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Summer Fashion Trends: 5 Trends Beyoncé Can't Stop Wearing On Her Renaissance Tour

And how the rest of us can actually wear them off stage…

33 Best Sunscreens for Face, According to Derms

Face SPF should be your skin's best friend.

Even Sofia Richie's Gym Outfit Is Giving Stealth Wealth

Although the leggings are surprisingly affordable.



17 Best Setting Powders To Lock Your Makeup In Place

Setting powders for a filtered, flawless finish.



Irina Shayk Is Having a Slip Dress Summer - See Photos

Lingerie is the star of Shayk's wardrobe.

Ice Spice has just abandoned her Afro for butt-length curls — See Photos

The rapper's declared it's the summer of inches with her latest look.

Andrew Tate Is An Affront To Islam, He Doesn't Speak For My Religion

Taking on the identity of a persecuted religion like Islam allows Tate to mask his vitriol in the politics of persecution.

Why are we so obsessed with celebrity cheating scandals?

Is there something sinister about our fascination?


Elle Fanning Said She Didn't Get a Role Because Someone Thought She Was “Unf*ckable”

The actress opened up about the "disgusting" moment during a roundtable.

Gisele Bündchen Just Got Emotional While Reflecting on Her Past

The supermodel left her family at 14 years old to pursue modeling.


29 High Street Wedding Dresses 2023

For fashion-forward (but frugal) brides-to-be.


Drew Barrymore slams the tabloids for twisting her words about her mum

“You have been fucking with my life since I was 13 years old.”

Kate Middleton puts a princess-y spin on business casual

The Princess of Wales has added a blue checked jacket to her wide collection of smart blazers.

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Keke Palmer's New Blonde Hair Is The Moment – I Had to Fan Myself After Seeing It

The longer, lighter strands looked so good, I almost couldn't focus on her speech about redefining success.

Denim Jumpsuit: 21 Styles To Shop

We found 21 styles that suit every budget.


Is The Idol Going To Be The Most Misogynistic TV Show Of 2023?

Sam Levinson and The Weeknd’s hotly-anticipated drama has got everybody talking.

Best Boiler suit edit: Glamour

Tap into this season's utility trend.

‘McDonald's Bangs’ Are The It-Girl style For Summer

Summer's most unexpected hair trend just landed.