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Stay or Go? For This Californian, That’s an Easy Choice


The long-fading myth of California as Eden has been scorched but John Branch, a California-based correspondent, remains a defender of his native state.

Brenda Snipes, Broward County’s Embattled Elections Chief, to Resign

Dr. Snipes said she had decided to resign her position, hours after the conclusion of a vote recount that exposed a series of failures in her office.

Will Hurd Wins Re-election to Texas Congressional Seat


The two-term incumbent defeated his opponent, Gina Ortiz Jones, in one of the closest elections in Texas, called more than a week after Election Day.

Did a Tax Increase Tucked Into Trump’s Tax Cut Come Back to Bite Republicans?

Republicans capped a popular deduction for state and local taxes to pay for the tax bill. That may have hurt some House Republicans in the midterms.

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‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

By the end of this century, some parts of the world could face as many as six climate-related crises at the same time, researchers have concluded.


Trump Says to ‘Look at Other Countries’ for How to Prevent Fires


President Trump visited Paradise, Calif., on Saturday to survey destruction from the worst fire in the state’s history. He blamed California’s forest management.


China, Nancy Pelosi, Pittsburgh Steelers: Your Monday Briefing


Chinese aerospace workers wore Long March-style costumes this year. Beijing and Washington have each deployed aggressive rhetoric reminiscent of that heard during the Cold War.

Book Offers Firsthand Account of a Venomous Den Inside the White House


The new book, “Team of Vipers,” is written by Cliff Sims, a former aide in the White House communications office who had previously worked on the Trump campaign.

A $12 Billion Program to Help Farmers Stung by Trump’s Trade War Has Aided Few

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

Only $838 million has been paid out so far, despite a promised $12 billion in subsidies to farmers whose products have been retaliated against in the trade war.

Man Who Raped Dying Woman, Then Texted Photos of Her, Gets Less Than 3 Years


Prosecutors and the judge in the case expressed frustration with Washington State laws that they said restricted their ability to seek a harsher punishment.


The Whitey Bulger Murder Mystery: Two Assailants and a Prison Full of Suspects

When an aging gangster was transferred to Hazelton prison and placed with other inmates rather than in solitary confinement, it was “a death sentence,” one employee said.


On Politics: Trump Says He Won’t Sit With Mueller


In a Fox News interview, President Trump also asserted he had no idea that his acting attorney general viewed the Mueller investigation skeptically.


In a Walmart Lot, a Rough Refuge for California Wildfire Evacuees

Many in California who lost all they had when their homes were destroyed are collecting in makeshift camps, as firefighters keep struggling to contain the blazes.


News Analysis: Despite Evidence on Khashoggi, Trump Sticks With the Crown Prince. Why?

President Trump does not even want to listen to evidence that could shake his confidence in the Saudi royal, a decision driven by Middle East strategy and arms sales.


Charges of Vote Stealing in Florida Portend More Distrust in System for 2020

More than just a flashback to 2000, the Florida recount is an ominous dry run for messaging about vote-stealing that will further erode confidence in the election process.

‘Mr. President, That’s a Good One’: Congressman Replies to Trump’s Vulgar Tweet

In a tweet on Sunday, President Trump took aim at Representative Adam B. Schiff, a Democrat of California, calling him “little Adam Schitt.”


Rick Scott Wins Florida Senate Recount as Bill Nelson Concedes

Senator Bill Nelson, a three-term Democrat, lost his Senate seat to Florida’s current Republican governor in a tight race.

Bloomberg Gives $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins for Student Aid

The donation would underwrite “need-blind” admissions and eliminate the need for low- and moderate-income students at the university to take out loans.


How A Folk Singer’s Murder Forced Chile to Confront Its Past


Victor Jara was a legendary Chilean folk singer and political activist, whose brutal killing following a military coup in 1973 went unsolved for decades. Now, his family may finally get justice.


If Not Pelosi, Who Should Lead? The Question Hovers Over a Simmering Rebellion

Among House Democrats, some strongly believe it is time for Nancy Pelosi to step aside for new leadership. But a serious challenger has yet to step forward.

