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Ontario workplace safety board reviewing Uber Eats following Marketplace investigation

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On any given day in downtown Toronto, you'll see a flurry of bike couriers peddling their way through traffic, bags strapped to their backs, on their way to deliver your next meal. But if those couriers get hurt on the job, a Marketplace…

'One of the big places we need to be,' Trudeau says ahead of final Asia-Pacific summit

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent Friday morning at a hawker’s market. But as he jetted off from one Southeast Asian summit to his next, he seemed more like the guy with something to sell.

Correction to climate change study highlights flaws in peer-review process

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Authors of a recent climate change study are forced to make a correction when an independent researcher notes a mistake in their calculations. Does this mean we can't trust peer-reviewed studies?

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School bus cancellations for Ottawa-Gatineau


Is your child's school bus running today? Check to learn if snow, sleet or other weather conditions have forced transportation cancellations in your area.

Who gets more done — office workers or telecommuters?

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Despite the growing popularity of telecommuting among workers with in-demand skills, some managers just don't trust employees to get work done at home. An economist who studies the productivity of telecommuters says attitudes toward remote…

Snow will fall all day on Friday


The first significant snowfall since mid-March will keep cleanup crews busy.


'Unspeakable': family mourns Good Samaritan killed in highway crash


Relatives say Jennifer Sullivan Snow of Oromocto, N.B., was the sort of person who 'didn't have it in her' to pass by someone needing help.


Saskatoon widow has her husband's tattoos — and the skin they're on — preserved

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Some people put a photo of their departed loved ones above the living room fireplace. Others spread the deceased's ashes. Saskatoon tattoo shop owner Cheryl Wenzel's late husband and business partner Chris left her with far more…


Friday morning commute in for a winter wallop


If you live in or around Ottawa, Friday would be a good day to work from home. Environment Canada has issued a winter weather travel advisory that will take effect Thursday evening.


Canada considering sanctions against Saudis over murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

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Canada is "actively considering" deploying Magnitsky Act sanctions over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said today.

Toronto private school didn't report incident of alleged sexual assault, police say

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A Catholic boys' private school where a student was allegedly sexually assaulted did not report the incident to the Toronto police, a spokeswoman for the force said Thursday, adding that a criminal investigation was launched only after…

Trade talks would have run smoother if the U.S. had been more organized, says former ambassador


Former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman says the renegotiation of NAFTA could have gone a lot smoother but there is plenty of hope for the future of Canada-U.S. relations.



PC economic plan: slash spending and oversight, cut tax, longer hours to buy booze

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Months after Ontario's finance minister said finding fiscal balance will "require everyone to make sacrifices without exception," the public got its first glance at how the government will try to do it.

Death toll reaches 63 in northern California wildfire as search continues for missing

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Cool weather helped fire crews gain ground Thursday against the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in a century, as the search went on for more bodies in the ashes of Paradise and surrounding communities in Northern California.

Death of 13-year-old Thai boy sparks debate about child kickboxing

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The death of a 13-year-old boy who was knocked out during a kickboxing match in Thailand has sparked debate over whether to ban matches involving children.


Bombers' Jeffcoat gets max fine as CFL adds extra official to watch for head shots

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The Canadian Football League will add an extra official to the field for the rest of the playoffs to watch for any blows delivered to the head or neck of a quarterback.


Thursday, Nov 15

Rising stars have chance to leave mark at Grand Prix of Russia

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The Grand Prix of Russia, the fifth of six Grand Prix of Figure Skating events, is set for the weekend in Moscow, and with it, the chance for some newcomers to possibly take centre stage.

Woman who was raped worries about man's sexsomnia defence

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Seven years after she was raped by a stranger, an Ottawa-area woman is still seeking closure and waiting in trepidation for what justice could mete out.

'Totally star-struck': Winnipeg hockey coach pressed into service as backup goalie for Washington Capitals


A University of Manitoba hockey coach was added to the roster of the Stanley Cup champions when they played the Winnipeg Jets Wednesday evening.

Wednesday, Nov 14

Outrage in Ireland after teenage girl's underwear used as evidence in rape trial

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Women’s rights campaigners in Ireland and beyond are outraged and organizing protests after a man was acquitted of raping a 17-year-old in a trial where the defence lawyer used the woman’s laced thong underwear as evidence.

The real loser from Calgary's 'No' vote? The Olympic movement

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The result of Tuesday's vote not only means Calgary will not host the 2026 Olympics, CBC Sports host Scott Russell writes that it's also an Olympic-sized wake-up call. Not everyone loves the Games, at least not the way they are now. Not…

Why Calgary passed on the 2026 Olympics — and what's next for the Games nobody seems to want

www.cbc.ca also on CBC.ca / Sports

Calgary voters have sent politicians a clear message: They want no part of the city's beleaguered bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. Beyond the boosterism of those connected to the Olympic movement, there never seemed to be an overwhelming…

Prince Charles at 70: Will he meddle as king? He says no, but he's had a lot of practice

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Prince Charles, who turns 70 today, has spent his lifetime doing charitable work, but his history of sharing strong opinions has left some observers uneasy about how he will serve as king.

Tuesday, Nov 13

Calgarians vote against 2026 Winter Olympics bid

www.cbc.ca also on CBC.ca / Sports

The majority of Calgarians do not want the city to proceed with a bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, according to the unofficial result of a non-binding plebiscite.

Mind-blowing music in attic reveals the life one man locked away


Pat Maloney was a gifted experimental musician in the 1970s, until he suddenly stopped playing entirely.

Teacher with criminal history arrested after altercation with student

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RCMP have arrested a Halifax-area teacher accused of assault and mischief after an Oct. 3 incident involving a student. The administration at the Cole Harbour high school knew he had a criminal history and had vouched for his character…

The upside to GTA-Waterloo Region not winning its joint Amazon HQ bid

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Toronto’s bid for Amazon’s HQ2 fell short, but some say the city may be better off without the American giant.

Monday, Nov 12

Scientists are redefining the kilogram

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Scientists are updating the definition of the kilogram, after years of nursing a sometimes dusty cylinder of metal in a vault outside Paris as the global reference for modern mass.

'It's something out of a Hitchcock film': Experts re-examine unsolved Canadian airliner bombing

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Modern investigative techniques are being applied to the mysterious unsolved bombing of Canadian Pacific Flight 21, which killed 52 people in B.C. in 1965.

'I was beginning to lose hope': Woman battles bank for 2 years for information on her own account

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An Edmonton woman is speaking out about a two-year battle with her bank to access information about her account after she noticed a questionable transaction.

Sunday, Nov 11

Northern California wildfire now deadliest in state history

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Experts in identifying human remains joined California police and firefighters on Monday in the grim task of sifting through the charred debris of homes destroyed in the most devastating wildfire in state history, searching for hundreds of…

Calgary lawyer challenging gay-straight alliance bill compares pride flags to swastikas

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John Carpay's comment comparing rainbow pride flags to swastikas should get him disbarred and removed as a member of the United Conservative Party, says an LGBTQ advocate.

Beaded poppies show respect for Indigenous veterans — that's why I'm wearing mine


Canadians are increasingly wearing beaded poppies to honour the service and sacrifices of Indigenous veterans

A silence in Mons: How Canadians saw the final moments of WW I

www.cbc.ca also on CBC.ca / News

Canadian soldiers were witnesses to the dying hours of the War to End Wars in the Belgian village where British and German forces first clashed. Their letters home tell a compelling story of grief, horror and hope.