Friday, Dec 1


Cartoons: ‘You said to pack only the essentials.’

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‘A culture of repair’: Students learn to mend clothes and the planet

A San Francisco after-school program is helping teens upcycle thrifted clothes.

Thursday, Nov 30


The unusual 2023 Atlantic hurricane season ends

Despite El Niño conditions, record-warm ocean waters helped bring about above-average activity for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season.


12 recently released reports that track the world’s progress on climate

As COP28 kicks off in Dubai, here’s where things stand.

More than a year later, the emotional impacts from Hurricane Ian still linger

Many survivors of weather disasters benefit from mental health support.

Wednesday, Nov 29

Why ‘climate havens’ might be closer to home than you’d think

A refuge isn't something nature hands us, but something we have to build ourselves.

Could your library do this? A California library is helping people try e-bikes for free

The program makes getting an e-bike pass as easy as checking out a book.

Tuesday, Nov 28


Papa Francisco y la crisis climática: un llamado urgente a la acción

El papa enfatiza la conexión entre la espiritualidad y la conciencia climática, subrayando el papel de la Iglesia en la lucha contra la crisis climática.


What to watch for at the COP28 U.N. climate meeting in Dubai

The meeting is a key step in bolstering national pledges to cut heat-trapping pollution.

What it was like to be a volunteer firefighter during the 2023 Canada fires

Firefighters are experiencing climate change firsthand as hot, dry conditions boost the risks of fire.

Monday, Nov 27

Most people don’t realize how much progress we’ve made on climate change

The rapid rise of renewables and EVs has already put us on a safer path.

Scientists show direct link between polluting companies and wildfires in North America

Carbon pollution from 88 major fossil fuel producers and cement makers has left the western U.S. and Canada hotter, drier, and more prone to fires, a recent study finds.

Saturday, Nov 25


Acapulco: A month after Hurricane Otis

The Category 5 hurricane destroyed lives and livelihoods one month ago today. Can Acapulco build back as a more resilient city?

Friday, Nov 24


Why one researcher is flying less

He’s often asked to travel for research and conferences, but he’s found some less-polluting options.

Thursday, Nov 23

Are sweet potatoes a climate-resilient crop of the future?

They thrive in hot temperatures, within limits.

Wednesday, Nov 22

Warming winters threaten a unique dessert cider

Making ice cider requires weeks of frigid temperatures.

Tuesday, Nov 21


Acapulco: un mes tras el paso de Huracán Otis

El mortífero Huracán Otis de Categoría 5 destruyó las vidas de muchas personas, pero existe la oportunidad de reconstruir una ciudad más resistente.


Don’t sleep on soot

It’s damaging to our lungs and the climate. And it’s everywhere.

Many cyclists want to keep biking even in winter, advocate says

But cities don’t always keep bike paths and lanes adequately plowed.

Monday, Nov 20


Eight key takeaways from the new National Climate Assessment

We’ve made progress on climate change, but there’s still a lot of work to be done, according to a sweeping scientific report.


How climate change is affecting every U.S. region

The nation’s top scientists have the details in a brand-new report.


Uber driver switches to EV, saves money

He’s one of about 50,000 who have rented a Tesla through an Uber and Hertz program.

Friday, Nov 17


Potencial Ciclón Tropical 22 trae peligrosas lluvias intensas al Caribe

El sistema tiene el potencial de ser una de las amenazas climáticas tropicales más mortíferas de toda la temporada de huracanes del Atlántico de 2023.


Potential Tropical Cyclone 22 bringing dangerous heavy rains to the Caribbean

The system is potentially one of the deadliest tropical weather threats of the entire 2023 Atlantic hurricane season.


Is your home in danger from flooding?

If you're lucky enough to own a house, it’s probably your most valuable asset.


Wind power boosts his family’s business, Kansas rancher says

‘I always say that wind farming is my best cash crop.’

Thursday, Nov 16

Solar worker helps other women get started in the industry

Riley Neugebauer founded Solar for Women, which helps women support each other online.

Wednesday, Nov 15


Last month was by far the world’s hottest October on record

The past 12 months (November 2022-October 2023) was the hottest 12-month period for about 125,000 years, 1.3 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial climate.


Green careers can provide a new way forward after prison

Roots of Success exposes incarcerated people to careers in renewable energy, clean transportation, and other environmental fields.