Thursday, Feb 29


Survey: Texas public school educators feeling burnout as districts face funding issues

In the last year, school districts have dealt with budget deficits, enrollment shortfalls and layoffs, all while Gov. Greg Abbott has unsuccessfully pushed for a school voucher plan unpopular among public school supporters.

Houston-area DA investigator convicted of money laundering, distributing heroin

Kassem defended his actions during his four-day trial by emphasizing that he had authority to commit those crimes. He maintained that he received approval from the Waller County District Attorney to conduct undercover investigations.


Harris County Jail continues to fail safety inspections (Feb. 29, 2024)

On Thursday's show: We learn why the Harris County Jail has failed a safety inspection for the fifth time. And we find out why laws passed requiring kids to get more physical education at school haven't worked.

Almost half of Texas fourth graders scored a zero on the STAAR writing composition last year. Teachers and researchers worry, while the TEA projects confidence

The Texas Education Agency changed a lot about the state’s standardized test over the past couple years. Researchers and teachers worry the new approach to writing could kill creativity, but the TEA argues it better reflects how learning…


Engines of Our Ingenuity 1921: Arrow’s Paradox

Episode: 1921 Arrow’s Paradox and third party candidates. Today, guest scientist Andrew Boyd votes.


Texas executes Ivan Cantu, despite questions about guilt and pleas from officials and celebrities

Developments in recent weeks and years brought on by a true crime podcast had brought attention to Cantu's case and public outcry for Texas to stop his execution.

Wednesday, Feb 28


Some Houston City Council members disappointed in Houston Police suspended cases

Houston City Council members on Wednesday spoke out against the Houston Police Department suspending over 264,000 cases, confirmed by Chief Troy Finner this week.


Houston’s Sharpstown neighborhood getting long-desired trail along CenterPoint easement

The Houston Parks Board, with funding from the Southwest Houston Redevelopment Authority and Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones, is constructing a 1.8-mile trail in existing green space. The plan is to eventually connect…

What will happen to IVF in Texas after historic Alabama ruling that frozen embryos are ‘children’?

Right now it's "business as usual" in Texas, but the ruling has many patients concerned about their continued access to IVF and embryo storage.

Dickinson city council rejects longtime mayoral recall petition attempt

Mayor Sean Skipworth, who exited the room during those discussions, said the recall effort was intended as a smear campaign against him, and retaliation after he called for an investigation into the police department after a 2022 police…


One of the largest wildfires in Texas history still burning in the Texas Panhandle

Firefighting crews continue to battle the Smokehouse Creek fire in Hutchinson County. The wildfire has affected more than 500,000 acres so far, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.


Houston-area Kroger employees to vote on agreements reached between company and labor union

The Cincinnati-based grocer and United Food & Commercial Workers Local 455, which represents about 13,000 employees at more than 100 Houston-area stores, tentatively agreed on three-year contracts for Kroger's retail clerks and meat…


Long-time State Rep. Harold Dutton faces long odds to avoid Democratic primary runoff

A University of Houston Hobby School poll shows Dutton supported by just 38% of likely House District 142 voters, compared to 43% who haven’t made up their minds.

Can Houston ISD learn any lessons from other districts taken over by the state?

We hear from the Superintendent of Marlin ISD, which is just beginning to transition back to local control.


R&B and country music meet at the Moody Center for the Arts

We talk with the performers for the upcoming Spring Fling at Rice University's Moody Center.

Harris County Jail fails yet another safety inspection due to continued understaffing

For more than a year now, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards has deemed the Harris County Jail noncompliant with the state's safety standards.

Political Roundup: Super Tuesday approaches. We’re excited, right?…Right?

Houston Matters discusses the latest developments in politics, including the final push for candidates in the primary election and what expected low turnout says about a lack of enthusiasm, especially in the presidential race.


Episode 212: Mercury Chamber Orchestra

Mercury performs music by Bach, Vivaldi, and Telemann.


Exclusive: Ken Paxton impeachment records reveal fights over witness testimony and alleged bullying

The Texas Newsroom received hundreds of pages of documents that pull back the curtain on last year's historic impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Fort Bend ISD security guards fired after leaving firearms unattended

The school district also said it has plans of reinforcing safety protocols with contracted armed security officers in the school district.


A Richmond neighborhood group is fighting the Fort Bend Toll Road from re-routing near their community

Brazos Lakes residents say they're concerned about pollution and flooding from a toll road that could be re-routed closer to their neighborhood.

Protesters show up to speak against SB4 on first day of the Houston Rodeo

Local advocates rallied against a state law that criminalizes entering Texas from Mexico without authorization across the street from the annual event.

Lessons from another school takeover (Feb. 28, 2024)

On Wednesday's show: We discuss the latest developments in politics in our weekly roundup. And we talk with a school district near the end of its state takeover and learn what lessons from its experience could apply to HISD.


Engines of Our Ingenuity 3014: Measuring Almost Nothing

Episode: 3014 Measuring Almost Nothing. Today, we measure almost nothing.

Tuesday, Feb 27


Houston man pleads guilty to using wife’s job with BP to make $1.76 million in illegal stock profits

Tyler Loudon, 42, faces up to five years in federal prison and a potential fine up to $250,000 after pleading guilty to federal securities fraud.

Katy ISD votes to reject chaplains as counselors in schools

The board voted 5-2 to reject chaplains as mental health counselors in schools.


Texas court rejects the latest appeal of Ivan Cantu, who’s scheduled to be executed Wednesday

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Tuesday rejected Ivan Cantu’s latest appeal. He's scheduled to be executed Wednesday for a 2000 double murder but has maintained his innocence ever since.

University of Houston cancels opening ceremony, increases security around “satanic” art installation

The installation was co-commissioned by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and was recently on display in New York, but it has consistently remained a target of backlash from some conservative media outlets and organizations.


Anheuser-Busch brewery workers in Houston, elsewhere prepared to strike

About 5,000 workers at a total of 12 U.S. breweries operated by Anheuser-Busch, including about 500 employees at the regional facility in Houston, will go on strike Friday if their Teamsters Union cannot reach an agreement with the company…

A woman had a miscarriage after detention officers allegedly assaulted her in the Harris County Jail, lawsuit says

According the lawsuit, Mikayla Savage suffered a miscarriage after experiencing at least six separate physical and sexual assaults inside the Harris County Jail.