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Choose language of Top Story on the main page

Storyfa can determine the most important story in any given moment. Thus a selected top story is displayed on the main page together with related articles and catchy statistics. Storyfa provides this feature for English and Czech news. You can choose which of these options you want to see.

Choose your preferred way to show articles

One of the most powerful features of Storyfa is the capability to identify important topics, stories or individual articles. If you are not interested in this feature, you can choose between compact view or expanded view.

Where do you want to open articles?

This setting affects articles opening. You can choose between opening in a new tab or in the very comfortable Storyfa iframe (currently not supported on mobile devices). With Storyfa iframe you can read articles in a continuous flow.

Should the search engine learn your preferred feeds?

By choosing yes, you can allow Storyfa to remember which feeds you searched for and it will learn which feeds should be offered to you next time as your first choice.