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I Live In An Eco-Village In Costa Rica

My name is Jason and I have been living inside an eco-village for two years now in Costa Rica. After spending my first two years living in the little beach city of Jaco building and growing my business, I decided it was time to find a…


East London Academy School Celebrates Its Best Ever Student Success

Students at a school in east London have achieved their best ever Level results at the institution, with more than 100 of them gaining straight A* and A grades.


What Really Happens When You Drink Alcohol On A Flight

Huffington Post UK

It may not be much of a badge of honour but Brits are well known for getting boozy on hen and stag weekends, and just on regular weekends away and holidays.


You Can Now Get Paid To Travel The World And Drink Gin

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Not achieving all you hoped for in your current job? There’s that old phrase – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, a-gin. And now you can.

Wednesday, Aug 15


Why Taking 2 Minutes To Move Can Make Your Day Way More Productive

You might exercise in the hope of building muscle and getting a healthy glow, but did you know that regular sweat sessions could make you more productive, professionally? Yep, studies have indicated that exercise undertaken during work…


2 Minute Health Boosters To Up Your Mood

It’s 3pm and the last thing you want to do is go running after work. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to tug on those trainers when Netflix and gentle lighting are calling you. But what about factoring in some…



Superdrug Is Now Offering 'Botox' And Fillers On The High Street

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Superdrug is about to bring Botox and fillers to the British high street for as little as £99 per session, but doctors are cautious that increased accessibility will make consumers view the treatment as casual as waxing.

7 Things You Can Do To Help Relieve Your Migraine Symptoms

Migraines are a horrible mystery. Unfortunately for anyone who suffers from them, there is neither a known cause or cure for the painful headaches - which are known to be much more debilitating than a common tension headache.


If You Are Sleeping Badly, It Is Probably Killing Your Social Life

You might think leaving the pub early to get home to bed is what’s killing your social life, but scientists have actually found that sleep deprivation is more likely to make you feel lonely and socially isolated.

Eat Your Greens: Cabbage Could Cut Your Risk Of Cancer

It might not be the most Instagrammable of vegetables but the humble cabbage is packed full of anti-cancer chemicals, according to scientists at the Francis Crick Institute.


Cycling To Work Has Invigorated Me And It Can Do The Same For You, Too

How did you get to work today? Did you battle with traffic in your car, cursing the roadworks on the local ring road? Or maybe you rushed to catch the train only to find it was standing room only again? Or perhaps you waited for a bus that…


'Hero' Milkman Performs Random Acts Of Kindness On Milk Rounds

Huffington Post UK

A London-based milkman has become something of a local hero thanks to his passion for helping others.

Tuesday, Aug 14


I Was Told I Wasn't Thin Enough For Treatment For Anorexia

I developed anorexia when I was 13 years old. It became everything to me. She was my best friend, always with me and making life completely okay. I hid that friendship from everyone and became ever more devious. I loved my best friend but…


There's A Waste Reduction Revolution And It's Coming Your Way

If you are anything like me (when I say me I mean my husband) then you wait until the recycling bin is overflowing and you are tripping over it in the kitchen before you take it out. It’s the job that everyone loves to hate and I love to…


Essex Pub Received Threatening Note After Hosting Cancer Charity Fundraising Day

A village pub in Essex has been sent a threatening note complaining about noise levels after hosting a daytime fundraising event, which raised £1000 for a woman with breast cancer, last weekend.

Vienna Tops List of World's 10 Most Liveable Cities As Melbourne Knocked Off Top Spot

The capital of Austria, Vienna, has been ranked the most liveable city in the world, taking the crown from Melbourne in Australia.

You Can Now Watch A Livestream Of This Mouldy Fatberg 24/7

It’s the livestream nobody asked for but we all got: the Museum of London has launched a live video of a slice of fatberg so that people can watch it decompose over time.

Parrot Who Swore At Firefighters Trying To Rescue Her Has Sent A Thank You Video

A Macaw parrot that was stuck on a roof for three days has sent a thank you video to the London Fire Brigade after swearing at them when they tried to help.


Sanitary Bins Could Be Put In Men's Loos To Protect The Environment

Huffington Post UK

Fatbergs are so synonymous with modern life that this week the Museum of London has set one on display permanently. But the mountains of fat, grease, wet wipes and waste that are clogging up our sewers are so damaging that politicians are…


Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking But We Shouldn't Assume It Is Safe, Study Warns

Vaping should not be assumed to be totally safe, as the cigarette-substitute may actually cause inflammation of the lung cells and impair the organ’s ability to get rid of dust and bacteria, finds a new study.


Human Hair Extensions Are Being Matted Together To Clean Up Oil Spills

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It’s an unlikely ending for something as glamorous as hair extensions or as mundane as the clippings from a hairdressers’ floor, but tonnes of human hair are being swept up and knitted together to soak up oil spills from our oceans.

Monday, Aug 13


We're Calling On The Fitness Community To Cut The Use Of 'Fitspiration' Hashtags

“Fitspiration”, “strong not skinny” and “Instafit” – they’re hashtags which in recent years have garnered a huge following on social media channels. Hailed as being motivators for women keeping active, these phrases have become common…


This Cat Sanctuary In Greece Has A Job Opening With Your Name On It

A job advert has gone viral this week after offering would-be employees the chance to live on the idyllic Greek island of Syros and look after stray cats for a salary of just €600 (£536) per month.


Why I've Stopped Drinking For My Mental Health

We have all been there; the morning after the night before. Slowly lifting your fuzzy head off of the pillow as you try and fathom out exactly how you got home. That feeling forms in the pit of your wishy washy stomach as you begin to…

Coffee Drinkers Have The Power To Make The Habit More Sustainable

We’ve all seen the posters: “Today I will conquer the world. But first, coffee”.


The Lessons I Learned After Getting Prescribed Medication For My Anxiety

Huffington Post UK

I remember walking in to see a therapist that I had self-referred after months of waiting. She smiled and I felt like I’d finally found help. As I stretched my cardigan around my hands as I tried to sit on them to avoid fidgeting, my…


Holidays At Home: 7 Great Things To Do If You're Off This Week

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While we’d all like to spend our precious annual leave on a mix of beach holidays, jungle treks and Stateside road trips, budgets don’t tend to allow for such international extravagance.

Sunday, Aug 12


What Works For Me: 'The Only Time I Don't Struggle With Anxiety Is When I'm Doing Martial Arts'

In ‘What Works For Me’ - a series of articles considering how we can find balance in our lives - we talk to people about their self-care strategies. If you’d like to contribute your story, email us.

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