Sunday, May 27


'Get Out Of London!' MPs Blast People's Vote Campaign For Not Taking Fight To Brexit Areas

Remain-backing Labour MPs have accused the second referendum campaign of playing it too safe and not getting out of London into Leave-voting areas.


DUP Tells Westminster Not To Liberalise Abortion Law In Northern Ireland

The leader of the DUP has told Westminster politicians not to try and liberalise abortion laws in Northern Ireland.


Sunday Shows Round-Up: Tory Pressure Grows On Theresa May To Hold Vote On Northern Ireland Abortion Law

Pressure is growing on Theresa May to give MPs the chance to liberalise abortion laws in Northern Ireland following the referendum result in the Republic.


Jacob Rees-Mogg Claims Idea He Would Challenge Theresa May For Tory Leadership Is 'Ridiculous'

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said it is “ridiculous” to suggest he could challenge Theresa May for the leadership of the Conservative Party - but warned her to get tougher with Brussels.


Investment In Fossil Fuels And Tobacco By MPs' Pension Fund Soars

Eco-campaigners have reacted with fury after it emerged fossil fuel and tobacco company investments by MPs’ pension funds have skyrocketed.

Saturday, May 26


Ireland's Vote On Abortion Must Accelerate Change For The Women Of Northern Ireland

It’s feels unbelievable - and yet totally obvious. ‎ In what appears to be a landslide victory for those campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion, the people of Ireland have made clear that it is not abortion that is unacceptable…

Friday, May 25


Why I Wouldn't Bet On The EU's Survival

If you want to know what’s going to happen to the European Union, all you have to do is look at what’s happening to Italy.


Five Times Brexit Proved More Difficult Than Leave Campaigners Thought

The brains behind the Vote Leave campaign this week branded Brexit a “train wreck” as he attacked the Government, civil servants and MPs for their handling of getting the UK out of the EU.


The Waugh Zone Friday May 25, 2018

Yes, May 25 has finally arrived and many of you will be hoping never to see another GDPR headline in an email subject line ever again. The missives from various organisations have ranged from the pally to the desperate, the apocalyptic to…


How The GDPR Data Crackdown Is Scaring The Hell Out Of Our Political Parties

They’re the four letters that have plagued everyone’s email inboxes for weeks.

Thursday, May 24


Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns Quits As Ministerial Aide Over Brexit

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns has quit as a ministerial aide to fight for leaving the customs union via her membership of a powerful Commons committee.


Brexit Briefing: Permanent Transition?

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Environmental Protections: Gove And The Lords vs The Treasury

The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has gone to war with the mighty Treasury over their blocking progress on our environmental protections. There is a happy coincidence between this Cabinet bust up, the EU’s taking the government to…

Theresa May Has The Space To Change Her Immigration Policy - It Could Transform Her Premiership

For Labour it’s a lack of competence; for the Tories it’s a lack of compassion. Severe, traditional weaknesses which colour each major party in the eyes of the electorate. Sometimes the Labour Party seems like it can’t be trusted with our…

I Stand With Hestia And 100 Colleagues In Parliament By Saying 'No More'

This Wednesday, during Prime Minister’s Questions, MPs from all parties showed their commitment to ending domestic abuse and sexual violence by wearing the distinctive pin of the campaign UK Says No More, run by charity Hestia. 100…

Why We Badly Need ‘Trickle-Up Economics’ To Boost Workers' Pay

The latest Office for National Statistics UK wage data shows that real basic pay (adjusted for inflation) grew around 0.4%, after a long period of shrinking. Yet, many workers (especially the lower-paid) have not experienced pay hikes, and…

Our Immigration Policy Is A Shambles - And We Can’t Even Blame It On Brexit

Over the past two years, it’s been all too easy to blame every national failing on the vote to leave the European Union. And of course there have been legitimate reasons to do so. Our reputation abroad has taken a hit, public respect for…


We Should Never Forget The Pain Caused By Section 28

Section 28 was the most pernicious of legislation. No one was ever prosecuted under this provision of the law, but it was always enforced. Its name represents the clause number it once held in the 1988 local government act. It was a…


UK Will Probably Have To Remain In EU Customs Union Beyond 2020, Say MPs

The UK will likely have to remain in the customs union beyond 2020, MPs have concluded.


For Northern Irish Women, The Abortion Referendum And Brexit Negotiations Have Huge Ramifications

The time has come. The people of Ireland will take to the polls this Friday to return their second major social decision in under three years. When same-sex marriage was approved, it was heralded as a turning point in the nation’s history.…


Theresa May's Support For Anti-LGBT Section 28 Law 'Disgraceful'

Theresa May’s “disgraceful” past support for homophobic laws means progress can not be achieved while she is prime minister, the LGBT community has been warned.


The Waugh Zone Thursday May 24, 2018

Today’s Waugh Zone is written by Owen Bennett.


Meet The New Conservative Think-Tanks Hoping To Reboot The Tories

“You can’t move in SW1 without finding a new think-tank,” Michael Gove remarked last week - and he should know, he’s been at the launch of most of them.


Taxes Must Rise By £2,000 Per Household Or NHS Will Worsen, Experts Warn

Taxes must rise by as much as £2,000 per household over the next 15 years to tackle the ongoing NHS crisis or services will suffer, experts have warned.

Spending Cuts Have Corroded Standard Of School Inspections, Watchdog Warns

Slashed budgets have been blamed for England’s school inspectors only providing a “snapshot” of standards compared to the “comprehensive picture” they did around two decades ago, the UK’s spending watchdog has found.

Wednesday, May 23


BAME Labour MP Rupa Huq Says She Is Stopped By Westminster Security On 'Daily Basis'

Labour MP Rupa Huq has said she is stopped by Westminster security staff on a “daily basis” due to an “in-built suspicion” of people of colour.


Government Annoys Everyone By Confirming EU Laws Will Still Be Passed In UK Next Year

Campaigners on both sides of the Brexit divide have voiced fears after the government revealed it will continue to adopt EU regulations in the UK in 2019.

As M&S Close Stores, What Is The Government Doing To Address Our High Street Crisis?

Over the past few year there have been a cascade of announcements from well-known companies that their retail high street stores need to close in order to cut costs; from BHS, to Mothercare, to Toys R Us, even local bank closures, and now…


Theresa May Refuses To Intervene In Sale Of Wembley To American Billionaire

Theresa May has refused to intervene in the sale of Wembley Stadium to an American billionaire, despite £161m of public cash having been used to refurbish the arena.

Labour Chairman's Aide Apologises For Saying Theresa May Should Have A Noose Around Her Neck

An aide to Labour chairman Ian Lavery has apologised after saying Theresa May would look better “with a noose around her neck.”