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Aston Martin Revives the DB4 GT, 60 Years Later—for $1.9 Million

Bloomberg 14 sources

This was the legendary, 3.7-liter, six-cylinder sports car the dashing racing champion Stirling Moss piloted to victory at Silverstone in 1959. Produced from 1959 to '63, the model was widely regarded as Britain's fastest passenger car.…

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Payne Q&Auto: Chevy Bolt EV’s chief speed freak

The Chevy Bolt came by its performance naturally: chief engineer Tavel began racing in kindergarten


Poll: Chevrolet Camaro SS or BMW M4?

Poll: Chevrolet Camaro SS or BMW M4? Which of these coupes is better? Which one would you rather own? more

Saturday, Dec 10

Trump teases agreement with Ford to keep jobs in US

The Hill 23 sources

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday night teased an agreement with Ford Motor Company to keep jobs in Michigan instead of outsourcing them to Mexico.Just hours earlier, a report quoted Ford's CEO as refuting Tru...

Veteran Finds Forgiveness, Peace in Standing Rock Fight

NBC News 4 sources

CANNON BALL, N.D. — For months, Dustin Monroe has made the 11-hour drive from his home in Missoula, Montana, to this remote part of the frozen North Dakota plains to bring supplies and support to the thousands protesting the controversial…

AWD Dodge Challenger, Sold-Out Aston Martin and No Mazda RX-9: AutoGuide’s Weekly News Roundup

AWD Dodge Challenger, Sold-Out Aston Martin and No Mazda RX-9: AutoGuide’s Weekly News Roundup All-wheel-drive muscle cars, a sold-out hypercar, a pretty new wagon and some sad news from Mazda.This is AutoGuide.com’s weekly news roundup!…

Friday, Dec 9

Ex-Ford boss Mulally in mix for secretary of state, Trump adviser says

Autonews.com 23 sources

President-elect Donald Trump's short list for secretary of state has grown, with former Ford CEO Alan Mulally now under consideration for the job as the nation's top diplomat, a top adviser said today.

Aston Martin to build a limited run of DB4 G.T. 'continuation' cars

Start saving your shillings, and get in line: Aston Martin will build and sell 25 units of a “continuation" of its historic DB4 G.T. race car, and they’ll cost $1.9 million each.

Thursday, Dec 8

Ford F-Series on track to extend sales streak

Ford’s F-Series is on track to be best-selling pickup for 40th straight year

EU takes Britain to court over car emissions

Sky News / UK 30 sources

The EU has announced legal action against seven nations over the way they handled the policing of car emissions, amid a backlash over the VW scandal.

Wednesday, Dec 7

Heat on ice: Dodge Challenger GT goes AWD

Just in time for winter, Dodge has unveiled an all-wheel-drive version of its Challenger GT.

Audi introduces 'traffic light information' technology

On the theory that a driver who knows when a red light will turn green is more relaxed and aware, vehicle manufacturer Audi is unveiling this week in Las Vegas a technology that enables vehicles to "read" traffic signals ahead and...

Tesla recalls 7K charging adaptors after two overheat

The two cases of overheating equipment involved the NEMA 14-30 adapters

'Mystery device' helps thieves steal cars with push-button ignitions

Autonews.com 8 sources

The National Insurance Crime Bureau today said it obtained and tested a so-called 'mystery device' that can allow a thief to break into a vehicle without leaving behind any of the traditional pieces of evidence such as broken glass.

Tuesday, Dec 6

2017 Range Rover Sport Coupé spotted on video

Jaguar Land Rover will enter the SUV-coupé marketplace with its first ever road-biased model; electrification looks likely

Volkswagen Takes Challenge to Uber, Lyft

Volkswagen launched a new company to challenge Uber and other tech rivals, seeking to become a global force in the digital auto services that are threatening established car makers.

Alliance moves to block EPA from finalizing mpg rules

Autonews.com 3 sources

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers late Monday urged congressional negotiators to include language in a short-term budget resolution that would bar the Obama administration from finalizing mpg rules before it leaves office next month.

Renault-Nissan to replace powertrain chief as problems mount, report says

Autonews.com 4 sources

The Renault-Nissan alliance is replacing its top executive in charge of combining the carmakers' engines and gearboxes, sources told Reuters, as tightening emissions regulations expose the slow pace of integration so far.