Monday, Oct 2


Catalonia’s Independence Vote Descends Into Chaos and Clashes

Hundreds were injured as riot police officers, some firing rubber bullets, dispersed voters, Catalan officials said. Dozens of police officers were also hurt.

Saturday, May 20


The Fix: What Should I Do About My Moldy Bathroom?

In the bathroom, a room the British call the water closet for good reason, eliminating water isn’t viable. Cutting off food, though, is.

Friday, Aug 21


Scholten & Baijings’s Bright Ideas

Scholten & Baijings are shaking up the world of Dutch design with candy colors and, even more shocking, a belief in mass production.

Wednesday, Aug 19


The Education of a Gardener

In one of England’s greatest flower gardens, an Italian formalist learns to appreciate the subtleties of seasons.

Tuesday, Jul 21


T Magazine: Five Up-and-Coming Norwegian Design Talents to Know Now

The most exciting Nordic products available stateside aren’t sold at Ikea.

Wednesday, Jul 15


T Magazine: Garza Marfa’s Chicago Connection

The midcentury Modernist furniture company, whose entire collection is available only at its Texas showroom, brings its designs to a gallery in the Windy City.

Thursday, Jul 9


T Magazine: A Question of Taste

Perhaps lazy summer days simply conjure understatement, but suddenly fancy kitchens and the hyper-styled meals they produce feel overcooked.

Tuesday, Jul 7


My Space: A Gloomy, Glamorous Los Angeles Apartment

The photographer Nicholas Maggio lives in sunny California but prefers a noir look out of the 1930s.

Thursday, Jun 25


The Pour: Outdoor Wine Glasses, and a Bottle for the Picnic

Put aside the formality for the park and the beach, but use these tips to make an outdoor glass as enjoyable as possible.

Wednesday, Jun 24


Office Interior Design on a Dorm Budget

The designer Brad Sherman’s specialty is creating cozy, functional offices for start-ups, using a little budget and a lot of resourcefulness.

Friday, Jun 19


Domains : Exclamation-Point Architecture

The graphic designers Justus Oehler and Uta Tjaden live in a 1928 Bauhaus-style villa in Berlin.

Saturday, Jun 13


Nintendo 64s and Vintage PlayStations as Home Décor

Old technology, like outdated computers and video game consoles, doesn’t just fade away. For some, it is reborn as home décor and art.

Tuesday, Jun 2


T Magazine: Gardener, to Thine Own Self Be True

The writer and horticulturist Umberto Pasti believes that to make a garden, you must abandon yourself not only to your surroundings, but to your deepest desires.

Monday, May 4


T Magazine: At Home With a Brooklyn Restaurant Designer, Nominated for a James Beard Award

At tonight’s ceremony, Matthew Maddy — who takes T on a tour of his Clinton Hill duplex — will find out whether he’s won for Outstanding Restaurant Design.

Wednesday, Mar 18


Brain Swelling Tied to Deaths From Malaria


The finding in a new study will not change medical practice immediately, but it may lead to improved treatments, researchers said.


T Magazine: A Perfectly Simple Hermès Watch That’s Simply Perfect

The French house has created a line for both men and women that marks the passing of time in the most spare and elegant way.


Flowers in Vases, Illustrated

From a series for T in which the artist Leanne Shapton makes new artworks from pictures in old books.


T Magazine: A Splash of Flash

In a season of underdone hair, a little adornment can make all the difference.

T Magazine: Ladders That Stand Apart

The latest incarnations of one of the oldest designs in the world continue to marry usefulness with beauty of form.

Tuesday, Mar 17


T Magazine: Behind Sam Shahid’s Closed Doors

Bombarded by imagery all day at work, the renowned advertising provocateur comes home to, well, very little.


T Magazine: Intriguing Sketches Reveal the Depths of Geoff McFetridge’s Quirky, Beautiful Mind

The artist, who illustrated visuals for Spike Jonze’s “Her” and has created everything from Nike sneakers to a stop-motion music video filled with toast, shares 30 drawings in a new zine.


T Magazine: A Laid-Back Alternative to Miami Hot Spots

A quietly quirky restaurant opens off of the beach’s most boisterous strip.


T Magazine: Design With a Bit of Drama

This year, the British furniture and lighting designer Lee Broom will return to the Milan Furniture Fair with a unique take on the department store.


T Magazine: Patrik Ervell’s Campaign With No Clothes

The photographer Peter Hujar’s work stars in the men’s wear designer’s latest ads.

Monday, Mar 16


T Magazine: Loving the Unlovable Decade

Long derided as tacky and vulgar, the design of the ’70s is now a source of great inspiration.


T Magazine: Clever Coastline Coasters

These North, East, Gulf and West drink holders discourage guests from swapping springtime germs — and look great doing it.


T Magazine: A New Showcase in Paris Celebrates the Art of Pen and Paper

“Écriture,” at the concept boutique Merci, highlights iconic stationery and desktop accouterments.


T Magazine: Russell Page, a Natural Artist

For the first time, his personal photographs, notes and unrealized designs have been brought together, by London’s Garden Museum.


T Magazine: Get on the Grid

The clean, geometric look has been popping up everywhere, giving interiors an updated ’80s feel.


T Magazine: A Perfectly Simple Hermès Watch That’s Simply Perfect

The French house has created a line for both men and women that marks the passing of time in the most spare and elegant way.