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Cancer deaths higher among users of alternative therapies

The Times / Life 6 sources

Cancer patients who turn to complementary medicine are more likely to die, according to new research. Therapies such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and specialised diets should only be used alongside conventional treatments,…

Watchdog report sheds new light on Flint water crisis

CBS News / U.S. 16 sources

Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General says "oversight lapses" occurred at the federal, state and local levels

“Multidrug-resistant” salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey hits 26 states

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert Thursday afternoon about a seven-month salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey that has sickened 90 people, 40 of whom have … Click to Continue »

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Costco angers members by dropping Polish hot dog. Minnesotans say, 'What Polish hot dog?'

Costco angers members by dropping Polish hot dog for healthier choices. Minnesotans say "What Polish hot dog?"

Georgia waitress takes down man who appears to grope her, epic video shows

Emelia Holden, 21, a server at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, Ga., was captured on surveillance video taking a man down after he groped her while she was turned away from him.


Woman suffers severe burns, blisters from wild parsnip

CBS News / Health 8 sources

Wild parsnip can grow to more than 60 inches all and sprouts small yellow flowers with sap that can cause severe burns


There are benefits to being raised by a working mom, study says

CBS News / U.S. 2 sources

Daughters of working moms are more likely to advance in their own careers and sons tend to lead more equitable home lives


CBS News investigation finds recruiters pay struggling addicts to get high-priced surgery

The non-FDA approved Naltrexone implant makes it impossible for drug users to feel the effects of opioids

Medicinal cannabis 'should be available on prescription'

BBC / Health 7 sources

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recommends rules should be changed for these drugs, if safe.


Ford Recalls 550k Fusion and Escape Vehicles for Rollaway Risk

AutoGuide.com 5 sources

Ford Recalls 550k Fusion and Escape Vehicles for Rollaway Risk In the meantime, owners must ensure their parking brake is on. more

Supermodel Elle Macpherson linked to controversial anti-vaccine doctor

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson is reportedly dating controversial doctor Andrew Wakefield who came under scrutiny for link vaccines to autism.


Young adults ‘drinking themselves to death,’ as alcohol-related liver disease deaths rise

WTOP.com / News 16 sources

Deaths from cirrhosis — the late stages of liver damage — jumped by 65 percent between 1999 and 2016. The biggest group of victims were people between the ages of 25 and 34 and the major cause was alcohol.

The truth about ocean plastic: Why straw bans are not the earth-saving milestone you might think

Canada.com / News 2 sources

Abandoned fishing gear and Third World garbage are choking the ocean with plastic, not so much urban iced coffee drinks


Woman has leg amputated after infection from shaving cut

"The pain was absolutely sheer hell."

The psychology of orgasms: why faking it today could ruin your sex life tomorrow

In a new study, a quarter of husbands thought their wives climaxed more often than they really did. Unfortunately, faking it can have long-term repercussions


Link seen between ADHD and digital media: study

A study released Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests a direct relationship between computer screen time among teens and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Wednesday, Jul 18

HPV jab should be given to boys, committee says

BBC / Health 5 sources

Adolescent boys as well as girls should get the vaccine, an advisory committee says.

Could smartphone use be linked to ADHD in teens?

CBS News / SciTech 9 sources

New research looks at the heavy use of digital media and behavioral problems in teens

The Duchess of Sussex steps out in a Canadian dress by Calgary designer Nonie

Blush dress is believed to be the first Canadian based ready-to-wear brand the former Meghan Markle has showcased at a public event since her wedding in May.

Fish oil supplements for a healthy heart 'nonsense'

BBC / Health 13 sources

The evidence around omega-3 supplements is flimsy at best, say experts.

Tuesday, Jul 17

The teen ate a Chips Ahoy! cookie at a friend’s house. 90 minutes later, she was dead.

Friday’s cautionary Facebook post by a Weston mother after her peanut allergic teen daughter died from eating a Chips Ahoy! cookie provided a window into seemingly casual actions can be … Click to Continue »

Heavy social media use linked to ADHD in teenagers

The Times / Money 17 sources

Teenagers who use social media heavily are up to twice as likely to develop attention and hyperactivity problems, a study has found. Parents have been advised to limit the time teenagers spend online after researchers linked each extra…

Breastfeeding model causes stir on catwalk

BBC / US / Canada 18 sources

Mara Martin appears with her five-month-old daughter at a swimsuit show in Miami.

FDA OKs first drug to treat smallpox, in case of terror attack

CBS News / U.S. 5 sources

Smallpox was eradicated decades ago, but small samples of the virus​ were saved for research purposes and some worry it could be used as a biological weapon

Monday, Jul 16

Texas fisherman reels in 14-foot hammerhead shark, calls it 'catch of multiple lifetimes'

A fisherman in Texas hooked a massive hammerhead shark on Saturday that he described as a catch he "only dreamed about."

McLaren 720S sports car 'destroyed' in crash day after it was bought

A driver in Fairfax County, Va., totaled a McLaren 720S luxury sports car just a day after it was purchased, police said.

Sunday, Jul 15

More than 500 fall ill after visiting Tennessee zipline attraction

E. coli bacteria was found in water at a popular ziplining attraction in Tennessee where more than 500 people reportedly fell ill, health officials said.