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Tesla stock has its worst day in two years after Elon Musk's off-kilter interview with the NYT

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Shares of Tesla tumbled as much as 8.9 percent after a New York Times feature outlined some serious struggles for CEO Elon Musk.

Merkel is meeting Putin this weekend and here’s what’s on the agenda

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The pair have often clashed but remain in regular contact.

US, China plot roadmap for meeting between Trump, Xi to resolve trade dispute: Wall Street Journal

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Chinese and U.S. negotiators are reportedly working on a plan to hold talks to end a trade dispute that would result in meetings between President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping at a summit in November, according to Dow Jones.

White House's Kudlow says China looks 'terrible.' Numbers paint a murkier picture

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China’s economy is still one of the fastest growing in the world, contrary to White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow’s assertion that its economy looks “terrible.”

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US stocks are again headed for new highs while rest of the world's stock market struggles

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The U.S. stock market is well on its way to better-than-average gains this year, but a quick glance at overseas markets reveals a more sobering story.


Life in Turkey now: Tough talk, but fears of drug shortages

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Turkey's financial crisis is rippling through the economy, shutting down power plants and threatening the supply of life-saving drugs, The New York Times reports.


US imposes sanctions on Myanmar military over Rohingya crackdown

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The U.S. imposed sanctions on four Myanmar military and police commanders and two army units for involvement in what it called "ethnic cleansing" and other human rights abuses against the country's Rohingya Muslims.


Spanish soccer league aims to break into the US market with landmark fixture

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La Liga plans to bring a regular season club match to the United States, the first to be played outside of Europe.


‘More volatility’ expected as Iran sanctions set to prompt wild swings in oil prices, CEO says

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A shipping revolution and a U.S. plan to impose targeted crude sanctions against Iran is likely to prompt wild swings in the oil price over the coming months, Vopak's chief executive told CNBC on Friday.


Trump pushes to study an end to quarterly earnings reports to help business do 'even better'

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President Trump says he's asked the SEC to look into ending the long-held quarterly earnings reports for publicly traded companies, saying it would boost business and in turn help create jobs.


Euro zone inflation confirmed above ECB target in July

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Euro zone inflation increased to 2.1 percent in July, above the European Central Bank's target of 2 percent.


Malaysia's prime minister, a vocal critic of Chinese investment, heads to Beijing

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The 93-year-old leader has repeatedly criticized Chinese ventures in his country for being too expensive. As he visits the world's second-largest economy, he's expected to renegotiate a number of Beijing-backed deals.


Tesla reportedly searching for a No. 2 executive for Elon Musk

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The New York Times reported that Tesla executives have intensified the search following Musk's tweets about taking the company private.

Italy blame game over bridge collapse will hurt investor sentiment for a long time, economist says

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Italy is embroiled in a blame game that will ultimately discourage many international investors, an economist told CNBC Friday.


US-China trade talks will focus on yuan weakness, experts say

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U.S.-China trade talks in August will likely be centered on the Chinese yuan, which has fallen almost 6 percent against the greenback so far this year.

Turkey's currency crisis will hit its Asian trade partners, economist says

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Amid the turmoil in global markets caused by a sharp decline in the Turkish currency, investors are carefully watching the links between the embattled economy and Asia Pacific countries.


Tech firms say A.I. can transform health care as we know it. Doctors think they should slow down

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Some doctors worry that those in the tech world think artificial intelligence can not only help clinicians, but even do a better job.


China wants to build robots to overtake its rivals — but it's not there yet

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Chinese robotics firms have gained market share domestically, but it they want to compete globally, "there is work to be done," says an analyst from McKinsey & Company.

Google CEO: We're 'not close' to launching search in China

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At an internal meeting on Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that Google was "not close" to launching a search product in China.


Pentagon says it's postponing Trump's military parade

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The Pentagon said in a Thursday statement that it would "explore opportunities" in 2019 for President Donald Trump's military parade that originally had been set for November of this year.

