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Wealth of millionaires surges more than 10% to top $70 trillion for the first time


The combined wealth of the world’s millionaires rose for a sixth straight year and grew 10.6 percent to a record $70.2 trillion.


What the Frylus? McDonald's giving away free 'Frylus' selfie accessories Thursday


With the purchase of a Quarter Pounder Thursday, get a free "Frylus" at more than 2,000 McDonald's locations nationwide. The giveaway is part of National Selfie Day.


IBM shows off an artificial intelligence that can debate a human and change some minds


The San Francisco event was the first time anyone outside of IBM was able to witness a live debate between a human and its artificial intelligence system.


Papá! Papá!’: Immigrant children at detention center cry for parents in heartbreaking audio


ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism, posted the audio of children inside Monday afternoon.


How Boxed CEO built a $100M+ company from his parents' garage


It wasn’t long ago that Boxed CEO Chieh Huang was running his startup his parent’s garage. Today, his wholesale ecommerce company generates north of $100 million in annual revenue


Amazon investors join ACLU urging halt to facial recognition tool used by police


The American Civil Liberties Union is leading the effort against Amazon’s Rekognition product, delivering a petition with 152,000 signatures to the company’s Seattle headquarters Monday. A group of 19 investment managing companies also…


Supreme Court to consider whether buyers of iPhone apps can sue Apple for alleged monopoly


Supreme Court to consider whether the purchasers of iPhone apps can sue Apple over possible illegal monopoly on the sale of apps.

Microsoft, under fire for ICE deal, says it's 'dismayed' by family separations at border

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Microsoft came under fire on social media for post saying it was "proud" of work by ICE, in conjunction with deal to use its software

NTSB takes interest in Tesla fire involving family of 'West Wing' actress

The 'West Wing' star shared video of her husband's Tesla car shooting flames while in Southern California traffic. McCormack said in an accompanying tweet Friday that there was "no accident" and the incident was "out of the blue."

Monday, Jun 18


Video game addiction is a mental health disorder, WHO says, but some health experts don't agree


WHO officially classifies video game addiction as a mental health condition called 'gaming disorder' Monday. But a some mental health experts don't agree.


Calling 911? Apple's iPhone can tell a first responder where you are


Apple is teaming with RapidSOS to securely share your location with 911 first responders when you make a 911 call with an iPhone running iOS 12

If you're not using Apple Pay yet, should you start?

Want to leave your wallet in your pocket the next time you buy a cappuccino?


Man charged with making $1.3 million in fraudulent returns at Walmart


A 23-year-old man has been accused of making fraudulent returns at 1,000+ different Walmart stores. Veuer's Sam Berman has the full story.

Senate judiciary panel grills Justice inspector general, FBI director on Clinton email probe

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In his first public comments since delivering the 568-page report last week, Michael Horowitz told the Senate Judiciary Committee that cascading errors in judgment by top Justice and FBI officials seriously endangered the reputations of…

What Oprah's Apple deal tells you about your next Apple subscription bill


Legendary TV icon Oprah Winfrey joins Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Wiig and Steven Spielberg in producing for Apple.

Detention crisis: Trump defends 'zero-tolerance' immigration


President Donald Trump, his attorney general and his Homeland Security chief staunchly defended a "zero tolerance" immigration policy Monday amid growing outrage over separation of children from parents accused of illegally attempting to…


Supreme Court punts on two cases regarding partisan election districts

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The Supreme Court sidestepped a potentially historic ruling that might have stopped states from drawing election maps intended to help one political party dominate the other, but the issue could return as soon as next term. The justices…

DOT: Airline complaints fall as bag-handling, cancellations improve


Airlines canceled fewer flights and mishandled fewer bags in April, the Transportation Department reported Monday

You can't afford to believe these three Social Security myths


There's a lot of misinformation circulating with regard to Social Security, and if you don't learn to recognize fact from fiction, you won't make the most of those benefits. With that in mind, here are three glaring myths it pays to get to…


Sears, Kmart stores ailing as CEO Eddie Lampert's hedge fund gets hundreds of millions


As many Sears and Kmart stores appear to be on life support, CEO Edward Lampert's hedge fund, ESL Investments, is getting $200 million to $220 million in annual loan payments while Sears has steadily lowered spending on its struggling…

After nearly 35 years, HED Cycling continues to spin out innovation and growth


HED Cycling has grown from a two-person operation in a garage into a 50 employee manufacturing facility in the last 30+ years.

The kind of plastic surgery people get depends on where they live -- study


Check out what are the most popular plastic surgery procedures in your region.


Multi-state salmonella outbreak linked to Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal, CDC says

At least 31 states have been affected by the salmonella outbreak linked to the cereal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expanded the recall to include any size and best-if-used-by date.

Amid outrage, Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen 'will not apologize' for separating families

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Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen took to Twitter to vehemently deny claims that her department's border policy dictates separation of children from their families. "We do not have a policy of separating families at the border.…

Would you bid 420,000 miles to see a parked plane? These frequent-fliers did


Blockbuster bids to see a retired United Airlines Boeing 747 underscore emergence of experiential options for frequent-flier and travel loyalty programs.

Apple iOS 12 to come with new potential life-saving feature


Later this year, Iphone users in the US will be able to share their exact location with first responders when they call 911. Veuer's Natasha Abellard (@NatashaAbellard) has the story.


Millennials are the worst when it comes to tipping


Nearly two-thirds of millennials tip below the standard 20 percent suggestion at restaurants. Many don't tip Uber and Lyft drivers at all, according to a Creditcards.com study.

Small businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks, then don't act, new survey finds


Small businesses suffered a barrage of computer invasions last year but most took no action to shore up their security afterward. The survey found that 47 percent of small businesses reported that they had one attack in 2017, and 44…

Real estate alternatives: 8 reasons millennials are choosing tiny homes


Tiny homes offer an exciting living option somewhere between renting and buying –– and ever-practical young professionals are biting. Here are 8 reasons millennials are choosing tiny homes.

Trump's insults, tariffs inspire Canadians to organize boycott of U.S. goods

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Canadians are boycotting U.S. goods, but history shows the results of economic boycotts are mixed. Among the most successful was the Montgomery Bus Boycott.