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Tayyip Erdogan on track to win presidential election in Turkey

Critics say an Erdogan victory would further erode democracy in the NATO member state and entrench one-man rule.

Jogger accidentally crosses into US from Canada and is held for two weeks

Cedella Roman went out for a jog - and ended up in detention in the US for two weeks.

Open road: a Saudi woman rejoices as driving ban ends

Saudi Arabia has joined the rest of the world in allowing women to get behind the wheel, much to the joy of drivers such as Hessah Alajaji.

Indian woman poisons family after taunts

Police in India's Maharashtra state have arrested a housewife for allegedly poisoning food at a function that killed five people, including four children.

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Infrastructure chief says government and business have failed to deliver for Australians

Philip Davies has lashed the government and big business for failing to tackle population planning.


Fairfax-Ipsos poll: Who do you trust? The answer to this make-or-break question seems to be 'neither '

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are both plagued by poor ratings when voters are asked if they trust them.

Fairfax-Ipos poll: The PM's $144 billion tax cut offer seems to have fallen flat

Perhaps voters decided that a $10 weekly reduction is a bit low-rent in a country where the average dwelling costs $687,000.

Polling gets personal: What voters really think of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten

A new Fairfax-Ipsos poll asked Australians to rate their leaders. We now know who has the edge - but will it be enough to win him the election?


Best of Fairfax cartoons, June 25, 2018

Best of Fairfax cartoons, June 25, 2018


Melbourne woman dead after bus crash in Cambodia

A Melbourne aid worker is among four people who have been killed in a mini-bus crash in Cambodia.


Jacinda Ardern reveals newborn daughter's name

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern explained why she chose the name Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.

Radioactive water reignites concerns over fracking for gas

Private documents also show Buru Energy wants to dilute contaminated water and feed it to beef cattle.


Sarah Sanders asked to leave restaurant for her work with US President Donald Trump

Sanders says she and her family members were kicked out by an owner who wanted her to leave because she works for President Donald Trump.

Saturday, Jun 23

Blood in the dust: The plight of South African farmers is far from black or white

The narrative of a white persecution has gained traction in Australia. But on the ground, the situation is much more complex.

Friday, Jun 22

Crying Honduran girl on Time cover was not separated, father says

The mother of the girl in the viral photo left Honduras to find work in the US and has been deported once before.

US has detained and split up families throughout its history

Throughout American history, during times of war and unrest, authorities have cited various reasons and laws to take children away from their parents.

Anthony Albanese lays out his vision for Labor in a Gough Whitlam-inspired call to arms

Bill Shorten's leadership rival is urging Labor to embrace the aspirations of workers outside the union movement.

‘How empires begin.’ China has made its global move. This is Australia’s response

China's rise in the Pacific threatens to erode Australian influence. But it is also a chance to be part of the biggest infrastructure project in the world.

Thursday, Jun 21

How much of the $144 billion income tax cuts will you get?

So you are getting a tax cut. Time to book that cruise, hit up the high street or pay off the plastic?

'Wronged' Trump airs his grievances and demands more credit

Standing at centre stage, delivering a rollicking speech that harkened back to the glory days of his 2016 campaign,Donald Trump was simmering with frustration.

Wednesday, Jun 20

May faces down pro-EU rebel legislators to win Brexit vote

The crucial vote keeps the divided government's plans to end more than 40 years of British partnership with the European Union on track.

Pauline Hanson moves to give taxpayers a break - and Malcolm Turnbull a mammoth victory

The government stared down attempts to amend the plan and will insist on an “all or nothing” vote on Thursday.

Pauline Hanson hints at support for entire $144b income tax cuts package

One Nation leader reluctant to block tax relief for families "doing it tough".

Tuesday, Jun 19

'Disappointing': Border force training school blasted in official report

The report also found immigration and customs staff have abused their powers and many are so poorly trained they can't do their jobs.

Best of Fairfax cartoons June 20, 2018

Fairfax Media's talented team of artists, illustrators and cartoonists give us their humorous version of the news of the day.

Carbon tax: the two most loaded words in Australian politics make a return to Canberra

While the tensions are real and the skirmishes will not end, they're not enough to stop Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg's plan.

'We are not your punching bag': ABC boss Michelle Guthrie hits back at the Liberal Party

Michelle Guthrie has dramatically hit back at the Liberal Party over its call to privatise the public broadcaster.