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Saturday, Oct 20


1 In 5 Over-70s Eat Most Meals Alone – Here's How You Can Help

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‘Next Steps’ – a regular feature from our HumanKind project – focuses on how the public can take action to make a difference in society.

Friday, Oct 19


Eight Ways To Instantly Become Your Most Professional Self At Work

From always saying yes to business travel opportunities to being honest about your workload, here are eight great ways to become a better professional – right here, right now.


When Do You Think About Having Kids – And Are You Leaving It Too Late?

Huffington Post UK

When Do You Think About Having Kids – And Are You Leaving It Too Late?


ASMR: How Listening To Rustling Paper Helps Me Manage My Anxiety

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a term that has been developing in popularity over the last few years.


This Is When You Should Call Time On A Friendship

Friendships are simultaneously the easiest and most difficult relationships to navigate. There are no hard and fast rules. There is a near universal truth though, without a massive blow up or argument it can feel impossible to end a…

'It's Saved Me From A Life Of Loneliness': How These Nuneaton Neighbours Rediscovered Fun

Every Monday in Nuneaton a group of strangers meet. They play crazy golf, embark on murder mystery tours or sometimes they’ll just head to the pub.


Women May Experience More Chemotherapy Side Effects Than Man, Research Shows

Women experience side effects of chemotherapy including nausea, vomiting and hair loss more frequently than men, according to new research.

5 Cute Animal Pictures Of The Week: The Squeakiest Kitten And A 'Big Hairy Man' Kangaroo

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It’s been another stellar week in the animal kingdom, with new arrivals and forever adorable kittens to put us in a good mood this Friday.

MPs Want To Ban Diesel And Petrol Cars Much Earlier Than Planned

Government plans to tackle car pollution have been slammed as “vague and unambitious” by MPs who have urged the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles to be brought forward.

What's An Ecobrick? The Latest Way People Are Re-Using Their Non-Recyclable Plastic

We’ve all woken up to the reality of our plastic obsession and the impact it’s having on the environment – and now people are going to extreme lengths to avoid chucking it out.


Gouda News Fromage Fans! UK's Best Cheeses Have Been Revealed

Cheese-lovers can now get their mitts on some award-winning fromage for their festive cheeseboard, as the winners of the Great British Cheese Awards have been announced.



Meat Eater, Veggie Or Vegan: Whatever Your Diet, Here's How To Eat More Sustainably

As Instagram makes foodies of us all, we are also becoming ever more aware of the impact our diet has on the environment. But how do we navigate what’s best for us and for the planet? The rise of veganism has been astounding, but from…

Hinge: A Guide To The 'No One Night Stands' Dating App By Those Who Love And Hate It

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The modern world of dating is a confusing place – not only do we have to contend with thirst traps, ghosting and breadcrumbing, but we’re living this reality online. Why walk up to someone in a bar when you could be head down in your phone…

Meet The People In Their 20s Who Have Fallen Out Of Love With Alcohol

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New Year’s Day 2018 – and wedged on the sofa with the mother of all hangovers, I found myself thinking that even the best party probably wasn’t worth this kind of morning after. What I wanted to do was pull on my trainers, head outdoors…

Thursday, Oct 18



This Is What It Was Like When My Husband's Heart Stopped For 68 Minutes

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When I walked into the bedroom, I could see he was unconscious.


Sex With Your Ex? Science Says Yes, Relationship Experts Say No

Everyone knows the golden rules of breakups: don’t get really drunk and send your ex lots of desperate text messages, don’t have sex with their best friend and most important of all, once you’ve broken up, don’t ever sleep with your ex…


Women Are Sharing Their Endometriosis Stories After Lena Dunham's Surgery Photo

Women with endometriosis have been sharing their experiences of pain and frustration after Lena Dunham posted a candid photo from her hospital bed.


Kleenex Ditches ‘Mansize’ Tissues. Please Say This Is The End Of Sexist Marketing

From Yorkie’s infamous “not for girls” campaign to Bic’s pink pens “for her”, gendered products have been a marketing mainstay and stirred controversy for decades – but times are changing.

This Biodegradable 'Plastic' Made from Potato Peelings Could Change The Sustainability Game

What do a fork made from potatoes, a water-cleaning robot, and a manmade ant’s nest have in common? Not much on the face of it – but they’ve all made the final of a competition designed to tackle big issues in urban environments.


More Than Half Of Us Can't Get Through Dinner Without Checking Our Phones

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Worried your dinnertime small talk has been getting worse lately because your company can’t help but check their phones? Fear not.

Why Is There Plastic In My Table Salt? Study Shows 90% Is Contaminated With Microplastics

We’re becoming increasingly aware that plastic is problematic - and a new study indicates we could even be unwittingly sprinkling it onto our food.


This Is How To Survive Seasonal Affective Disorder As A Couple

Seasonal Affective Disorder, often called the ‘winter blues’, is an insidious beast. In my personal experience, it can seem like one grey autumn morning an internal switch just flicks and the whole world feels unwelcoming and flat.

Wednesday, Oct 17


I Thought We Had Won The Public Breastfeeding Fight – I Was Wrong

Social media posts campaigning for acceptance of public breastfeeding have always confused me. Isn’t it completely acceptable now – even encouraged?


Food Allergy Sufferers Fear Eating Out After Pret A Manger Customer Deaths

The story of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who died in 2016 after eating a Pret A Manger sandwich before a flight to Nice, has shaken the nation in recent weeks, in particular the two million Brits with diagnosed food allergies.

Remember These? Argos Reveals Its Best Selling Christmas Toys Of The Last 45 Years

It’s only ten weeks till Christmas and whether you’re starting your shopping early or planning to leave it till the night before, it’s always helpful to know what is going to be top of every child’s wish list.