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Christopher Watts sentenced to life in prison for killing his pregnant wife and young daughters

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"You thought you would get away with this. You carried them out like trash," said Frank Rzucek, calling his son-in-law a "heartless monster."

Heavy rain headed for Northern California could help and hurt battle against deadly Camp Fire

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At least 77 people have been killed and 151,000 acres burned so far in California's deadliest-ever fire.

Inside Facebook, denial, tension and finger-pointing amid growing crisis

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"It's total arrogance," one Facebook employee said of company leadership's willingness to blame its communications team for recent crises.

Rising seas threaten Norfolk Naval Shipyard, raising fears of 'catastrophic damage'

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“Every year you wait to make decisions and take actions, the risk goes up," said retired Rear Adm. Jonathan White.

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Kansas governor calls for resignation of official who said he was part of 'master race'

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"Racial and discriminative language have no place in our society, and most especially when spoken by someone holding a public office," said the Kansas governor.


Protesters in Tijuana, Mexico, oppose migrant caravan

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"We're sounding like Trump's America here in Mexico," said Francis Belmontes, who joined the demonstration with his two children.

CNN and Jim Acosta's fight for White House access isn't over


The White House still plans to boot the reporter, and CNN has asked for an emergency court hearing as soon as next Monday.

Khashoggi's killing is elephant in room as Saudi king gives rare speech

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The Saudi monarch instead reiterated his support for his son's signature initiative to turn around around the oil-dependent economy and cut unemployment.

'Cowards': Wolf blasts White House Correspondents' Association for nixing comedy at annual dinner

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After the comedian's scathing critique of the Trump administration caused a firestorm last year, the WHCA tapped the famed presidential biographer as its headliner.


Nissan chairman arrested, accused of hiding $44.6 million

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'Numerous other significant acts of misconduct have been uncovered," the company said

Florida elections supervisor targeted by Trump resigns


Snipes oversaw the contentious recount effort in Broward County during the closely watched gubernatorial and Senate races.


Nissan to fire chairman after whistleblower triggers misconduct probe

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For the past two decades, he has maintained an unusually high profile in a nation where foreign CEOs of major Japanese companies are still relatively rare.


Watch the highlights: Vikings' late rally isn't enough to knock off Bears

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The Chicago Bears beat the Vikings despite a fourth quarter surge from Minnesota, keeping the Bears atop the NFC North.

Alex Smith's worst-case scenario is worth $71 million

It’s too early to know whether the gruesome leg injury suffered by Washington quarterback Alex Smith will prevent him from returning to football.


Volunteers flock to Northern California to lend a helping hand

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"I've fallen in love with the people here. I've met people who will likely be lifelong friends."


Trump blasts retired Navy SEAL, suggesting he should've caught bin Laden sooner

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"OK, he’s a Hillary Clinton backer and an Obama-backer," Trump said of retired Adm. Bill McRaven.


King of the North will be decided on 'Sunday Night Football'

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The NFC North lead is on the line in Week 11 as the Vikings travel to face the Bears on Sunday Night Football.

Stacey Abrams refuses to call Brian Kemp's victory 'legitimate' but says it is 'legal'

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"I think that what happened is that we have watched systematic erosion of our democracy," she told MSNBC's Joy Reid.


Republicans had a secret weapon in the Florida recount fight

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How a GOP lawyer managed politics, the law and big egos to defend Rick Scott.


Republican Rick Scott wins Florida Senate race as Nelson concedes

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Republicans are now slated to hold at least 52 Senate seats when the next Congress convenes in January.

Sunday, Nov 18

How the Catholic 'alt-right' aims to purge LGBTQ members from the church

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Websites like Church Militant, LifeSite News and the Lepanto Institute are ratcheting up the rhetoric with personal attacks on supporters of gay Catholics.

'SNL' parodies Fox News trying to explain away blue midterm wave


"You can’t dismiss that idea simply because it isn’t true and sounds insane," Kate McKinnon as Laura Ingraham said of voter-fraud claims.

Asylum seekers — once welcomed in Mexico — met with fear, disdain in Tijuana

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The border city welcomed Haitian refugees two years ago, but the latest migrant caravan is unpopular with the mayor and some residents.

'Total destruction': Volunteers sift through ashes of Northern California wildfire

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“It’s not so much what I have seen but what I haven’t seen,” said Dave Freeman, 74, a volunteer and retired school superintendent. “There’s not much that’s recognizable.”

Saturday, Nov 17

Trump visits site of California's most deadly fire, pledges federal help

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"To see what's happened here — nobody would have ever thought this could have happened," Trump said while visiting the devastated town of Paradise.

Do Democrats really want to stop Pelosi from becoming speaker?

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Analysis: It's unclear how many members of the next Congress truly want to stop her from taking the helm of the House in January — and how many simply need to signal to voters back home that they raised an objection to her.

More than 1,000 unaccounted for in Northern California wildfire, 71 dead

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The fire has displaced thousands of people and burned 146,000 acres.

Democrat Abrams ends bid for Georgia governor, accuses winner of voter suppression

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"Democracy failed in Georgia," she said of a race marred by allegations of discrimination affecting African-Americans.

Friday, Nov 16

Trump says he's finished writing answers to Mueller's questions

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Amid reports of the president's foul mood and impending staff shakeups, Trump said he is "very happy with the White House."

Judge orders White House to temporarily restore CNN reporter's press pass

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The order to restore Jim Acosta's access came from Judge Timothy Kelly, appointed a year ago by President Trump.

631 missing in Northern California's Camp Fire as death toll climbs to 63

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Officials say the fire is not expected to be fully contained until the end of November.

Florida drama: Hand recount ordered in Nelson-Scott Senate race


Counties across the state are racing to meet noon Sunday deadline to complete the tally.

Thursday, Nov 15

Homeless man and couple made up GoFundMe story, prosecutors say

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It started as a heartwarming tale. But in a "too good to be true" twist, prosecutors say, Mark D'Amico, Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt Jr. now face charges.

Hoping Turkey will ease up on Saudis, White House weighs expelling Erdogan foe

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"Once they realized it was a serious request, the career guys were furious," a U.S. official said of request tied to Khashoggi killing.

VA official reassigned amid hearing into delayed GI Bill benefits

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Computer problems at VA have caused benefit payments to be delayed for months or never be delivered, potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of veterans.

Under Ben Carson, more families live in HUD housing that fails health and safety inspections

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While HUD Secretary Ben Carson pledged to fix low-income housing, the number of properties cited for health and safety violations has been on the rise.

Wednesday, Nov 14

Justice Department defends Whitaker appointment as acting attorney general

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The opinion came the day after Maryland urged a federal judge to rule that Whitaker's appointment violated the Constitution and a federal law.

Melania Trump calls for firing of top national security aide in extraordinary move

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"It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House," a spokeswoman said.

Survivors of deadly fire in Paradise, California say warnings came too late

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"They definitely didn't do enough," said Christina Taft, whose 67-year-old mother has been missing since last week.

Eyed in California fires, utility companies push for lighter penalties

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PG&E has already spent more than $1 million lobbying legislators this year