Thursday, May 24


Several women accuse Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior in CNN report


"I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected," Freeman said in a statement.


‘First Reformed’ will shock you. Thank God for that.

The movies have long courted viewers with shock value. But are we capable of outrage anymore?

Carla Hall tells fans not to blame 'GMA' for the demise of 'The Chew'

ABC announced it was canceling the daytime show devoted to home cooking and replacing it with another hour of "Good Morning America."


The most unexpected (and welcome) guest at your next cookout: Carrot dogs


Your typical veggie dogs, these are not. These are much, much better.

Stormy Daniels receives the key to the city of West Hollywood

Stormy Daniels is a hero — at least in the eyes of the people of West Hollywood. Residents and fans crowded Santa Monica Boulevard on Wednesday to see the adult-film star (nee Stephanie Clifford) be presented with a key to the city. WeHo…

#MeToo has brought down some Hollywood men. Now their friends say: Give them another chance.


When the #MeToo movement picked up late last year, it seemed as though new misconduct allegations against powerful men in Hollywood came about each week — or, in some weeks, every few days. Regardless of whether the men owned up to the…


NSO to return to Carnegie Hall

Noseda will take the orchestra to New York in lieu of canceled appearance with Torino.

We can’t stop eating these two-bite crab cakes

NOURISH | And why should we? They’re in the healthful zone.



Country singer Jackie Lee had the worst year of his life. It inspired him to make a comeback.

In September 2016, country singer Jackie Lee was headed to a songwriting session when he knew something was wrong. It was three months after his mother died of cancer, so nothing had really felt normal since then. But this was different.…

Add some sweet heat to your cookout with these jerk chicken skewers

Just about everything tastes better on a skewer — especially when grilled pineapple is involved.


Michelle Obama unveils cover for upcoming memoir

This is no buttoned-up political tome. That’s the message we get from the cover of former first lady Michelle Obama’s upcoming memoir, “Becoming.” Obama shared the book cover via social media on Thursday, and the image is distinctly not…

A river guide lays out the dos and don’ts of rafting etiquette

As a Grand Canyon guide, she’s responsible for getting rafters safely — and politely — down the Colorado River.


Stressed out about teaching your teen to drive? Experts share 4 things to keep in mind.


It’s daunting to think about explaining all of the judgment calls and assessments that go into everyday maneuvers. But it's also incredibly important.

When my husband died, it felt as if I was starting from scratch as a parent

I am their mother, their sole living parent, and so I make the decisions. But what do I do when I don't really know what I should do?

As a quintessential side or a topping, this zippy tahini slaw is a cookout crowd-pleaser


As a topping for burgers and dogs or a side dish, this slaw gets the job done.

Gene Weingarten: Trump did it. Why didn’t I dictate glowing letters about myself?


It would have come in handy at all stages of my life.


Scientists say fish feel pain. It could lead to major changes in the fishing industry.

An entire industry may have to change its practices if the world accepts the idea that fish suffer pain.


Classic rock: Exploring the spectacular landscape of south-central Utah


Along the state’s celebrated Highway 12, scenery, switchbacks and a restaurant worth a side trip to the middle of nowhere.

Create a calming retreat with room for family and friends to put their feet up


A comfortable, relaxing living room starts with a large sectional and ottoman, and soothing colors.


A viral photo has Jet Li fans worried about his health. ‘Doing great and feeling great!’ he says.

The man in the photo looked both familiar and foreign. The media would describe the bespectacled face, crows feet prominently framing the eyes under the glaring sun, as “frail” and “unrecognizable.” One headline wondered: “Is this the same…

Date Lab: There was no spark. Still, they persisted.

They shared a love of politics and of running, and an Uber. But not much else.


Second Glance; May 27, 2018.

Original photo by Post reader Barbara Van Dyke; Gate at Nationals Park before game one of the National League Division Series, 2016.


Ask Amy: Woman must reset her dorkometer for dating success

Reader had a few missteps with someone and wants to know how to try again.

Hints From Heloise: The weight makes the eggs


The size of the shell doesn’t matter.

Miss Manners: ‘Please meet my old husband and new boyfriend’


Former spouses are dating, which complicates making introductions to new people.

Carolyn Hax: Why it’s called the PTA instead of the GPTA

A boundary-impaired grandparent should drop her unrighteous indignation and apologize.


Legend of the Loch Ness monster is getting a reality check

Scientists will begin collecting DNA from the lake that legend says carries “Nessie.”

Wednesday, May 23


As sports trophies go, nothing’s as cool as the Stanley Cup

The onetime bowl is now huge with several quirky traditions.