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Houston baggage handler pleads guilty to stealing guns from three Bellevue police officers

The three officers had returned home to Washington Oct. 4 on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Seattle when they discovered their service weapons missing.

Everett man accused of trying to kill woman with opioid spray


Police administered the overdose antidote naloxone to revive the woman after the suspect allegedly sprayed opioid fentanyl into her nose about 15 times.

Seattle begins search for new transportation director

Interim Director Goran Sparrman will continue to lead the agency through the end of August, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced. He's had the job since the previous director, Scott Kubly, left in December.

‘Turn out the lights’: Message from 1971 Seattle billboard echoed in head-tax debate


The 1971 “turn out the lights” billboard message is back as Seattle is embroiled in the head tax battle. Its creators react.

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Pound for pound, humans account for little next to plants, worms, bugs


WASHINGTON (AP) — When you weigh all life on Earth, billions of humans don’t amount to much compared to trees, earthworms or even viruses. But we really know how to throw what little weight we have around, according to a first-of-its-kind…


All that fluffy stuff swirling around in the air? It’s cottonwood


Editor’s note: This article was originally published May 25, 2010. Flurries at Union Bay, a dusting at Magnuson Park, deep drifts in Kirkland — spring is in the air for sure, as it snows cottonwood fluff. Drive I-90 these days, and the…

Fueling 2020 speculation, Jay Inslee to headline Democratic Party event next month in Iowa


With its caucuses kicking off the presidential race every four years, Iowa holds outsized importance in American politics, hence the swarms of national politicians who descend on the state's rustic diners and county fairs.

Oregon high school faces hearing for anti-gay discrimination


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — An openly gay couple was walking in their Oregon high school parking lot when the principal’s son drove up, veered away at the last second and shouted an anti-gay slur at the two girls. In class, a teacher equated same…


Judge: Spokane-area school shooting suspect’s comments to law officers are admissible


Caleb Sharpe is accused of killing one classmate and the wounding of three others at Freeman High School on Sept. 13.

Land where Lindsey Baum’s remains found still closed as evidence search continues


Skeletal remains were found in the area 20 miles west of Ellensburg last fall, and DNA testing identified them as those of the Grays Harbor County girl who disappeared in 2009.


With one new polio case this year, Pakistan not declaring victory yet


Polio has persisted in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan, where eradication efforts have been repeatedly foiled by ignorance, mistrust and extremist attacks on vaccination teams.


Lakewood community college a finalist for $1 million prize for excellence


Pierce College Fort Steilacoom is one of 10 community colleges nationwide that's in the running for a prestigious $1 million prize.

$12 million a mile: Here’s how bike-lane costs shot sky high in Seattle


At present rates, the Seattle Department of Transportation says it might be able to afford only half the 50 miles of bike lanes promised in the Move Seattle levy approved by voters in 2015.


Jupiter’s backward-flying asteroid from another star system

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Just months after the discovery of our first known interstellar visitor, it turns out there’s another asteroid from yet another star system residing here in plain view. Scientists reported Monday that this…


NASA shipper Orbital ATK launches space station supplies


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — One of NASA’s prime shippers, Orbital ATK, launched a fresh load of supplies to the International Space Station from Virginia on Monday. The Antares rocket blasted off from Wallops Island before dawn, treating…


Indonesia’s most volatile volcano erupts again


YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia’s most volatile volcano spewed smoke and ash early Monday in the latest of several eruptions in less than two weeks. Mount Merapi on the main island of Java erupted twice, sending a column of volcanic…


What is lava haze? A look at Hawaii’s latest volcanic hazard


PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is pouring into the sea and setting off a chemical reaction that creates giant clouds of acid and fine glass. The lava haze, or “laze,” is created when molten rock hits the ocean and…


China launches relay satellite for far side moon landing


BEIJING (AP) — China launched a relay satellite on Monday as part of a groundbreaking program to be the first to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon later this year. The satellite, lofted into space aboard a Long March-4C rocket,…


Spokane leaders don’t want head tax for homeless services


Officials in Spokane, the largest city in Eastern Washington, say they’re not interested in following Seattle’s lead in imposing a business “head tax” to pay for homeless services.

