summit

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Absence of breakthrough on Irish border backstop means meeting to sign off draft deal is increasingly unlikely

Neil Young criticises Trump after losing his home in California fires

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Songwriter says state is vulnerable because of climate change and accuses US president of defying science

Whitehall civil servants complain of bullying and sexual harassment

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Guardian investigation reveals hundreds of public body employees have come forward

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Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty's highest honour over 'shameful betrayal'

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Organisation cites ‘apparent indifference’ to atrocities committed against the Rohingya by Myanmar’s military


Brexit: the numbers May needs to push plan through Commons

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The PM needs support of 320 MPs. How can she pull it off in a house of divided loyalties?


Philippine editor accuses Duterte of 'weaponising' rule of law

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Journalists worldwide voice support for editor Maria Ressa, who faces tax evasion charges

Trudeau says Canada has heard Turkish tape of Khashoggi murder

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PM is first western leader to confirm Turkey has shared audio with other countries

Trump claims 'honest vote' not possible in Florida as counties rush to recount

President called for end to legally required recount of governor and Senate races as state’s 67 counties face Thursday deadline


BA owner seeks support from Spain in case of no-deal Brexit

IAG addressing need to comply with EU airline ownership rules, according to report

'The lesson is to be hopeful': Ilhan Omar's journey from Somali refugee to US Congress

The 36-year-old politician, who will assume office in January, hopes her remarkable story can inspire the next generation


EU states call for tough action on deforestation to meet 2020 UN goal

Show leadership to halt forest loss from agribusiness, Amsterdam Declaration group tells EU


Brexit: Labour in bid to force publication of May's Irish backstop plan

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Shadow Brexit secretary to use ancient parliamentary procedure to demand release of papers


Eight dead in undercover Israeli operation in Gaza

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Seven Palestinians and Israeli officer killed during raid, as Netanyahu cuts short Paris visit

'They see no shame': 'honour' killing video shows plight of Syrian women

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Footage of a young Syrian woman’s execution by her brother was greeted with widespread horror. Yet such violence is all too common – and as a member of the Free Syrian Army, with its own police and courts, the man is untouchable


Brexit plan 'complete shambles', UK boss of ThyssenKrupp says

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Terry Sargeant says Tories are putting their own survival ahead of business

Woman who bore rapist’s baby faces 20 years in El Salvador jail

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Imelda Cortez, 20, faces trial in country where abortion is illegal under all circumstances


Trump ditched cemetery visit to avoid causing Paris traffic jams, says Sanders

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When rain grounded Marine One, the president didn’t hit the road because it would have disrupted traffic, says White House


'Can they really pull it off?': the Apec summit comes to Papua New Guinea

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Poorest country in bloc to host meeting of world leaders for first time – but some can’t even bring themselves to stay overnight

Sunday, Nov 11

Brexit: Theresa May's plan under siege from across Tory party

PM under pressure as leading Brexiters and Tory remainers come out against proposals

'Only bones and fragments': California wildfire toll at 31 as grim searches go on

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Rescuers begin the task of scouring the wreckage of the most destructive fire in state records, in search of remains of the dead

Democrats set to investigate if Trump used 'state power' to target the press

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Adam Schiff says Congress would begin investigating whether Trump targeted CNN and the Washington Post as political payback

'Raining hell down': death toll rises to 25 in California fires, as more victims found

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Remains of 14 people discovered in and around community of Paradise in north of state; two bodies found in Malibu

Saturday, Nov 10

Trump accused of stifling democracy as midterm races remain on knife edge

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President claims without evidence that key races in Arizona, Georgia and Florida are being rigged against Republicans

Britain funds research into drones that decide who they kill, says report

Investigation reveals that technology for autonomous lethal weapons with artificial intelligence is being funded by MoD

Pelosi: Trump picking Whitaker 'does violence to the constitution'

President insists he does not know acting attorney general, contradicting own remarks and reports of Oval Office access

California wildfires: Katy Perry condemns 'heartless' Trump tweet

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Singer criticises president after he blamed US Forest Service ‘mismanagement’ for fires

Friday, Nov 9

Trump's acting attorney general involved in firm that scammed veterans out of life savings

Donald Trump’s new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, was involved in a company that scammed US military veterans out of their life savings, according to court filings and interviews.

Jo Johnson quits as minister over Theresa May's Brexit plan

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Transport minister says he cannot support deal and will push for second referendum

Trump orders new curbs on asylum seekers but legal challenge likely

Citing an “overwhelmed” asylum system, Donald Trump on Friday morning signed a proclamation to ban people from seeking asylum if they cross the border into the US from Mexico outside of a designated port of entry – a move that is expected…

Florida and Georgia prepare for recounts amid claims of irregularities

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Florida and Georgia were preparing for ballot recounts on Friday, as contentious races for the US Senate and state governorships descended into controversy amid Republicans’ accusations of Democratic vote tampering, and counter-questions…

Thursday, Nov 8

'It’s never going to be normal': California city in shock after gunman kills 12

A college line-dancing night was taking place at a Thousand Oaks bar when a 28-year-old former marine entered and wrought tragedy with a handgun

Thousand Oaks shooting: gunman kills 12 at California western bar

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Twelve people have been killed in southern California after a gunman opened fire in a crowded bar.

Jeff Sessions firing: top Republicans warn Trump that Mueller inquiry must continue

Matthew Whitaker, Trump’s interim replacement for attorney general, is longtime critic of special counsel

Prince Charles: 'Me, meddle as a king? I'm not that stupid'

Heir to throne tells BBC 70th birthday interview he will desist from his hobbyhorses if sovereign

Wednesday, Nov 7

Pakistan blasphemy case: Asia Bibi freed from jail

Christian labourer has left detention facility but has to stay in Pakistan

FGM rates in east Africa drop from 71% to 8% in 20 years, study shows

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Analysis in BMJ Global Health suggests dramatic fall in number of girls undergoing the practice, yet experts advise caution on the data

Lion Air crash: Boeing tells pilots how to deal with faulty sensors

Bulletin follows investigation into crash in Indonesia last week, killing 189 people

Battle rages in Yemen's vital port as showdown looms

Houthi rebels place snipers on hospital roof, as 100 airstrikes hit civilian areas of Hodeidah