Sunday, Nov 18

The Kilogram Is Dead. Long Live the Kilogram!

After a vote (and a century of research), the standard measure for mass is redefined, and the long reign of Le Grand K is ended.

Trump, Touring Fire Ruins in California, Repeats Disputed Claim on Forest Management

In the incinerated remains of Paradise, the president suggested that forest management was a “very big problem” in California’s wildfire crisis.

Trump Cried ‘Fraud’ in Florida. Ron DeSantis Said, Tone It Down.

Ron DeSantis has taken a quiet, nonconfrontational approach during the fractious recount that preceded his victory as governor.

White Kansas Official’s ‘Master Race’ Comment Draws Calls for His Resignation

The Kansas official was addressing a black consultant when he used the phrase, prompting the governor to call for his resignation days later.

Saturday, Nov 17

America’s Election Grid Remains a Patchwork of Vulnerabilities

The midterms showed that there aren’t enough qualified poll workers and that accusations of political manipulation persist. Still, the situation has improved since Bush v. Gore.

Air Quality in California: Devastating Fires Lead to a New Danger

A week after the most destructive fire in state history ripped through this small town, the flames have been replaced by a new danger: the air.

Hazing, Humiliation, Terror: Working While Female in Federal Prison

Inmates expose themselves and threaten rape. Male guards let them do it. Women who complain are ‘pretty much blackballed.’

Florida Recounts Senate Votes Yet Again, and Nelson’s Chances Dwindle

A manual recount was underway in two still-undecided statewide elections in Florida, including the race for the Senate.

Friday, Nov 16

Stacey Abrams Ends Fight for Georgia Governor With Harsh Words for Her Rival

Ms. Abrams acknowledged that her Republican rival Brian Kemp would become governor, saying “the law currently allows no further viable remedy” to challenge the vote.

California Fires Only Add to Acute Housing Crisis

With thousands of homes destroyed in the wildfires, the homeless crisis just got worse.

Decorated Navy SEAL Is Accused of War Crimes in Iraq

Prosecutors say Edward Gallagher turned bloodthirsty on his eighth deployment, shooting civilians and stabbing a captive. His lawyer called the charges baseless.

Recount Ordered in Florida Senate Contest; Republican Holds Lead in Governor’s Race

Rick Scott and Bill Nelson were facing a manual recount in the Senate battle. The Republican, Ron DeSantis, appears to have won governor’s race over Andrew Gillum.

Thursday, Nov 15

Dartmouth Professors Are Accused of Sexual Abuse by 7 Women in Lawsuit

For over a decade, three tenured professors “leered at, groped, sexted, intoxicated and even raped” students, according to the complaint.

What Started the California Fires? Experts Track the Blazes’ Origins

Investigators looking for the cause of the most devastating wildfire in California history will begin with the premise that human beings were probably responsible.

A ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Life: The Victims of the California Wildfires

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

The authorities in Paradise slowly put names on the roster of the dead. Among them is Ernie Foss, a musician from San Francisco.

News Analysis: Republicans and Democrats Cannot Agree on Absolutely Anything. Except This.

The need to repair the nation’s criminal justice system has brought together the two parties in a way that is unusual in these days of partisan strife.

Wednesday, Nov 14

Police Report in Killing of Black Security Guard Is Criticized as Rushed

Illinois authorities defended an officer who killed the guard, Jemel Roberson, as he tried to stop a gunman at a bar. A Roberson family lawyer says the police are rushing to judgment.

California Wildfires Updates: 48 Dead in Camp Fire, Toll Expected to Rise

Search teams were heading back into the devastated town of Paradise on Tuesday with the grim expectation of finding more bodies in the charred remnants of the town.

Quotation of the Day: A Search in Fire-Ravaged California for What No One Wants to Find

www.nytimes.com also on The New York Times

In the Northern California town of Paradise, specialists are scouring burned homes for the scores of people still unaccounted for.

As Florida Recount Swirls, Andrew Gillum Is Taking a Public Stand on Voting Rights

Andrew Gillum conceded the Florida governor election a week ago. But a recount has reopened the race, and he has returned to public appearances across the state.