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Why Donald Trump will survive his most 'serious mistake'

It seemed like one of the biggest crises of Donald Trump's presidency. Just days later a familiar pattern began falling into place.

US tourist boat capsizes, killing several passengers

At least eight people were killed when a tourist boat capsized in Missouri as powerful thunderstorms passed through the country's Midwest.

'Despicable': Harvey Weinstein claims he had a 'bargain' with Ashley Judd

Weinstein's allegations mark a bold legal strategy for the disgraced former movie executive.

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US government to alert public to foreign meddling operations

US Justice Department plans to alert the public to foreign operations targeting US democracy under a new policy designed to counter disinformation campaigns.


Trump morphs into Putin on Time magazine's cover photo

A photo illustration blending portraits of President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is Time magazine's latest provocative cover image.


Trump invited Putin to Washington for summit: White House

President Donald Trump invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Washington for a summit in the northern autumn.

France's Macron under fire after aide caught beating protester

Critics of Macron said the incident reinforced perceptions of a lofty, out-of-touch president.


Despite summit criticism, Trump looks to next Putin meeting

In Moscow, Putin said "powerful" US forces were trying to sabotage the summit's achievements.


North Korea has 2.6 million 'modern slaves', new report estimates

Australian mining magnate and anti-slavery campaigner Andrew Forrest has published a global index of modern slavery.


Donald Trump 'doesn't fit in a square box', but we can trust him: Marise Payne

Despite the controversy of the last week, Australia's defence minister says she is confident the US would have our back in a crisis.


Flags, flowers greet for foes turned friends: Ethiopia and Eritrea

The first commercial flight from Ethiopia to Eritrea in 20 years has landed safely in Asmara a week after "state of war" declared over.


Curiosity comes with a warning after cave rescue

After watching the Thai cave rescue unfold, many people have probably decided that caves are dangerous places that no ordinary person would want to go near. But cavers aren't ordinary people.

British police believe they know suspects in spy Novichok poisoning

Officers think several Russians were involved in the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Thursday, Jul 19

There's no doubt we’re watching the weirdest of presidencies

This is a new patriotism, which rather than celebrating a country’s institutions, declares in a rage that they are corrupt, then declares war on them.

Wednesday, Jul 18

'People at the higher ends of intelligence loved my press conference': Trump takes to Twitter

The US President has unleashed a series of tweets defending his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his dealings with North Korea.

'Scared I would get told off by my mum': Thai cave boys front media

The 12 boys and their soccer coach have left hospital, to make their first public appearance at a nationally-broadcast news conference.

After Putin meeting, Trump voters mostly stand by their man

At a bar in Pennsylvania, voters wondered if election meddling was really so terrible. In Arizona, they insisted that Trump had actually been tough on Russia

Trump sided with Putin? Well, yes, but that was 24 hours ago

What the world actually witnessed wasn't Trump cosying up a Putin but a simple slip of the tongue, a verbal typo.

Tuesday, Jul 17

Las Vegas hotel sues mass shooting victims

MGM Resorts has asked a court to find that the casino giant has "no liability of any kind" relating to the October 1 mass shooting.

'You have nothing': Father of MH17 victims lashes Donald Trump

Anthony Maslin, the Perth father whose three children were killed on MH17, has accused Donald Trump of "kissing the arse" of Vladimir Putin.

In Helsinki, Trump shows his weakness for Putin to the world

This was a disaster for Donald Trump on his own terms, not just in the eyes of the ‘fake news’ media he so often derides.

Monday, Jul 16

'Treasonous': Trump-Putin summit leaves US leaders aghast

Former CIA director John Brennan led a barrage of criticism of Trump's performance, saying the President betrayed his country.

A handshake in Helsinki, then two presidents get down to business

Donald Trump reiterated remarks that he believed 'getting along with Russia is a good thing not a bad thing' as he and Vladimir Putin fronted the media before retreating to a private meeting.

Sunday, Jul 15

How a 71-year-old man tied a gun to a weather balloon to fake his own murder

Florida detectives on the scene found few clues near the body. No weapon, no shell casing, no signs of struggle, no dirt on the soles of his sneakers.

Hayley Wyatt suffered from the most painful condition on Earth

Hayley Wyatt's last words in this world were "mum, mum". She was sitting on the sofa, and calling out for help.

'Pedo': Elon Musk's bizarre outburst at Thailand cave diver

The British diver, who was part of the rescue mission, said the billionaire could 'stick his submarine where it hurts'.