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In Taiwan’s waters, a hunt for tiny, wriggling ‘gold’

In the 1980s and ’90s, Taiwan’s eel industry was thriving, fueled by Japan’s appetite for unagi. But those days are gone.


A $3 trillion threat to global financial markets looms in Japan

Just over a week before a momentous leadership change at the Bank of Japan, investors are gearing up for the seemingly inevitable end to a ...


‘Don’t blame women’: Japan birth drive sparks online debate

Japan's government has made tackling its falling birthrate a top priority, but with few women involved in official debate on the issue, some are making ...


Elon Musk defends paid Twitter as blue tick ultimatum looms

The billionaire defended his controversial pay model for Twitter, claiming that any social media platform that didn't follow suit would fail because they would be ...

Japan’s imperial agency launches public relations office

The launch comes after the agency in charge of the family's affairs struggled with scandals and sharp, often slanderous, online reaction over former Princess Mako's ...

How the White House tried to keep China calm during Taiwan leader’s U.S. visit

Although China already has protested the visit, several people familiar with the matter say they believe China’s response may be more muted than earlier feared.


Trump’s GOP grip forces rivals into contortions after indictment

Republicans mostly condemned the prosecution as politically motivated. But subtleties in the pronouncements reveal the fear within the Republican Party of criticizing the ex-president.

Japan launches new agency to handle issues related to children

The agency, under the direct supervision of the prime minister, will tackle a wide range of challenges, including the perilously low birthrate, child abuse and ...

Power supply forecast to remain tight for Tokyo this summer

The reserve power supply capacity ratio in the Tokyo area in July could drop to 3%, the lowest level for maintaining stable supply, if an ...

Toyota’s shift to electric future rests on Koji Sato’s shoulders

When announcing his leadership team in February, Sato said he intends to take a bolder and faster "EV first” approach, promising to overhaul battery production ...


From Ireland to Yamanashi, kimono unlock cultural connections

Two artists and fashion designers reflect on a deep dive into Japanese culture through the lens of fashion.

Ainu culture at the heart of Hokkaido’s mindful tourism pivot

As Hokkaido looks to promote responsible, community-based tourism centered on Ainu culture and traditions, questions remain as to who stands to gain.


Planck Stars take their shenanigans on the road

The joke's on the naysayers: The idol-pop band of pranksters goes global with a world tour.

Friday, Mar 31


Bicycle helmets are now ‘mandatory’ in Japan. Here’s how people feel about that.


Most people in the country don't wear helmets when zipping off to work or buying groceries. But that might change thanks to a revised section ...

Japan announces outline of ‘unprecedented’ child care policy


The measures aimed at reversing Japan’s declining birthrate include beefing up child care allowances and expanding scholarships for college education.


Fighters debut ‘best stadium in the world’ as NPB kicks off new season


The Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters have touted the opening of their new home, Es Con Field Hokkaido, as the dawning of a new generation.

Masahiro Tanaka feels right at home as away team pitcher in Hokkaido opener


Tanaka has rarely had the opportunity to start on opening day in Japan, twice because of his participation in the WBC and also because he ...


COVID measures will be up to Japan’s businesses after downgrade


Requests for customers to sanitize their hands or have their temperatures taken are largely based on guidelines created by industries and will likely be less ...

IMF says BOJ should avoid hasty exit and provide rate guidance


Any indication of a shift in the "yield curve control" program could trigger a massive bond selloff, leaving some economists predicting that an end to ...

A’s rally past Angels to spoil Shohei Ohtani’s strong Opening Day outing


Ohtani didn't get a decision in the game despite leaving with a 1-0 lead after six innings, during which he limited the A's to two ...

Fury and sadness in Indonesia after FIFA pulls Under-20 World Cup


The humiliating loss came after two influential governors advocated banning Israel from the competition.


Long-awaited rules for carbon offset market disappoint experts


Fear of greenwashing has hamstrung the growing market, with data suggesting fewer offsets are being claimed against emitters’ carbon footprints.

Ryuichi Sakamoto calls for stop to redevelopment plan for Tokyo’s Jingu area


The Tokyo government last month approved a plan to demolish and rebuild Jingu Stadium, as well as cut down hundreds of trees, as part of ...

Dortmund target overcoming Munich hoodoo on Tuchel’s big day


Dortmund sit one point clear of Bayern but face their title rivals at Munich's Allianz Arena, which has been a graveyard for their aspirations.


Trump indictment breathes life into his grievance-driven campaign


Just when Republicans were beginning to believe that Trump was vulnerable if he ran a campaign about his grievances, an indictment gives him no reason ...


Japan tightens chip gear exports as U.S. seeks to contain China


Tokyo’s move follows months of lobbying by the U.S. to get Japan to join it in tightening shipments of semiconductor tools to China.

U.K. to join Indo-Pacific trade bloc in major post-Brexit pact


The British government views membership of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership as a boost for economic growth and geopolitical relations.

Finland clears last obstacle to NATO entry with nod from Turkey


The vote seals a major change in the European security architecture after militarily nonaligned Finland and Sweden sought NATO membership following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

600 pages all at once: What readers are saying about Mieko Kawakami’s new novel


Initial reviews of “Sisters in Yellow” say the hefty book is a fast read that leaves an almost painful impression.


Trump indicted in New York over Stormy Daniels hush-money payments


Trump is the first former U.S. president to be indicted.