Friday, Nov 30


Anthony Mundine vs Jeff Horn: catchweight bout – live!


Updates from the fight at Suncorp Stadium; Any thoughts? Email or tweet @gingerandhoney

Two Lights, London: 'The more I ate, the less convinced I was’ - restaurant review | Grace Dent


This is a dinner that educates me, rather than one that makes me drool

Roma star Yalitza Aparicio: 'I don’t think I am an actor'


The 24-year-old primary schoolteacher lives in one room with her family in rural Mexico. Now, as the star of Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, she’s being tipped for an Oscar

Things don't always get better: which NFL team has the grimmest future?


The Rams have gone to a continual struggler to one of the league’s best units. But not every team can turn things around in a few seasons


Football transfer rumours: Isco out and Christian Eriksen in at Real Madrid?


Today’s fluff is bringing Jim Robinson back from the dead

UK house prices pick up amid 'subdued' market

Values increase 0.3% in November ending a five-year low point but few predict rapid growth any time soon

It’s a matter of time before a migrant’s body washes up on British shores | Benny Hunter


People are risking their lives by crossing the Channel in dinghies. A hostile UK government must share blame for this calamity

Police search for couple after car 'washed up' on beach in Scotland

James and Susan Kenneavy’s Ford Kuga found on Drummore beach during bad weather

Witless ministers have hammered councils like austerity punchbags | Richard Vize


There is no vision for local government beyond the bare basics. It’s an illogical position that will have miserable consequences

Why trash talk is essential to the fight game – video


Whether it’s showboating or shameful, puerile or poetry, trash talk is and will remain an integral part of professional fighting. It’s an invaluable promotional tool that risks contempt from the public and a powerful weapon that can…

Autonomy co-founder to face US criminal charges


Charges against Mike Lynch include fraud and conspiracy in latest twist in Hewlett-Packard’s ‘doomed’ 2011 takeover

Northern Irish firms face 60-lorry limit in Republic in no-deal Brexit

Businesses on both sides of border would suffer as permits are limited, freight group says


Clean Bandit: What Is Love? review – underwhelming chart catnip

Clean Bandit began with an undeniable aura of nerdiness. They met at Cambridge, where two members of the original lineup led a string quartet; their first hit was called Mozart’s House and merged the composer’s work with a squelchy dance…

Liam Fox hits back at critics of Brexit deal as May rules out plan B - Politics live


Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, as the prime minister prepares for G20

Big Joanie: Sistahs review – fearlessly discordant punk debut


Adding a recorder solo to any song is a bold move outside Renaissance faire circles. That is precisely what happens halfway through Big Joanie’s debut full album, and it’s indicative of the London punk trio’s fearless approach to…

The V-sign: now that’s what I call a digital message | Terry Victor


You can’t beat gestural slang, which is why the late Baroness Trumpington’s two-fingered salute spoke to our hearts

Home Alone review – 1990 Christmas cracker resurfaces


Macaulay Culkin is nearly incandescent with confidence in the yuletide rerelease of Chris Columbus’ box-office smash

Night of Camp David: the return of a 1965 book about an insane president

Referenced by Rachel Maddow and Bob Woodward, a pulpy thriller about a commander-in-chief losing command of reality is receiving a timely rerelease


Brexit TV debate: Theresa May says she will only face Corbyn

Prime minister rules out debating with hard Brexiters or people’s vote campaigners

'It’s the only way forward': Madrid bans polluting vehicles from city centre

From Friday, only vehicles producing zero emissions will be allowed to drive freely in downtown Madrid – making it a pollution pioneer in Europe

Climate change strike: thousands of school students protest across Australia

‘Strike 4 Climate Action’ brings thousands of students together in defiance of prime minister’s warning

The school climate strike was a new generation's activism – and I'm so proud | Naaman Zhou


I’m six years out of school, nearly graduated from university, and I’ve never seen a protest like this

Stonewall head to Wembley and break vital new ground

The trailblazing LGBT team play on Friday in the first regular season, non-league game at the national stadium

UK rail fares to rise 3.1% in new year

Campaigners call for price freeze after year of disruption, with worst punctuality figures in a decade

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle review – a stunningly strange beast

Mowgli, Baloo and co get a visually dazzling upgrade, but there’s too much animal trauma to make this child-friendly

Why won’t our insurance pay out for a fault in building work?

The builder went bust before fixing the problem, but our policy covered that eventuality

Buggin' Out: Surviving Y2k's Dan Taberski on 'the disaster that never happened'

The host of Missing Richard Simmons talks about his new podcast which examines the millennium bug and the people who took Y2K seriously

Brace yourself, Britain. Brexit is about to teach you what a crisis actually is | David Bennun


Seven decades of prosperity have lulled the UK into thinking we’re special – that disasters only happen to other people

Helen Levitt's New York – in pictures


Brooklyn-born Helen Levitt was teaching art to children when she bought a camera to document the chalk drawings they were sketching on New York’s streets. Her works were influential but she struggled to make a living in her lifetime.

UK aid to Yemen is eclipsed by weapons sales to the Saudi coalition


UK aid to Yemen is eclipsed by the billions brought in through the bungling, deceitful sale of British weapons to Saudi Arabia