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The silent tragedy of local restrictions on renewable energy

New research shows how policies blocking cleaner energy sources, often inspired by persistent disinformation, harm the communities that adopt them.

The largely untapped energy source beneath our feet

Recent advances in technology could boost geothermal energy’s prospects.

Monday, May 20

Agricultural enigma: A mysterious decline in his harvests leaves a farmer searching for a solution

The first year that production fell, he assumed bad weather was to blame. The reality was much more dire.

How Miami-Dade County is protecting public housing residents from dangerous heat waves

For one thing, the county installed 1,700 AC units in public housing last year.

Friday, May 17


Houston area walloped by ferocious thunderstorm winds

Damages from the storm complex could run over $1 billion.


Video: Do you have to go vegan to save the climate?

Alexandra Steele takes a look at the truth behind the claims.


Biloxi, Mississippi, is losing a foot of salt marsh shoreline a year

So Mississippi State University and Keesler Air Force Base are working on a project to shield a 2.5-mile stretch of the city from erosion.

Thursday, May 16


¿Cómo afrontan los editores de YCC el duelo climático?

El alcance de las pérdidas asociadas al cambio climático puede resultar abrumador.


‘Turning point in energy history’ as solar, wind start pushing fossil fuels off the grid

Fossil fuel growth has stalled while wind and solar are growing.

Storms, rising seas are growing threats to Portsmouth Village in North Carolina

‘There can be standing water in the village nearly any day of the year.’

Wednesday, May 15

Create your own climate change summer reading program

Pick six books from this list for a crash course in climate science, impacts, and action.

Estuaries provide more than a billion dollars in environmental benefits, research shows

They serve as flood barriers and store climate-warming carbon pollution.

Tuesday, May 14


April 2024: Earth’s 11th-consecutive warmest month on record

During April 2024, an astonishing 34 nations or territories set or tied an all-time monthly heat record, and seven set or tied an all-time heat record for any month.


West Virginia man works to boost solar industry in his home state

Solar Holler founder Dan Conant wants to create new career paths for young West Virginians.

Monday, May 13

Brook trout are in trouble in Adirondacks lakes

Climate change is squeezing the habitat of this colorful fish.

Climate change is affecting mental health literally everywhere

Extreme weather, water scarcity, air pollution, and more are taking a toll on people across the world.

Friday, May 10

Drought fuels wildfire concerns as Canada braces for another intense summer

The 2023 wildfire season was historic and deadly in Canada. This summer could be more of the same.

In praise of shade trees

Urban areas with trees can be as much as 15 degrees cooler Fahrenheit than areas with less foliage.

Thursday, May 9


A week of severe weather grinds onward

Intense storms were brewing Thursday across the southern tier of the United States, marking the fourth day of an unusually prolonged episode of severe weather. The pattern should start winding down by Friday after having caused at least 4…


Uruguay, pionero en energía renovable: ¿un modelo para el mundo?

El país se erige como un paradigma global en la transición hacia la energía verde, liderando una revolución que ha transformado radicalmente su matriz energética.


Field workers, farm owners, and buyers band together to protect workers from heat

Heat-related illnesses are a growing risk as the climate warms.

Wednesday, May 8

Venezuelan-American journalist brings climate change awareness to both Spanish- and English-speaking audiences

Mariana Atencio has seen the effects of climate change while reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Why switching to an EV is good for the climate

Over its lifetime, an electric vehicle produces much less climate-warming pollution than a similar gas-powered car.

Tuesday, May 7


Oklahoma town ravaged by second tornado in two months

More strong tornadoes are possible Tuesday and Wednesday from Ohio to the Mid-South.


Prescribed burning can reduce wildfire damage

Low-intensity fires help clear out dead wood and vegetation, reducing the fuel available when a wildfire comes along.

Monday, May 6


How do scientists know how much climate change affects a hurricane, a heat wave, a drought, and more?

The field of attribution science is 20 years old this year, and scientists’ ability to detect the fingerprints of climate change in extreme weather events is growing stronger.


Rough week begins: Top-end tornado threat for Oklahoma and southern Kansas

A major multiday severe weather episode will shift into the Mississippi and Ohio valleys by Wednesday.


The weirdest things we’ve noticed this spring

Your editors talk armadillos, the unexpected joy of tax credits, and how they’re preparing for the extreme weather season ahead.

A chef’s kiss for induction stoves

Induction stoves are one chef’s preferred way to serve up delicious food.

Friday, May 3


A rare tropical cyclone landfall is on tap for Tanzania

Hurricane-strength Hidaya is heading toward a flood-ravaged area.