Monday, May 21

Two attacked by cougar identified; wildlife officials say predator was ‘emaciated’


The carcass of the cougar has been sent for examination by officials at Washington State University in Pullman. The animal was stalking the cyclists and was acting abnormally, Fish and Wildlife officials said.

Humpback whale carcass beached at Ocean Shores


The 20-foot carcass had been seen in the water earlier.

Sunday, May 20

Parents step up fight against Kent schools chief

The Kent School Board says it will conduct a formal inquiry following a complaint filed by a parent calling for an investigation into Superintendent Calvin Watts’ “potential conflicts of interest.” An online petition calling for Watts’…

Washington’s hidden Glacier Peak volcano is among the most dangerous


Glacier Peak in Snohomish County has unleased eruptions five times bigger than Mount St. Helens’ stupendous blast 38 years ago this month.

Insurer balks at paying for ER visits for certain ailments


Anthem denied thousands of claims last year under its “avoidable ER program,” which reviews claims based on the final diagnosis of patients.

Western State patient releases can be delayed years for lack of outside beds


Not enough beds in community-based facilities means longer stays at Western State Hospital, where the median time spent on the discharge list at Western State Hospital is 104 days. Some people have waited years, even decades after the…

Saturday, May 19

How your U.S. lawmaker voted


Here’s how area members of Congress voted on major issues in the week ending May 18.

1 bicyclist dead, 1 hurt in cougar attack near Snoqualmie


The first victim saw his friend being pulled by the cougar. He got on his bike and pedaled away to reach cellphone service and call 911.

Seattle businesses strike back against head tax with campaign for referendum


The effort by employers to undo the city’s newly passed business tax opens a new phase in the contentious battle over Seattle’s response to the homelessness crisis. Deadline for 17,632 signatures is June 15.

Free land up for grabs as Canada tackles housing woes


Canada is embarking on an ambitious plan to create moderately-priced rental units with one group hoping to bring 50,000 affordable apartments to Toronto and Vancouver in just 10 years.

Friday, May 18

Texas school shooting kills 10, deadliest since Parkland


SANTA FE, Texas (AP) — A 17-year-old armed with a shotgun and a pistol opened fire at a Houston-area high school Friday, killing 10 people, most of them students, authorities said. It was the nation’s deadliest such attack since the…

Okanogan River Basin braces for more flooding


A record snowpack in Canada and sudden hot temperatures over the first two weeks of May have caused flooding in north-central and northeastern Washington.

Judge notes ‘creepy’ smile, orders 10-year sentence for man seeking sex with girls


70-year-old defendant, who answered police-planted Craigslist ad to meet two young girls, will serve up to 10 years in prison for his efforts.

Hawaii volcano explosions could go for weeks, experts say


WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Kablooey! Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano exploded a tall, steely gray column of ash into the sky Thursday, just as scientists warned eight days ago. Experts say the explosive ballistic displays could continue for weeks,…

Thursday, May 17

Archaeologists find street of balconies in Italy’s Pompeii


ROME (AP) — Archaeologists excavating an unexplored part of Italy’s volcanic ash-covered city of Pompeii have discovered a street of houses with intact balconies that were buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Some of the balconies…

Florida teacher accused of drowning raccoons in class placed on leave


A Florida teacher was placed on administrative leave after school officials were told that he had students help him drown wild raccoons during class. A 14-second video published by CBS affiliate WKMG showed a group of students filling a…

Teen who ignited big Columbia Gorge fire may have to repay $37 million


HOOD RIVER, Ore. (AP) — A teenager who started a huge wildfire in the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Oregon could owe more in restitution that he will earn in a lifetime. Eleven requests for restitution totaling almost $37 million have…

Humans are causing massive changes in location of water all over Earth, NASA says


A 14-year NASA mission has confirmed that a massive redistribution of freshwater is occurring across the Earth, with middle-latitude belts drying and the tropics and higher latitudes gaining water supplies. The consequences could be…