Strange at CBS News

Friday, Nov 30


Rare photo of Van Gogh isn't exactly what it seems, museum says

For decades the bright-eyed boy in a late 19th century photograph was believed to be Vincent Van Gogh at age 13

Thursday, Nov 29


Florida teen rescued after getting trapped in abandoned bank vault

A 17-year-old boy became trapped Wednesday in an abandoned Bank of America vault in Hollywood, Florida.

Wednesday, Nov 28


Huge cow in Australia rejected from slaughterhouse because of size


In Australia, a big cow is making big headlines. A 6-foot-4-inch steer named Knickers weighs more than 3,000 pounds, and a slaughterhouse said he's too large to be turned into meat. CBS News' Gwen Baumgardner joins CBSN with more.


Woman sues after being jailed for cotton candy

After she spent over 3 months in jail, a new drug test determined the woman's cotton candy never had any meth in it

Monday, Nov 26


6th grader leaves note on car after hit-and-run

The student proved not all heroes wear capes — some wear backpacks


Bank of America ATM mistakenly dispenses $100 bills instead of $10s

The cash machine in Houston was incorrectly loaded, but its lucky customers will get to keep its largesse

Friday, Nov 23


"Whiskey" the Whippet wins Best in Show at National Dog Show

His handler said this competition was extra special because Whiskey was "our pet" and "born by my bed"

Thursday, Nov 22


Woman ordered to repay stolen money from Girl Scout cookie funds

Jennifer L. Hooten of Clifton, Colorado, pleaded guilty to felony theft Sept. 13 and was ordered to pay $1,400 in restitution

Tuesday, Nov 20


People in Finland are trolling Trump for saying the country rakes its forests

The people of Finland are "raking" the benefits of President Trump's comments about spending "a lot of time raking"

Monday, Nov 19


Camel spotted on Pennsylvania highway during snowstorm


Drivers did a double-take when they saw this camel walking along a Pennsylvania highway in a snowstorm, but its owner said there was a good reason.

Thursday, Nov 15


Marie Antoinette pearl pendant sells for record price

Before being killed on the guillotine, Marie Antoinette had secretly smuggled abroad some of her most treasured possessions to her relatives

Tuesday, Nov 13


"Pink Legacy" diamond sells for record price

The nearly 19-carat, rectangular-cut stone is the largest fancy vivid pink diamond that Christie's has ever put under the hammer

Thursday, Nov 8


Rare duck seen in NYC last month now missing


The colorful duck, native to East Asia, mysteriously appeared in a pond in Central Park last month and has kept New Yorkers guessing

Monday, Oct 29


World champ Red Sox troll Yankees with "New York, New York"

Start spreadin' the news: Red Sox won their fourth championship title in 15 years after defeating the Dodgers in Game 5 of the World Series

Friday, Oct 26


Gay penguin couple hatches egg, welcomes chick

Sydney's male penguin couple, Sphen and Magic, have hatched their egg – and the chick is appropriately named Sphengic

Wednesday, Oct 24


U.K. cops confirm "Friends" actor David Schwimmer didn't steal beer

Blackpool police bombarded with comedy responses from Facebook users after posting photo of their with uncanny resemblance to Ross Geller


Dog pretends to be stray, begs for burgers at McDonald's

The dog's owner caught the pup in the McDonald's parking lot, scheming to get people to throw her food

Tuesday, Oct 23


This historic penny could be worth a million – dollars

Minted in 1792 at Thomas Jefferson's request, this example of a "Birch Cent" is expected to haul in big bucks


Chris Hemsworth offers hitchhiker ride in helicopter


This traveling musician was just hoping to catch a ride in Australia. Then he caught one in a helicopter – with Thor.

Monday, Oct 22


"Headless Chicken Monster" filmed for first time in Antarctic Ocean

A rarely-seen deep sea swimming cucumber called Enypniastes eximia -- a.k.a. the "headless chicken monster" -- was filmed for the first time in the Antarctic Ocean.

Thursday, Oct 18


Boy takes mom's BMW on joyride


A Texas boy took his mom's new BMW on a joyride to his girlfriend's house. His livid mother went on a car chase to find him, and the ordeal was caught on camera.


Boy takes mom's BMW on joyride in viral video

"RIP to my brother," the 14-year-old's older sister wrote as she live-tweeted the car chase


Photos of suspected beer thief go viral

The photo of the beer theft has gone viral, and police are asking for help

Tuesday, Oct 16


Student may have handed out cookies made with human ashes

Authorities in Davis, California say the other students ate the cookies, whose ingredients still need to be tested

Sunday, Oct 14


Historic statue of Georgia general vandalized with "googly eyes"

The prank has police looking for a suspect, while Facebook users are rolling with laughter

Thursday, Oct 11


Arkansas sheriff pushes back accused of making inmates wear Nike shirts

Local sheriff's office has scrubbed the photos from its website after being accused of trolling the apparel giant

Wednesday, Oct 10


Woman brings "emotional support squirrel" on plane, gets removed after 2-hour standoff with police


Passengers on a Frontier flight in Florida were forced to evacuate after a woman brought her pet squirrel onboard.

Saturday, Oct 6


Banksy artwork self-destructs after $1.4 million sale

An artwork by Banksy apparently self-destructed moments after it was auctioned off for $1.4 million. The piece ran through a shredder embedded in the frame as an alarm went off. The work could be worth even more in the shredded state.


Yellowstone geyser spews trash from the 1930s

The trash is being cataloged and could become part of Yellowstone's archives as a reminder

Wednesday, Oct 3


"Holy grail" of whisky sells for world-record $1.1 million

60-year-old bottle of Scotch has been described as the "Holy Grail of whisky"