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Google app finds famous art you look like

CBS News / SciTech 9 sources

The Google Arts & Culture app lets you take a selfie, then compares it to thousands of museum paintings

Your Chromecast or Google Home Might Be Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi

Gizmodo 2 sources

Google Home and Chromecast devices are reportedly killing peoples' Wi-Fi. The problem, first reported by Android Police, originally seemed localized to users of the Google Home Max speaker and the cheap, but usually excellent, TP-Link…

Google Heads Underwater to Boost Its Cloud Business

Wall Street Journal / Technology 17 sources

Google is expanding its sprawling network of undersea cables to plug into new regions around the world, in a bid to speed up its cloud-computing business and catch up to rivals Microsoft Corp. and Amazon.com Inc.

Google Home and Cast devices may be borking users' Wi-Fi

www.trustedreviews.com 9 sources

Google has pushing Home hardware into as many households as possible, but it appears not all of the smart speakers are integrating well into family life. Reports have shown the Google Home Max as well as other Cast-enabled devices appear…

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