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Debunking The Myths Of Living With Eating Disorders

Anorexia is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It is difficult to explain how much it takes out of you, mentally and physically, and how much it takes over you. The people around me noticed what was happening before I did - once…



We've Made Progress This World Cup, But Football Still Isn't A Safe Space For Women

It all seemed to be going so well for women at the World Cup. Vicki Sparks made history by becoming the first woman to commentate live on a World Cup match in the UK, while England Lionesses-turned-pundits Eni Aluko and Alex Scott received…


Hot Baths Could Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease, But You're Going To Have To Clear Your Diary

Taking hot baths could lower your risk of heart disease, new research suggests – as if anyone needed a reason to have a relaxing soak in the tub.

We Have So Many Questions About This £300 Period Sex Blanket

Period sex. Some people love it, some people hate it and for others it’s a necessary evil to ensure you don’t spend one quarter of the year in self-imposed chastity.


National Bring Your Dog To Work Day: These Pups Are Britain's Cutest Employees

Your workplace may have a few extra “employees” this Friday because today is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day, an annual fundraising event for charities helping man’s best friend.


How It Feels To Be An Inpatient At A Psychiatric Hospital

Huffington Post UK

We all have moments in our lives that help define us. Personal milestones, significant dates and experiences we always carry with us.


What Is A Modern Family?

I just got schooled by a twelve-year-old.


5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: From Chubbs The Overweight Cat To Brian The Abandoned Dog

Today is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and employees across the nation have been tweeting in anticipation all week. We’re particularly in love with Tarquin the sausage dog, the cutest architect to ever live.

Thursday, Jun 21


How Rediscovering Playtime Can Make Getting Fit Easy

As adults, it’s easy to forget how to play. We rush from bed to work to gym and back home to bed again, with exercise becoming a routine chore to carry out, rather than a space to relax, laugh and de-stress – rarely mixing two minutes of…

3 Moves To Work Your Upper Arms, For When You’ve Got A Few Minutes To Spare

When it comes to finding exercises that target specific areas, make you feel buzzed on endorphins and are compatible with the zillion other things you’ve got to do that day: it’s tricky.

These Speedy Morning Routine Changes Could Improve Your Day

Are you a green smoothie and yoga before work kind of person? Or a chug a coffee, toothpaste down your shirt sort? While it might seem very ambitious to kick-start your work day earlier, it is the secret ingredient to success, according to…

No Frills Exercise Apps To Help You Stay Active

With the dizzy high of endorphins, enhanced alertness and increased flexibility on offer, staying fit looks to be a no brainer. Theoretically, at least. Between the various hazes of modern life, slicing out the time often ends up coming…

5 Tiny Tweaks To Upgrade Your Health

We’re a nation trapped in the modern health paradox - exposed to record levels of healthy inspiration (there’s over 273 million posts with #fitness on Instagram, at the time of publishing) and yet too time poor to move as much as we should…


Can Adopting A Minimalist Mindset Help You To Live Better?

How many of us have clothes we never wear, books we’ve never read and spend time doing things that we don’t find meaningful?


People Might Soon Be Paid To Cycle To Work In The Netherlands - Should the UK Follow Suit?

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People in the Netherlands might soon be paid per kilometre they cycle to work, as part of a new cycling initiative aimed at getting people to be more active.


How To Cook For Maximum Taste, Using Minimum Energy

Sowing seeds, harvesting crops and raising livestock are things that happen elsewhere, before we pick up our weekly shop in neatly wrapped packages.


Do You Need To Get An MMR Jab If You Didn't Have One As A Child?

Adults across the UK have been urged to check if they’ve received the complete measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR), particularly if they plan to travel abroad.

How To Make Your Garden Toad And Frog-Friendly

Frog and toad sightings have fallen since 2014, with a lack of garden ponds believed to be a big factor in the declining numbers.


Burger King Grilled For World Cup Advert Encouraging Women To Get Pregnant By Football Stars

Burger King has apologised for a controversial advert offering prizes for any Russian woman who became pregnant by a World Cup footballer.


Many People Think Transitioning Is Something Rapid And Simple - The Reality Is Much More Complicated

The most successful job interview I ever had also turned out to be the most memorable one, and for an entirely unrelated reason. After spending twenty minutes answering questions and making surprisingly well received jokes, I was asked by…


It Took A While For Me To Embrace It But My Grey Hair Is Beautiful

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Jayne Mayled’s hair started going grey in her 20s but it wasn’t until she reached her 50s that she stopped dying it and embraced her grey. In this vlog for HuffPost’s Love Your Body series, Jayne talks about the moment she decided to stop…


Clean Air Day 2018: Easy Ways To Reduce The Air Pollution You Create

Air pollution: it’s a huge, dizzying, often-invisible environmental problem. So what can we actually do about it day-to-day?


British Supermarkets Are 'Trapping' Overseas Farmers In Poverty, Claims Oxfam

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Aldi and Lidl are among supermarkets that are “increasingly squeezing the price they pay their suppliers” leaving people trapped in poverty, Oxfam has claimed.

Wednesday, Jun 20


You May Struggle To Buy Your Favourite Fizzy Drink Or Beer This Summer

Huffington Post UK

A shortage of carbon dioxide across Northern Europe could mean your favourite fizzy drinks and beers may be harder to come by this summer, industry insiders have warned.

How Sugary Is Your Breakfast Cereal? (Probably More Than You Think)

Some of your favourite breakfast cereals could be loaded with over 40 grams of sugar, a new survey has revealed.


Senegal And Japan Football Fans Celebrate By Helping Clean Up Stadiums After Match

Senegalese and Japanese football fans have been praised for clearing up the football stadium after matches had ended on Tuesday.

Why We Need To Talk About The 'High Maintenance' Girlfriend

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“When I asked for examples of how I was high maintenance, he could only say that he had to pay me some sort of attention,” says Shaunna*, 27, from Manchester. She was shocked when her now ex-boyfriend first used the term, about a year into…

How Your Smartphone Can Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Do you spend the best part of your day tapping at a tiny rectangle, looking at people with more exciting lives than yours and feeling subsequently sad?


World Refugee Day: Refugee Creates Stunning Mural To Encourage The Nation To 'Choose Love'

An Iranian refugee and artist has created a huge mural in London, to celebrate the kindess he received when he came to Britain and encourage others to “choose love”.