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Maddie Walton was 23 when she bought her first house. Here are the top five ways you can make it a reality as well


Aussie mortgage broker Maddie Walton, who bought her home on the Gold Coast aged just 23, has shared tips for first home buyers to help them crack the property market.


Interactive map reveals average house prices next to Ofsted's best-rated primary schools in Britain


House hunters seeking to buy a property in an area with better than average primary schools can pay on average 23 per cent more than locations with poor Ofsted standards, new research has shown.

Tax rebate agent Brooksdale in liquidation, as customers reveal 10 month waits to get HMRC refunds


Worried customers of Brooksdale have contacted This is Money to tell us they have waited a long time to get their cash - and are now worried it may never come.

Stop inheritance tax perk on pensions - and other loopholes, says IFS


Pension pots sit outside the inheritance tax net and pulling them into it could land the Government an extra £200million in revenue, IFS research claimed.

I'm a female joiner and applied for a job at building firm... but what they said made my blood boil - now I've had the last laugh


Charlie Dawe, 24, claims 'sexist pigs' at a construction firm offered her a receptionist job after realising she was a woman at her interview - but now she's a self-employed success.


Elon Musk's brutal response to Australia's online watchdog after X was asked to take down posts about bishop's alleged stabbing in Western Sydney


The billionaire is on the warpath after Australia's chief censor demanded X remove several videos that millions of Aussies have already seen. This is what he had to say.


Adrian 'Mr. Lambo' Portelli to display his $13million car collection at Melbourne's biggest car exhibition


Adrian 'Mr Lambo' Portelli will be in Melbourne this weekend to show off his collection of motor vehicles that are valued at a whopping $13million.


Leaked letter hints at ministers working to counter risk of Chinese interference in UK health data


Correspondence from Cabinet Office minister John Glen reveals the UK is conducting 'significant work related to national security' after concerns were raised about Chinese genomics company BGI.

Thames Water plans huge 56 per cent bills hike that could raise charges to £700


Bosses have put the proposed hike, which would be introduced over a five-year period, to regulators in a bid to stave off the company's collapse.


EastEnders SPOILER: Billy Mitchell plans to propose to Honey for a third time ahead of the London Marathon - but his plans are thrown into chaos


Billy Mitchell will be left shaken in upcoming episode of EastEnders when his plans to propose to Honey Mitchell don't go to plan.


Soaring cost of a cuppa is revealed: Global tea and coffee prices rise by up to 50 per cent


Wholesale coffee prices are up by more than 20 per cent since January after crops were hit by extreme weather in key producing countries, including Vietnam and Brazil.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers' warns Aussies about 'five pressures' on the economy before this year's budget


Jim Chalmers says next month's Federal budget will be underpinned by 'five pressures' on Australia's economy.

Donald Trump trial team splashed out eye-watering $700 at Manhattan McDonalds during break in jury selection - but left NO tip for workers!


Donald Trump's staffers bought nearly $700 worth of food at a McDonald's near the courthouse in New York City where the first criminal trial of a former US President is happening.

Trump judge to decide if jury should hear about E. Jean Carroll case as opening statements in the hush money trial are set for Monday


Prosecutors also offered to reveal the name of their first witness to the defense off Sunday if they didn't tell Trump and stop the identity being 'tweeted'.

Friday, Apr 19


Trump's $175 million bond should be REJECTED in fraud trial because the insurance company hasn't 'backed' it properly, New York Attorney General Letitia James tells judge


The New York Attorney General's office asked a judge to void the $175 million bond secured in the New York civil fraud case.

Ryan Moore previews Chemistry and Greenland and his three other rides at the Curragh on Saturday, including his first ride on Uncanny


Ryan Moore is in action with five rides at Curragh on Saturday afternoon. He'll be on Igor Stravinsky, Uncanny and Greeland in an action-packed day against plenty of tough competition.

Elon Musk's Tesla RECALLS nearly 4,000 Cybertrucks due to potentially fatal flaw with the accelerator pedal


Tesla has recalled more than 3,000 Cybertrucks to fix an accelerator pedal pad that could come loose and get lodged in the interior trim.


EPA puts two NEW 'forever chemicals' on its danger list - and they're in hundreds of popular cookware and waterproof clothes


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed two chemicals as 'hazardous' and added them to the Superfund law that holds industries accountable for the cost and clean-up of the toxins.

INVESTING EXPLAINED: What you need to know about cocoa and why we are reading so much about its price


A mixture of extreme weather events and crop disease has severely reduced supply from Ghana and the Ivory Coast, the two main cocoa bean producing nations.

Retail sales ground to a halt last month as shoppers turned their backs on department stores due to rising prices


But the flat performance follows a more impressive start to the year which means the sector should still help pull the UK out of recession.

Creators of key interest rate benchmark criticise courts after failed appeal by convicted rate-rigger Tom Hayes


The steering committee for Euribor accused judges of repeatedly ignoring the 'meaning and intention' of rules they drew up.

L'Oreal posts better than expected sales as demand for make-up in West offsets weaker performance in Asia


The French cosmetics giant, which owns the Maybelline and Lancome brands, reported sales of £9.6billion for the three months to the end of March.

US and Europe are at odds and threat of a disastrous end to era of free trade is very real, says ALEX BRUMMER


Behind the market headlines, Russia's war on Ukraine and Israel's defence against Iranian aggression is in danger of shattering globalisation.

MARKET REPORT: Bruising week for FTSE amid Middle East fears


Rising geopolitical tensions and fading hopes over early interest rate cuts have been weighing on

Mondi pulls out of potential bidding war to buy rival packaging giant DS Smith, opening door for American firm


The company said it will not make a counter bid after DS Smith's board recommended a £5.8billion takeover offer from US-based International Paper.

Mike Johnson says he's 'not worried' about being ousted as Newt Gingrich gives him advice on how to deal with 'narcissists' and 'selfish idiots' vying for his head


Embattled Speaker Mike Johnson insisted he is 'not worried' about multiplying threats to oust him as former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich offered up some unsolicited advice.


Karine Jean-Pierre SNAPS at reporter asking why Biden claimed his uncle was eaten by cannibals during World War Two


The White House still isn't addressing the meat of President Joe Biden's cannibal controversy.

Melania Trump calls for the U.S. to 'unite' and reveals her priority if her husband is elected for the second time as she prepares for first solo campaign event


Melania Trump talked about the importance of unifying the nation at a time when her husband's MAGA supporters are causing division in the Republican Party.


Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, 39, stuns the internet with his WILD 'glow up' - but all is NOT as it seems...


Mark Zuckerberg, 39, has been teased online for 'hitting puberty late' after fans have spotted his recent 'cool guy' glow up and were left 'shocked' by his new look and took to X to express their thoughts.