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Army issues waivers to more than 1,000 recruits for bipolar, depression, self-mutilation

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The Army issued more than 1,000 waivers to recruits with serious mental health questions from their past, including self-mutilation.

VA faces critical shortfalls amid another leadership search after Jackson drops out


A new search for a leader comes as the VA is already facing critical shortfalls in program funding and medical staffing.

Heartsick boy asks Pope Francis if his atheist dad is in heaven

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Pope Francis embraces Emanuele, a young boy whose father died, as he visits St. Paul of the Cross Parish in Rome.

Bill Cosby retrial verdict: Guilty on all 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault

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Bill Cosby has been found guilty after a day and a half of deliberation on all three counts in his sexual-assault retrial.

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What does pansexual mean? Janelle Monáe comes out

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What is pansexuality? Janelle Monáe told Rolling Stone what genders she has dated and how she identifies herself. GLAAD's Sarah Kate Ellis talked with USA TODAY about what it means to be pansexual after Miley Cyrus came out.

After Parkland school shooting mishaps, Broward deputies say they have 'no confidence' in Sheriff


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's fate could be left up to Florida's governor after a deputies union on Thursday revealed the results of a "no confidence" vote against him.


What is May Day?


The roots of May Day, or International Workers Day, stretch back over a century. The first day of May is celebrated in some countries with colorful festivals, while in other areas, the day is honored with protests and marches.

Senate approves Mike Pompeo to lead Trump's State Department

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The Senate confirmed CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday as President Trump's next secretary of State. After the 57-42 vote, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said Pompeo will play an important role in negotiations between the…

Trump alters story on Michael Cohen and lawyers immediately pounce on his words

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Within hours of his appearance on Fox, federal prosecutors sought to use President Trump's words against him in the criminal case against his lawyer


At least 20 reported injured in Wisconsin oil refinery explosion, followed by more blasts and fires

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The blast at Wisconsin's only oil refinery - Husky Oil - happened shortly after 10 a.m. and was followed by more fires and a series of explosions.

Teachers strike in Arizona for more education money; protests spread to Colorado

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More than 850,000 students in Arizona and more than 450,000 in Colorado aren't in school Thursday because their teachers are rallying for more pay for themselves and money for their classrooms.


Live stream: North Korea set for high stakes meeting with South Korea


South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un meet for historic summit.


A postcard allegedly written by 'Jack the Ripper' goes up for auction


A sinister letter apparently written by 'Jack the Ripper' is going up for auction.


VA nominee Ronny Jackson withdraws amid allegations he dished out opioids, drank on duty

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White House doctor Ronny Jackson came under harsh criticism for charges he dished out opioids, drank on the job and fostered a hostile work environment at the White House medical office.

Detroit funeral home shut down where mold-covered bodies found

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Michigan inspectors found 'deplorable, unsanitary conditions' and remains in advanced stage of decomposition at Cantrell Funeral Home.


NFL draft, Arizona teachers strike: 5 things to know Thursday

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2018 NFL draft, Arizona teachers strike and the biggest news to start your day.


Arizona teacher walkout: What worries parents most

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Parents are trading viewpoints on the teacher walkout, but they also must juggle practical matters such as who will watch the kids.


Book is, quite literally, the most childish attack in Senate campaign

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Todd Rokita's newest attack on Indiana primary opponent Luke Messer is not a television ad or a mailer, but a children's book.


OnPolitics Today: Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, will plead the Fifth in Stormy Daniels case


Also on Wednesday: Trump's VA pick allegedly dished drugs and drove drunk and France's Macron slammed Trump's nationalism before Congress

Thursday, Apr 26

Michael Cohen says he will plead the Fifth Amendment in Stormy Daniels case

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President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen says he will assert his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination in the case brought by adult film star Stormy Daniels.

VA nominee Ronny Jackson dished out opioids, wrecked vehicle while drunk, colleagues say

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Colleagues alleged Jackson has an "explosive" temper, wrote himself prescriptions, and provided a "large supply" of Percocet, an opioid medication, to a White House staffer.

Wednesday, Apr 25

These are the only people who live inside the DMZ between North and South Korea

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Taesung Village's 207 residents are the only people living inside the DMZ — the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Soldiers escort farmers to and from their fields every day to steer them clear of landmines in the most…

Golden State Killer: Ex-cop Joseph James DeAngelo arrested as suspect in serial murder-rapes

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Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, has been arrested in Sacramento in a decades-long search for the Golden State Killer who terrorized California communities in the 1970s and 1980s with a series of murders and rapes.

Donald Trump's next move on North Korea, Iran, Ronny Jackson? 'We'll see'

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For a self-professed man of action, President Trump often casts his fate to whims of forces of beyond his control. In recent days, Trump has relied on one of his most often-used verbal tics, using variations of the phrase "we'll see what…

Husband of woman killed on Southwest flight: 'I immediately thought of the kids'

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Jennifer Riordan became the first person to die in an accident on a U.S. airline in nearly 10 years when an engine on Southwest Flight 1380 failed and parts of it smashed a window.

Tuesday, Apr 24

VA nominee Ronny Jackson in jeopardy as Senate delays hearing amid 'serious allegations'

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The Senate delayed his hearing amid concerns about his record, and Trump said he was leaving the decision up to Jackson about whether to continue.

Weird 'ice circles' appear in Arctic sea ice, puzzling scientists


Three strange, circular, amoeba-shaped ice patterns were spotted from a research plane earlier this month in Arctic sea ice.

Former Miss America Deidre Downs Gunn marries same-sex partner in Alabama wedding

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Deidre Downs Gunn, who was crowned Miss America in 2005 and is now a doctor, walked down the aisle with her spouse, attorney Abbott Jones, in Alabama.

Police: 10 dead, 15 injured when van slams into pedestrians in Toronto

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A white van jumped a curb and slammed into pedestrians on a Toronto street, injuring an unknown number of people before the driver was arrested.

Monday, Apr 23

California's wild extremes of drought and floods to worsen as climate warms


A new study suggests the frequency of rapid, year-to-year swings from extreme dry to wet conditions may become more common in California as a consequence of man-made global warming.

No, the world isn't ending today. We hope.

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Quoting conspiracy theorist David Meade, the Daily Express said a passage in the Bible "suggests the end of the world is imminent, with Earth set to be destroyed on April 23."

Macron's U.S. visit, net neutrality is dead: 5 things you need to know Monday

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Macron's visit, net neutrality's end and the biggest news to start your day.

Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a 'sovereign citizen,' part of anti-government group

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The FBI considers the sovereign citizen movement an extremist group. Tennessee Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking has used that term to describe himself.

Sunday, Apr 22

Man Praised for Wrestling Gun from Tenn. Shooter


The man who wrestled the gun away from a man as he was shooting up a Nashville, Tennessee restaurant early Sunday morning spoke at a police press conference. He called his actions "selfish." (April 22)

Waffle House shooting: Suspect previously arrested outside White House

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Police are searching for 29-year-old Travis Reinking after a Waffle House shooting in Tennessee. Here's what we know about the subject of the manhunt.