Thursday, Aug 16

Nvidia tumbles on low revenue guidance

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Nvidia beat expectations for its fiscal second quarter, but revenue guidance for the next quarter was low.

Tesla ex-security employee alleges theft, spying and drug dealing at company

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Tesla ex-security worker alleges company covered up theft, drug-dealing and spied on employees

White House economic advisor Kudlow confirms trade talks to resume with China later this month

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Kudlow says talks will resume but warns that President Trump has a strong resolve to make sure the administration gets a good deal.

Turkey’s currency crisis ‘has further to go,’ investment chief warns

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With no sign of de-escalation in its tariff spat with the U.S. and the absence of a comprehensive plan to address key economic weaknesses, risk remains extremely high. And Qatar's $15 billion investment package may be a mere band-aid.

Wednesday, Aug 15

Trump administration targets Chinese and Russian companies over illegal shipments to North Korea

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The Treasury Department announced new actions Wednesday directed at Chinese and Russian companies that it says facilitated illicit shipments on behalf of North Korea.

Winners and losers from the Turkey crisis

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Emerging markets and banks are among the biggest casualties in the recent decline of the Turkish lira, but there will be some winners in the economic crisis as well.

Turkey slaps tariffs on American booze, cars as business groups urge diplomacy

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The government claims it is responding to a “deliberate attack” by the U.S. on Turkey’s economy.

Chinese investors are putting their money in a lot of places. That rarely means stocks

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Stocks still rank low on the popularity list for Chinese investors, while private funds are playing a larger role in the country's asset management market — which many predict will soon become the world's second largest.

Tuesday, Aug 14

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway reloads on Apple and Goldman Sachs

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Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway increased its stake in Apple and Goldman Sachs, according to a regulatory filing Tuesday that discloses positions through the end of the second quarter.

Erdogan says Turkey will boycott US electronic goods, including Apple’s iPhone

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The Turkish president says Samsung products and Turkey's own Vestel Venus phone are worthy alternatives.

Turkish lira recovers sharply against the dollar after record nosedive

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The currency has lost 28 percent of its value against the greenback since August and more than 40 percent this year amid investor fears over central bank policy and escalating disputes with the United States.

Bitcoin dips below $6,000 amid cryptocurrency sell-off

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Bitcoin's price is close to its lowest point of the year.

Monday, Aug 13

'What happens in Turkey won't stay in Turkey': Why this debt crisis could be different

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The markets have seen much of this movie before: a heavily indebted country finds itself in crisis, the currency plunges and talk quickly turns to contagion and, ultimately, an expensive globally financed bailout.

Musk says Saudi fund wants to take Tesla private, justifying his 'funding secure' tweet; stock slips 1%

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Tesla has been battling wild stock swings and widespread scrutiny in the week following Musk's tweet.

What went wrong for Turkey? Its economy is 'in the midst of a perfect storm'

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Strategists from J.P. Morgan Asset Management said the country has found itself "in the midst of a perfect storm" of worsening financial conditions, shaky investor sentiment, inadequate management of the economy and tariff threats from the…

Turkish lira collapse continues, hits new record low as central bank takes steps to ease pain

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The Turkish lira retraced some losses after touching a new record low after the central bank moved to improve liquidity.

Sunday, Aug 12

Why one market bull predicts millennials, baby boomers will help the US notch an economic milestone

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Yardeni Research’s Edward Yardeni sees consumer spending trends lifting the market by warding off inflation.

Trump applauds Harley Davidson boycott, says shift of production abroad is a 'really bad move'

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The president again criticized Harley Davidson's move abroad, and said it was 'great' that consumers were boycotting them.

Auto industry caught in the trade war crosshairs

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If the tariffs result in a sharp cut in U.S. automotive exports that could take its toll on jobs over the next few months. And that would likely backfire on Trump and the Republicans.

Russia vows to keep selling off its US securities holdings after being hit with new sanctions

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Russia will continue decreasing its holdings of U.S. securities in response to new U.S. sanctions on Moscow, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.