Sunday, May 20


Starbucks Says Anyone Can Now Sit In Its Cafes -- Even Without Buying Anything

The new policy was unveiled weeks after the controversial arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

Tuesday, May 15


Uber Ends Forced Arbitration In Individual Cases Of Sexual Assault, Harassment

Victims will be free to go to court -- but a few caveats remain.


Seattle Passes Controversial New Tax On City's Biggest Companies To Combat Housing Crisis

Following the council vote, Amazon’s vice president, Drew Herdener, said the company has resumed construction planning for its so-called Block 18 project in downtown Seattle.

Monday, May 14


Chili's Hit By Data Breach, Credit And Debit Card Information Compromised

The breach is believed to have occurred between March and April.

Saturday, May 12


How Uber Silences Women After Sexual Assaults

Just by using the app, you click away your rights. Now some victims are fighting for change.

How Amazon Is Holding Seattle Hostage

The city wants to tax large corporations to pay for homeless housing, but Jeff Bezos isn't pleased.

Tuesday, May 8


Bank Of America Appears To Flip On Firearm Promise With Loan To Remington

The bank pledged in April to stop financing companies that sell military-style firearms to civilians. Remington made the Bushmaster rifle used in the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Thursday, May 3


Ex-Volkswagen CEO Charged In U.S. Over Emissions Cheating Scandal

Martin Winterkorn resigned soon after the scandal became public in 2015.

Wednesday, May 2


Women Describe Rampant Groping, Sexual Harassment At Verizon-Contracted Warehouse

Verizon launched an investigation soon after HuffPost reached out for comment.

Sunday, Apr 29


T-Mobile Agrees To Acquire Sprint For $26 Billion

U.S. regulators are expected to grill the companies on how they will price their combined wireless offerings.

Thursday, Apr 19


Trump's Tariffs Are Already Costing American Jobs

Tariffs on Canadian paper, imposed at the behest of a New York hedge fund, are claiming 50 U.S. jobs -- so far.

Wednesday, Apr 18


Facebook Didn’t Seem To Care I Was Being Sexually Harassed Until I Decided To Write About It

Two months ago, a pro-Trump Facebook group posted my photo and asked its 72,000 members if they would "smash or pass."

Tuesday, Apr 17


Dick's Sporting Goods Is Destroying Its Unsold Assault-Style Rifles

The company pulled assault-style weapons and accessories from their stores in February.


The SEC Just Made The Case For Divesting From Fossil Fuel Companies Much Stronger

The agency's ruling in a little-noticed case last month has knocked the wind out of the push for shareholder activism, a favorite neoliberal tactic to address climate change.

Saturday, Apr 14


In Los Angeles, Bitter Tensions Over Where To House The Homeless Rile Communities

Voters approved a plan for supportive housing, but disputes over where to put it have stalled progress.

Thursday, Apr 12


The Libertarian Political Movement Is Dead

American democracy doesn't look much better.

Monday, Apr 9


Friday, Apr 6


Trump Proposes Slapping $100 Billion In New Tariffs On Chinese Goods

The additional tariffs were being considered “in light of China’s unfair retaliation” against earlier U.S. trade actions, Trump said.


Twitter Has Suspended 1.2 Million Accounts For 'Terrorist Content'

The company touts improved in-house tracking tools for steering abusive accounts away from the site.

Thursday, Apr 5

The Facebook Apology Tour Continues

Mark Zuckerberg spoke with reporters on topics including trust in the site and trust in his own leadership.

Sunday, Apr 1


Saks, Lord & Taylor Hit By Payment Card Data Breach

Toronto-based Hudson’s Bay did not say when the breach had begun or how many payment card numbers were taken.

Saturday, Mar 31


International Health Group Drops Partnership With Heineken Over 'Beer Girls'

Heineken needs to "take appropriate action," said the group's director.

Friday, Mar 30


MyFitnessPal Security Breach Affects 150 Million Users, Under Armour Reports

The company alerted its app users four days after learning of the hack.


There Are Psychological Reasons Parents Are So Obsessed With Target

Marketing experts, therapists and parents weigh in.

Trapped Inside The Monster Energy Frat House

A woman who worked at the drink company said she was sexually harassed and abruptly fired. This is what can happen when a boys club runs amok.

Thursday, Mar 29


These Stock Photos Show Masculinity Is More Than Biceps And Beer

Discarding gender stereotypes, new collections feature male nurses and stay-at-home dads, along with guys who wear makeup and jewelry.

Wednesday, Mar 28

Walmart Partners With Conservative Group To Remove Cosmo From Checkout Lines

“The real world took another step toward its slow and sure conversion to The Handmaid’s Tale this week,” a Vogue editor responded.


Monday, Mar 26


Elon Musk's Estranged Father Has Child With Stepdaughter, Says It's 'God's Plan'

The young woman was only 4 years old when Errol Musk married her mother.


Remington Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Amid Mounting Pressure For More Gun Control

The company listed assets in the range of $500 million to $1 billion and liabilities in the range of $500 million and $1 billion.