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Deputy AG who oversees Mueller investigation: Russian indictments are "good thing"

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The deputy attorney general spoke as he faces scrutiny from the most conservative Republicans on Capitol Hill

Analysis: New Trump-Putin meeting will "complicate" Russia message, midterms

CBS News' Major Garrett points out the second meeting between Trump and Putin would come ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections

ESPYs honor Parkland coaches who died in school shooting

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ESPYs "Best Coach" award posthumously honored three coaches from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who died protecting students from a gunman in February

"Let's see what we can do to help you out": Village employees donate sick time to cop battling cancer

"Sometimes when you start to lose faith in humanity and you think that this world's gone down the wrong path and there ain't no coming back, something like this happens"

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Arizona law would give frozen embryos to spouse who wants baby after divorce

A new law in Arizona that went into effect July 1 spells out what happens to frozen embryos when a couple gets divorced. Supporters of the law say it will protect a partner's right to his or her embryos but opponents say it could force…

DOJ's Cyber-Digital Task Force warns of foreign interference in first report

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The report comes after a week of controversy over Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election


Coats says he doesn't know what happened in Trump-Putin meeting

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The director of national intelligence has been front and center lately, seeming to contradict President Trump's assessment of Russian election meddling

John Kerry: Helsinki news conference was "dangerous"

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Former secretary of state sat down Thursday with "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan

Boys play catch with dog over fence

Two toddlers from Minnesota found a creative way to play fetch with the neighbor's dog -- despite the fence dividing their backyards


Watchdog report sheds new light on Flint water crisis

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Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General says "oversight lapses" occurred at the federal, state and local levels


Fiery stunt goes wrong on "America’s Got Talent"

A trapeze artist couple gave the audience and hosts of "America's Got Talent" a true scare


There's a partisan split on tariffs, new poll finds

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Republicans overwhelmingly say the increased tariffs are good, while Democrats say they're harmful


Why people are worried about Trump's Montenegro comments

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The president risks emboldening Russian aggression when he appears to doubt the usefulness of NATO

Customer who wrote "we don’t tip terrorist" banned from Texas restaurant

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The customer circled the server's name on the bill and scrawled the words, "we don't tip terrorist"

Trump and Putin morph on Time cover

Time magazine has released a provocative new cover depicting President Trump morphing into Russian President Vladimir Putin

There are benefits to being raised by a working mom, study says

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Daughters of working moms are more likely to advance in their own careers and sons tend to lead more equitable home lives


Injuries reported in blast at Pennsylvania Army depot

Small explosion in vehicle shop at Army depot injures four workers, three of them seriously


Iconic "Brady Bunch" house for sale

House hunters can now own a bit of nostalgia – the iconic TV home that was used in the opening and closing of "The Brady Bunch" is on the market


Trump on his meeting with Putin, U.S. intelligence and his response to critics

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President Trump addressed Russian meddling in an interview Wednesday night with "CBS Evening News" anchor Jeff Glor

Trump remark sparks confusion over view of ongoing Russian interference

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Trump told reporters Wednesday that there's "never been a president as tough on Russia as I have been"

Thursday, Jul 19

Passengers apparently saw danger before pilot crash-landed in Alaska, NTSB says

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A passenger sitting next to the pilot told the National Transportation Safety Board he was "uncomfortable" with the worsening weather conditions before July 10 incident

Wednesday, Jul 18

Lava has destroyed 700 homes – and added 700 acres to Hawaii

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Lava is changing the outline of the island itself and now threatens even more of the Big Island coastline

"I taste it in my throat": Last words of man executed for 2004 slaying

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Christopher Young, 34, was given a lethal drug Tuesday evening for fatal shooting of 53-year-old San Antonio convenience store owner

Police chief: Houston serial killer suspect cut off ankle monitor

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Investigators say Jose Gilberto Rodriguez may have been looking to target more victims when he was arrested Tuesday

Cambage breaks WNBA scoring record with 53-point game

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Cambage scored 53 points to set a WNBA record Tuesday, leading the Dallas Wings to a 104-87 victory over the New York Liberty

Tuesday, Jul 17

Obama says we're in "strange and uncertain times" in Mandela lecture

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At a speech honoring Mandela, Obama said he'd try to "get some perspective" as news cycles bring "more head-spinning and disturbing headlines"

Trump claims he misspoke about Russian meddling

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The president said he meant to say he saw no reason to believe it was anyone other than Russia who interfered in the 2016 election

3rd Dartmouth professor leaves in wake of misconduct probe

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Three professors were accused of creating a "hostile academic environment" marked by excessive drinking, favoritism and -- at times -- inappropriate behavior

FDA OKs first drug to treat smallpox, in case of terror attack

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Smallpox was eradicated decades ago, but small samples of the virus​ were saved for research purposes and some worry it could be used as a biological weapon

Monday, Jul 16

"Lava bomb" flies through roof of Hawaii tour boat, injuring 23

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Nearly two dozen people were injured after what officials described as a "lava bomb" ripped through the roof of a tour boat in Hawaii

Alma Deutscher: The prodigy whose "first language" is Mozart

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Alma Deutscher was playing piano and violin by the time she was 3 years old and wrote her first opera at 10. For her, making music seems as natural as breathing. Scott Pelley reports.

Seaweed farming and its surprising benefits

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Seaweed may be thought of as a nuisance, but an increasing number of fishermen, scientists and consumers are seeing it as a solution

The history and future of Confederate monuments

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As debate over the takedown of Confederate monuments continues, "60 Minutes" examines why and when the statues went up in the first place

Sunday, Jul 15

Police officer, bystander shot and killed in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts police officer and bystander have died from wounds sustained when a suspect allegedly took the officer's gun and fired

Passage: Tab Hunter and Nancy Sinatra

Hollywood star and gay icon Tab Hunter died on Sunday, July 8, 2018 at age 86. Steve Hartman looks back at the life and career of the teen heartthrob and cult movie actor who would write a revealing autobiography about living as a…

New Mexico bus crash leaves 3 dead, dozens injured

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Authorities say crash involved a passenger bus and three other vehicles on a highway in New Mexico

Jim Gaffigan on M&M's World, the store for all our M&M needs

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan is horrified to discover that a global chain of M&M's World stores exists, making it even easier for us to buy candies you can buy anywhere.