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Education Department Launches 'Top-To-Bottom' Review Of Teachers' Grant Program


Public school teachers across the country say they've been improperly hit with thousands of dollars in debt when paperwork errors turned their grants into loans that they're now supposed to pay back.

Trump And South Korean President Plot Strategy On North Korean Nukes


President Trump meets Tuesday with his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in. They're putting their heads together ahead of a planned summit next month between Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

President Trump Approves New Sanctions On Venezuela


The executive order meant to prevent the country's leaders from liquidating assets follows an election that returned Nicolas Maduro to power amid an opposition boycott and accusations of fraud.

In 'Facts And Fears,' Ex-Spy Boss Clapper Comes In From The Cold, Badly Chilled


Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recalls a lifetime of service in the spy business as he perceives Washington, D.C., crumbling around him.

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Obamas Sign Deal With Netflix, Form 'Higher Ground Productions'


A deal involving the former president and first lady and the streaming powerhouse has been reached. Netflix says the Obama's company will produce docu-series, documentaries and features.


Australian Archbishop Found Guilty In Cover-Up Of Child Sex Abuse


Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson faces up to two years in prison for concealing abuse after two altar boys approached him in the 1970s with allegations against a fellow priest.


German Families Playing Hooky Stopped By Police At Airports, May Be Fined


Officers have launched investigations into more families caught skipping school ahead of a three-day weekend. Parents could face fines up to $1,177. U.S. parents can be fined for kids' truancy too.


For Vegas Oddsmakers, Home Team's Fairy Tale Season Becomes A Frightfest


The odds of the Vegas Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup hovered as high as 500-to-1 last fall. Now, the team has made the final in its first season — and some bettors stand to win big.


'We Were Expecting That She Will Return Alive': Family Mourns Slain Pakistani Student


Sabika Sheikh's family was aware of U.S. school shootings, but didn't think it would happen to their daughter. "We were confident that Sabika will be very much safe there," her great-uncle tells NPR.


Foreign Investors Shrug Off Miami's Rising Sea Levels


Sea-level rise is so acute in South Florida that local governments are eyeing hundreds of millions in spending to mitigate floodwaters. But wealthy foreign investors don't seem fazed.


Experimental Ebola Vaccinations, Considered 'Paradigm Shift,' Begin In Congo


The vaccine is still unlicensed but has passed drug trials with flying colors. Authorities have begun administering thousands of doses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to fight the outbreak.


NASA Launching New Satellites To Measure Earth's Lumpy Gravity


The two satellites, which are collectively called GRACE and will replace two retired probes, are one of the most important tools for understanding the effects of climate change.

Justice Department To Expand Internal Inquiry After Top-Level Meeting With Trump


Top leaders from the Justice Department, the FBI and the intelligence community met at the White House amid a new dust-up about the FBI's use of confidential informants.


Trump Hints At Plan To Create 'Space Force' As Sixth Military Branch


While the Pentagon opposes the measure, the military has conducted operations in space for 50 years.

Video Campaign Aims To Unify Poland Through The Power Of Bread


Hate crimes are on the rise in Poland. In response, a new YouTube video aspires to foster tolerance by having people from marginalized groups bake and sell bread to customers at a Warsaw bakery.


A Texas Town Mourns, And A Nation Struggles To Find New Ground In Gun Debate


Public schools in Santa Fe, Texas, are closed as the community grapples with how to move on. But authorities in Texas disagree about whether guns are to blame for the violence.

Hawaii Volcano's Lava Spews 'Laze' Of Toxic Gas And Glass Into The Air


Lava from the Kilauea volcano is pouring into the Pacific Ocean, generating a plume of "laze" — hydrochloric acid and steam with fine glass particles — into the air.


Ohio Police Help Man Who Was Being Followed Home By A Pig


The North Ridgeville Police Department received a call early Saturday morning from what they thought was an "obviously drunk guy." Turns out, the pig just wanted to be petted.

Levees Make Mississippi River Floods Worse, But We Keep Building Them


For more than 150 years, scientists have known that levees increase flood risk on the Mississippi River. That hasn't stopped local officials from building up levees in response to more severe floods.


Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights


The high court ruled for the first time that workers may not band together to challenge violations of federal labor laws.

Monday, May 21

French Researchers: Hitler Really Did Die In The Bunker In 1945


Conspiracy theories have abounded for years about the fate of the Fuhrer, ranging from his escape to Argentina aboard a German U-boat to living out his days at a secret Nazi moon base.

Is Sleeping With Your Baby As Dangerous As Doctors Say?


Many doctors in the U.S. say the practice puts an infant at risk of sleep-related death. A close look at the research reveals a different picture.

Election Night Shakeup: Here Come The New 'Exit' Polls


Fox News and the Associated Press are upending a quarter century of how elections are measured — and races called — launching a new approach for this fall's midterm elections.

Trump Demands Review Of Russia Investigation Surveillance Tactics


The president says he will call on the Department of Justice to look into whether the department itself or the FBI surveilled the Trump campaign "for political purposes."

Sunday, May 20

Santa Fe Church Community Reflects On Texas Shooting


Rocked by Friday's shooting at Santa Fe High School, the religious community is looking for answers. Some faith leaders and churchgoers say prayer needs to return to school.

The War Over Confirming Federal Judges Is Heating Up — Again


Republican leaders, worried about possibly losing control of the Senate in the November elections, are racing against the clock to push through as many judicial nominations as they can.

Tina Fey Hosts Star-Studded 'SNL' Season 43 Finale


The season ender of Saturday Night Live opened Trump style with a nod to the finale of The Sopranos. It was Fey's sixth time hosting the show and her musical guest was Nicki Minaj.

After Texas High School Shooting, A Community Grieves


Students are returning to Santa Fe High School to collect their belongings, a day after a classmate opened fire at the school, killing 10 people and injuring 13 others.

Saturday, May 19

A Royal Wedding With Global Allure: Our Photo Album


A visual testimony of the nuptials of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

WATCH: The Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle


The couple became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex upon getting married at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Surprise! Trump Nominates Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie To Fill Role Permanently


Following the disastrous nomination of the president's last pick, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, veterans groups say they hope the embattled agency can finally get back on track.

What Does Trump's Proposal To Cut Planned Parenthood Funds Mean?


The Trump administration is pulling out an old regulation that it believes will be able to meet a conservative goal: cutting a key program's funding for Planned Parenthood. The strategy might work.

Friday, May 18

A Royal Wedding With Global Appeal


Interest in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle transcends borders in a way that past royal weddings have not, writes Autumn Brewington, who anchored the Washington Post's royal wedding blog in 2011.

10 People Killed In Texas High School Shooting; Suspect In Custody


Officials say he is Dimitrios Pagourtzis. He's charged with capital murder and is being held without bond. The governor says the suspect surrendered rather than carry out a plan to kill himself.

Clinics That Refer Women For Abortions Would Not Get Federal Funds Under New Rule


The White House budget office is reviewing a proposal, drafted by the Department of Health and Human Services, similar to a discontinued Reagan-era policy that critics describe as the "gag rule."

50 States And No Black Governors, But That Could Change In 2018


Only two black governors have ever been elected in the United States. But in 2018, more than half a dozen African-Americans are running in gubernatorial races.

Thursday, May 17

House Republicans Agitating For Immigration Fight


A growing number of House Republicans want to force votes on immigration legislation this summer despite opposition from GOP leaders, including Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Washington Politics Adding To Mental Health Crisis Among Farmers


Suicide rates among farmers are higher than any other profession in the United States, even exceeding the suicide rate for veterans.

Banned Ozone-Depleting Chemical Is Still Being Produced Somewhere, Scientists Say


Trichlorofluoromethane, or CFC-11, hurts the ozone layer and was phased out of production by 2010. Supposedly. But a NOAA study says CFC-11 emissions began to rise after 2012.

A Year Into The Job, 3 Big Lessons About Special Counsel Robert Mueller


The taciturn former FBI director sits like a sphinx in the eye of a political hurricane in which he is considered both a villain and an unlikely champion.