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Apple wants to hire Siri a personal assistant to keep up with the cool kids

Mashable / Technology 4 sources

Are you tired of that awkward moment when you ask Siri to check if it's National Awkward Moments Day and your iPhone leaves you in a lurch?

Apple’s new augmented reality kit makes Minecraft look magical in AR

The Next Web 3 sources

Thanks to Apple and its new augmented reality framework for mobile, one resourceful game designer has managed to render smash-hit title Minecraft in AR – and it looks infinitely fun. Toying around with Unity 3D and the recently released…

iOS 11 beta: Should you download Apple's new software for iPhone and iPad?

The Independent / Technology 34 sources

Apple has released its iOS 11 beta to the public. That means everyone can get hold of the new software, months before it's released – but there's a big catch. Because the iPhone and iPad operating system isn't actually finished yet, it's…

Apple Is Working With Hertz to Manage Its Self-Driving Car Fleet

Bloomberg / Technology 23 sources

Apple Inc. is leasing a small fleet of cars from Hertz Global Holdings Inc. to test self-driving technology, an agreement that echoes a larger deal between competitors Alphabet Inc. and Avis Budget Group Inc. Hertz shares soared the most…

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