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CCleaner malware targeted internal networks at Google, Microsoft, and Samsung

The Verge 7 sources

The malware attack on Windows utility CCleaner may have been more targeted and sophisticated than it seemed. In the days since the attack was announced, researchers have been poring through data from a seized command and control center,…

Google agrees to buy part of HTC for $1.1 billion

CNBC / U.S. 195 sources

Google announced on Thursday it signed a definitive agreement with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, to bolster its hardware business.

Android One comes to the US at last with the Moto X4

The Next Web 5 sources

When it first launched in June 2014, Android One was envisioned by Google as a way to bring the mobile platform with its latest updates and features to easily accessible budget phones in developing markets. It’s now branching out to target…

Euro leaders urge Facebook, Google to scrub terrorist content

CBS News / World 22 sources

Leaders of the UK, France and Italy proposing new targets for internet giants to remove extremist material

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