Thursday, May 24


Jaguar Land Rover Plant Workers Facing Redundancy Have Just Learnt Their Fate Through A Massive 'Data Leak'

Huffington Post UK

An apparent data breach at Jaguar Land Rover’s West Midlands factory has disclosed the personal information of hundreds of workers and revealed their possible fate amid mass redundancies.

Tuesday, May 22

Tesco Direct To Close Down, Supermarket Confirms

Tesco is to shut its loss-making digital arm, which sells general goods like toys and clothing, as the firm concedes defeat to rivals including American retail giant Amazon.


Marks And Spencer Confirms 100 Store Closures By 2022

Marks & Spencer is to close 100 shops in the next five years and significantly scale back its UK expansion, the firm announced on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 16


Pukka Has Been Told To Stop Advertising Its Tea As 'Detox'

Huffington Post UK

Pukka, the tea brand, has been told to stop using the word ‘detox’ in advertising for its Detox tea because under EU regulation it’s not allowed.

Tuesday, May 15


6 Apps To Make Work Travel A Little Less Stressful

If you are travelling for work and downtime is precious, take the fuss out of trying to decide what to do, where to go and what to eat with these great apps.

Thursday, May 10


Wednesday, May 9


Why Work-Life Balance Is Especially Important To Millennials - My Story

As our notion of the role work should play in our lives evolves, more and more the lines between the personal and the professional seem to be blurring into insignificance, with the ubiquity of smartphones and social media meaning that…

Tuesday, May 8


Quiz: How Do You Enjoy Your Downtime On A Business Trip?

It’s official – most business travellers use their downtime to get out and about to appreciate a new city, experience local food and visit landmarks, galleries or museums, according to a survey commissioned by Crowne Plaza® Hotels &…

Tuesday, May 1


Uber Loses Brighton Licence After Council Find Taxi App Is Not 'Fit And Proper'

Uber’s licence in Brighton will not be renewed the council announced on Tuesday, saying the ride-hailing app was not “fit and proper”.


Royal Bank Of Scotland Branch Closures Result In 792 Job Losses

Royal Bank of Scotland is to close 162 branches in England and Wales, resulting in 792 job losses.


Just One McDonald's Worker Walks Off Shift During #McStrike, Firm Claims

McDonald’s claims just one worker has walked out during today’s much-publicised #McStrike.

Saturday, Apr 28


Sainsbury's Asda Merger: Supermarkets In 'Advanced Talks' Over Tie-Up

Sainsbury’s and Asda are in “advanced discussions” regarding a possible merger to create a group of up to 2,800 stores.

Wednesday, Apr 18


The Clock Is Ticking On Getting The Best Brexit For Small Businesses

As the crunch negotiations continue on a transition deal, most coverage and debate on Brexit remains focused on what it means for big business. Who’s moving offices, where? Which factories might expand and which risk being shut? What does…

Sunday, Apr 15


‘You Work Like A Robot’: A Postman And A Courier, A Generation Apart, On the Loss Of Human Connection

When Maggie Dewhurst calls the office, she doesn’t give her name. She is identified, instead, by a number. It’s a small thing, but still oddly dehumanising.

Wednesday, Apr 11


How You Should Spend Your Downtime This Evening

Travelling for work can be relentless: early wake-ups, rushing from airport to meeting and back again, shovelling food in your mouth on the run, coming back to your hotel after a long and exhausting day and working late into the night…

Friday, Apr 6

The UK Must Embrace Refugees’ Entrepreneurial Potential

In February, the government announced it was halfway towards fulfilling David Cameron’s pledge to resettle 20,000 refugees in the UK by 2020. But resettlement is only half the story.

Thursday, Apr 5


Why We Need A #PayMeToo Campaign To Help End The Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is rightly making headlines on television and in print. Paying women less than men for doing the same job is not only discriminatory, but narrow-minded and detrimental to a successful, profitable business.

Sunday, Apr 1


The Best And Worst April Fools' Day Stories And Gags

It’s one of Donald Trump’s favourite retorts - “fake news” - but today its serious business for newspaper and companies alike, but all in the interests of amusement.

Wednesday, Mar 28

Ex Harvey Weinstein Assistant Zelda Perkins Was 'Unable To Get Another Job' After Leaving Miramax

A former assistant to the disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein has revealed she struggled to get another job after quitting his company following allegations of sexual assault against him.

Tuesday, Mar 27


Waiter Fired For Being ‘Aggressive And Disrespectful’ Blames His ‘French Culture’

A waiter fired for being aggressive towards his co-workers has claimed he is being discriminated against because his French culture means he is more “direct and expressive”.

Sunday, Mar 25


How To Make Work Experience Worthwhile, According to Careers Experts

It can sometimes prove difficult just to organise a work placement and afford to complete it, so it’s no surprise that considering what exactly you want to get out of it – aside from ticking that essential box on your CV – can get lost…

Thursday, Mar 22


Advertisers Hit Back At Facebook After Cambridge Analytica

Facebook faces some tough questions this week from advertisers with a number of large organisations reportedly already reconsidering their current spending on the social giant after the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica.

Tuesday, Mar 20


Secrets Of An HR Director: 'This Is How To Ask For A Payrise'

In the world of work, knowing exactly what your boss or potential employer wants from you is the holy grail - especially when it comes to getting a job interview or a promotion.


Thursday, Mar 8


Career Advice To My Younger Self: 'If Someone Gives You A Chance – Grab It'

“If somebody gives you a chance then say yes to it – you grab it,” explains Lynda Thomas, 52, the CEO of UK cancer charity, Macmillan who has been in her role since 2014. “Somehow I ended up here as the chief exec,” Thomas jokes. But her…

Wednesday, Mar 7


New Look Announces Store Closures In Bid To Stave Off Administration

New Look plans to close 60 stores and axe as many as 980 jobs in a deal aimed at keeping the struggling clothing retailer afloat, the company said on Wednesday.


Career Advice To My Younger Self: 'Be Less Afraid'

To celebrate International Women’s Day, inspirational women are sharing career advice. Here, we talk to Google product manager Marily Nika. Catch-up with advice from entrepreneur Lana Elie and Chi Onwurah.

Tuesday, Mar 6


'Flippy' The Burger-Flipping Robot Starts Work In California

Head over to Caliburger in Pasadena, US and you’ll now be able to enjoy a delicious cheeseburger cooked entirely by a robot rather affectionately named ‘Flippy’.

Monday, Mar 5


'Undercutters' Charter' Exposes Pay Gap Between Staff And Agency Workers

An “undercutters’ charter” allows companies to offer agency workers less than half the rate of pay than staff doing the same job, trade unions warned today.

Friday, Mar 2


Deliveroo Snow Delivery Surcharge Branded 'Deplorable'

Huffington Post UK

Deliveroo faces growing outrage from customers, politicians and cycling safety campaigners as it stands accused of incentivising delivery riders to sacrifice their safety in extreme weather conditions.