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You could save on I-66 tolls by changing when you leave

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Drivers paying a toll on Interstate 66 inside the Beltway can save a significant amount of money by just leaving a few minutes earlier or later, a new study finds.

Giant crescent moon near Nats Park returns

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You know that crescent moon visible outside Nats Park? Here are some fun facts surrounding the D.C. fixture and the challenge from a local business to MLB's All-Stars.

Hometown hero Harper wins thrilling HR Derby over Schwarber

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Bryce Harper won the All-Star Home Run Derby on Monday night with an exceptional display of power that carried him past Kyle Schwarber of the Chicago Cubs 19-18.

McLean residents push for Va. Beltway on-ramp closure

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The ramp from Virginia Route 193/Georgetown Pike to the Inner Loop, just before the American Legion Bridge into Maryland, would be closed from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

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10-year-old girl dead, multiple people injured after shooting in NE DC

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Four masked people got out of a black SUV with paper tags and opened fire in the 300 block of 53rd Street Northeast around 8 p.m., Assistant D.C. Police Chief Chanel Dickerson said.


PHOTOS: 2018 Home Run Derby

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Before Tuesday's All-Star Game, baseball's big hitters stepped up to the plate for the Home Run Derby on Monday. See photos from the night at Nats Park.


‘It’s a public threat’: Police aim to curb reckless motorcycle riders on ICC

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On Maryland's Intercounty Connector, which runs from Gaithersburg to Laurel, police are seeing a spike in calls about motorcyclists driving recklessly.

Affordable housing part of former Walter Reed redevelopment

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The 66-acre former Walter Reed campus will eventually be comprised of more than 3 million square feet of retail, office and residential space, about a fifth of which will be affordable housing.


Police identify man killed in Glenarden crash

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A Riverdale, Maryland, was killed Saturday night when his car veered off the road, struck a curb and flipped over, Prince George's County police said.


DC man charged in fatal shooting of 17-year-old boy in Landover

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Davion Ballinger, 26, was arrested hours after the shooting, and he was charged with first- and second-degree murder, Prince George's County police said.


2 brothers charged in Gaithersburg hotel assault

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Montgomery County police have charged two brothers for an assault that happened inside a Gaithersburg, Maryland, hotel room Sunday.

Missing Montgomery Co. brothers found safe and unharmed

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Montgomery County police are thanking the community for their help in locating two young brothers who left their home Sunday afternoon and weren't seen again for over a day.

Maryland Gov. Hogan announces student debt-relief initiatives

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Gov. Larry Hogan is announcing some initiatives aimed at making college more affordable and easing student debt.


Parking spots pulled near Dupont Circle after cyclist killed

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D.C. is making changes at the intersection where a cyclist was killed downtown earlier this month, but those who travel that area daily say more needs to be done to improve safety.


Water in Dupont Circle fountain turns red

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The National Park Service is draining the fountain at Dupont Circle on Monday after they say someone likely dropped red dye in the water.

Monday, Jul 16

Dangers of childbirth: US sees ‘many deaths,’ even after baby arrives

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A woman’s risk for dying from pregnancy-related causes does not end once her pregnancy does. In fact, a significant number of preventable deaths happen up to 43 days later. WTOP's Rachel Nania explores death rates among moms in WTOP's…

Dangers of childbirth: Being black can be hazardous to moms’ health

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Nationally, black women die from pregnancy-related causes three to four times more often than other women. What's behind the disparity? Experts say it stems from a troubling history in America. WTOP examines the issue in our special report…

Dangers of childbirth: DC works to save dying mothers

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The number of American women who experience severe, often life-threatening, complications during pregnancy and childbirth has increased almost 200 percent in recent years, and pregnancy-associated deaths are on the rise. The D.C. area is…

Metro union authorizes strike, not clear if or when it might happen

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Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 held the strike authorization vote following two instances in the past two weeks where a significant number of workers reported to work late in protest of Metro management.

Sunday, Jul 15

DC Water addresses communication concerns during water advisory

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The boil water advisory that was issued on Thursday evening has been lifted, but some in the DC community criticized DC Water's effectiveness in communicating the alert with residents.

DC Water lifts boil advisory

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DC Water has lifted the boil advisory that was still in effect for about 7,000 customers in parts of Northeast D.C.

Water boil advisory caught some DC residents by surprise

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"We are concerned that people read about a directive to boil water after they had already gotten up, fed their children and used water, " said Tommy Wells, chairman of the board of directors for DC Water and director of D.C.'s Department…

Fans protest outside DC United’s first game at Audi Field

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“The team is discriminating against two of the three supporter clubs by refusing to sell us tickets to the stadium,” Jay Igiel with La Barra Brava said.

Saturday, Jul 14

Water main break leaves 40 homes without water in NE DC

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The break was reported around noon and affected homes on I Street between 12th Street and 13th Street in Northeast, DC Water said.

How to safely remove invasive giant hogweed plant

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A Virginia teen's run-in with giant hogweed left burns. Experts are reminding people of the dangers of giant hogweed and giving guidance on what to do if the invasive plant is found.

Metro union threatens 3-day strike, calls for strike vote meeting Sunday

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The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 president issued the threat Friday, after two other labor actions where a significant number of workers showed up to work well after the starts of their shifts.

Friday, Jul 13

Mars mesmerizes sky watchers

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Go out and see the celestial parade of the visible planets known to our ancestors — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — gracing our skies overnight.

DC residents stock up on bottled water — just to be safe

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Water was in short supply at some stores in D.C. in the wake of the water boil advisory, but even though a lot of people were stocking up on bottled water, most said they were doing so out of an abundance of caution.

DC boil water advisory: What happened, who’s affected, how long will it last?

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Residents of a large swath of Northwest and Northeast D.C. are still being advised to boil their water before drinking it or using it in cooking, but DC Water officials say a smaller area of the city was affected by potential contamination…

Prince George’s Co. schools chief gets $800K severance package

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The school board agreed during the executive session to give Maxwell $790,000 over two fiscal years plus his salary for the next 45 days. The board voted to approve the severance package.

Thursday, Jul 12

Food truck driver sentenced to nearly 12 years in crash that killed Va. mother of three

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The owner of a decrepit school bus converted into a food truck has been sentenced to almost 12 years in prison for the 2017 crash that killed a Loudoun County, Virginia, mother of three.

Your guide to All-Star week

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Forget Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" — this is the Midsummer Classic. And after nearly 50 years, it is returning to the nation's capital, running from July 13 - 17. Here's everything you need to know.

Student loan debt, wealth divide are harming millennials’ homeownership dreams

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For many millennials in the D.C. area, there are a number of barriers holding back their homebuying process, such as student loan debt, inability to make the down payment, and overall affordability issues in an increasingly expensive…

Why longtime DC-area homeowners may have trouble selling

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A new report predicts that some baby boomer homeowners in the D.C. region who try to sell soon may have trouble getting the price they want.