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Sadio Mane refuses to rule Liverpool out of Premier League title race

Daily Star / Sport 3 sources

LIVERPOOL forward Sadio Mane believes it is too early to rule the club out of the title race.

Premier League stars attend the launch of FIFA 18

Daily Mail Online / Sport 2 sources

Dele Alli and Alexandre Lacazette were mong a number of Premier League's stars who descended upon London to celebrate the launch of FIFA 18 on Thursday evening.

Amazon and Facebook keen on Premier League rights, say Manchester United

The Guardian / Football 15 sources

The internet giants Amazon and Facebook are likely to bid for Premier League football streaming rights, which will further escalate the huge financial boom for England’s top clubs, the Manchester United vice-chairman has said.

Manchester United achieves record revenues

www.ft.com 29 sources

Premier League club beat previous guidance with 13% increase in earnings

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