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UK jobs market 'remains subdued'


The unemployment rate fell to 4.9% in the three months to February, official figures show.

Isle of Cumbrae recreated in video game Minecraft


The popular tourist destination features in a new game aimed at teaching young people about its heritage.


Covid in Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus overwhelms India's most populous state


With a population larger than Brazil, an Indian state struggles to cope as Covid-19 sweeps through it.

MOTDx: Chelcee Grimes & Craig Mitch get lost in football shirt heaven


MOTDx's Chelcee Grimes and Craig Mitch go head-to-head in Classic Football Shirts' huge Manchester warehouse full of vintage kits for a challenge set by owners Doug and Matthew.

Lord's Knight Riders? The story of how an IPL brand is spreading around the world


Venky Mysore, CEO of Kolkata Knight Riders, tells BBC Sport how he plans to revolutionise franchise cricket across the world.

Scottish election 2021: Can independence supporters force another referendum?


In the first of two Scottish election pieces we explore the differences in the pro-independence movement.

Covid contracts: PPE fixer who was Tory donor named in admin error


Samir Jassal, who has campaigned with the PM, was a contact in a £100m deal for Covid safety gear.

Match of the Day Top 10: Micah Richards says Carlos Tevez was 'way better' than Sergio Aguero


Micah Richards says Carlos Tevez was a "way better all-round player" at Manchester City than the club's record goal scorer Sergio Aguero.

Climate change: Carbon 'surge' expected in post-Covid energy boom


This year should see the second-biggest-ever rise in CO2 emissions as economies rebound from Covid.

European Super League: PM to meet football officials over breakaway group


Boris Johnson says the plan is "ludicrous" but Real Madrid's president says it will "save football".


All the times the US spent big on infrastructure


Where does President Biden's plan rank among the largest projects in American history?

James Charles: YouTube temporarily demonetises beauty influencer


The YouTuber admitted to messaging with 16-year-old boys earlier this month.


Former US Vice-President Walter Mondale dies aged 93


Jimmy Carter's running mate lost heavily to Ronald Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.


Car insurance sees biggest price drop in six years


The average cost of car insurance has fallen by £87 in 12 months, according to new data.


Online dating: 'In 2021 everyone is a kind-of catfish'


The hit US reality show is getting its own UK version - hosted by Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler.

'I would like Russia to be more free'


The BBC's Steve Rosenberg travels 2,000 miles east of Moscow to gauge the mood of ordinary Russians.


Newspaper headlines: 'Great game robbery' and 'red card from Wills'


Opposition and anger towards the European Super League plans dominate Tuesday morning's front pages.

Facebook creates Clubhouse clone Live Audio Rooms


Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg says the social media platform will introduce audio elements.

Will NFTs change how we buy our homes?


“Tokenisation” could change how many people can own a property and speed up transactions.

The Ugandan mum who was once ashamed of her gay son


A support group in Uganda is helping parents come to terms with their children's sexuality.

Redonda: The Caribbean island transformed into an eco haven


After invasive rats and goats were removed from Redonda, the island's wildlife has been thriving.

How a bicycle tripled one woman's income


"You realise what a bicycle can do. It's a catalyst for unlocking so much potential."

Oscars 2021: 19 geeky facts from Borat to Boseman


Everything you need to know ahead of the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday.

Are Apple and others' tech launches a better watch because of Covid?


The pandemic has forced firms to unveil new products via virtual events, rather than live on stage.

A look at some of the infamous moments at tech events over the years.


Live events mean unexpected things can happen - especially when technology is thrown into the mix.

5G: Rural areas to be allowed taller and wider masts


The masts will improve coverage and internet speeds in the English countryside, the government says.

Are black women getting enough support for mental health?


Black women are more likely than white women to experience common mental health problems.

Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art?


Researchers are experimenting with thin, flexible circuits that can be transferred to the skin.

Covid: Police watchdog says officers confused by unclear pandemic laws


A major review of policing during the pandemic says officers regularly struggled to enforce restrictions.


European Super League: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp against idea but will not quit


Jurgen Klopp is determined to remain as Liverpool boss and "help sort it" after reiterating his opposition to the European Super League.