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US STOCKS-Wall St lower as Apple, Fed view weigh

Reuters / Markets 14 sources

(Reuters) - U.S. stocks slipped from their all-time highs on Thursday, weighed down by Apple and the hawkish stance of the Federal Reserve, which hinted at raising interest rates for a third time this year despite low inflation.

The iOS 11 hidden tricks you absolutely need to learn right now

Fox News / Technology 3 sources

iOS 11 is officially out, which means you can install it on your iPhone and iPad right away to experience some of the things Apple has been working on.

Review: iTunes video upgrade makes the new Apple TV worth it

Seattlepi.com / Business 27 sources

NEW YORK (AP) — It might seem odd to review the new Apple TV streaming device — one specifically designed to display super-sharp video known as 4K — without actually owning a 4K TV.

Apple concedes new watch has connectivity glitch

Reuters / Technology 64 sources

(Reuters) - Apple Inc on Wednesday conceded its latest smartwatch unveiled a week ago has problems with its most important feature: the ability to make phone calls and access data without an iPhone nearby.

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