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Terry O’Neill: ‘I'd love to have photographed Amy Winehouse’

The Guardian

The photographer, 79, on the cultural watershed of the 60s, turning down Marilyn Monroe and how all the proper stars have gone


Tiny microbes produce perfect plant food

How to make a protozoa soup to help your plants thrive


Robert Peston: ‘Closest brush with the law? I’m a goody-goody’

The journalist on having his tonsils out, his tendency to ramble and hair growing where it shouldn’t

Yotam Ottolenghi’s courgette recipes

A spanakopita-like filo pie with courgette instead of the usual spinach, and shaved raw courgettes that add bite to a seasonal salad

Going it alone: why I chose single motherhood

From choosing a donor to the surprise of twins - my complicated, anxious, joyful journey to becoming a mother


Where to move for... eco-living


‘Sustainability’ and ‘environmental’ are slippery terms but there are some places that are much greener than others

Rufus Wainwright: ‘I like sugar a lot; I can swig maple syrup from the bottle’

The singer on sleep, his sweet tooth, and home renovation in the Canadian mountains


Walking Spain's most spectacular coastline

The Guardian / Travel

Galicia’s new Lighthouse Way connects fishermen’s ways and farm tracks – and is a more meditative walk than the busy Camino de Santiago Guide to mysterious inland Galicia


Fit in my 40s: ‘Zumba's fun, but a natural twerker is born not made’ | Zoe Williams

Never has anything so closely resembled the function of the squat thrust, while being so much more fun

A letter to… my rock, on our silver anniversary

‘I was depressed and hardly left the house, but nothing was too much trouble for you’: the letter you always wanted to write

Holiday guide to inland Galicia, Spain: vineyards, hotels and restaurants

The Guardian / Travel

One of Spain’s most mysterious regions, Ribeira Sacra is home to spectacular gorges and rivers, ancient monasteries and some of the country’s best wine Walking Spain’s most spectacular coast

Tim Dowling: my wife is delighted – the car is officially a death trap


‘It’s 10 years old,’ I say. ‘Shouldn’t it have blown up by now?’

Blind date: ‘What was I hoping for? A pulse’

Polly, 23, PR, meets Joab, 24, charity worker


From Killing Eve to The Good Fight, I love to see a woman win | Bim Adewunmi

The Guardian

The news cycle has left me desperate for a happy ending

Friday, Jun 22


Elena Ferrante: Matteo Salvini seems persuasive – until he bangs his racist fists

I’ve never voted for Five Star: its muddled, sometimes naive, sometimes banal language is alien to me


From face masks to ​tooth whitener: ingenious ways to use up ​the strawberry surplus

Our glorious summer has led to an abundance of strawberries that retailers are practically giving away. But what if you buy more than you can eat? Here’s how not to waste them

I want to cut off contact with my mother – but worry about my sister


You can’t force your mum into therapy, says Annalisa Barbieri, but it may be something you want to explore


Why hypothetical thinking is only a pale imitation of real life | Oliver Burkeman

When you think ahead you rely on your intellect and powers of reasoning. Yet when you get there, it’s another matter

Thomasina Miers' recipe for raspberry, cardamom and almond cake

A sticky, fruity treat is just the pudding for a summertime picnic


Is it time to legalise medical cannabis in the UK?

The Guardian

The case of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell has given fresh impetus to the debate on medicinal marijuana, but reforming the law is difficult in an industry plagued by non-scientific methods

Ynyshir, Powys ‘Delicious pigheadedness’ – restaurant review | Grace Dent


A sublime and unforgettable mix of seasonal local produce with a Japanese twist – chef Gareth Ward’s cockiness is more than justified


My brother has mental health issues and his behaviour is making my parents’ lives a misery

The Guardian

He’s 27 and has had seizures and depression since he was at college. But now the mood swings and frightening anger episodes mean we are struggling to cope with him as a family

Jamie Oliver: the recipe that changed my life

The chef talks about the woman who inspired him – Rose Gray of the River Cafe – and the dish that gave him his big break


Experience: my zip wire snapped at 500ft

I was halfway across the gorge and began falling in slow motion for what felt like an eternity

My life in sex: the 60-year-old with ME

Due to a combination of physical disabilities, the days of falling into bed with a stranger are over


‘Currys left my £2,000 cooker in a derelict garage’

Their delivery team arrived early, then left it somewhere it could be damaged by rain

Homes with lovely gardens – in pictures

Green-fingered property hunters will love these five homes, from Devon to Cumbria


Pagan paradise: Glastonbury without the festival

The Guardian / Travel

What’s Glastonbury like without the bands and the fans? As the festival takes a year off, it turns out there’s still plenty to enjoy, from ethical taxidermy to wall-to-wall druids

At last, Lord Sugar gives a business lesson worth learning: don’t be racist

The star of the Apprentice prides himself on his acumen, but even the BBC must realise that this charmless man has overstayed his welcome

Thursday, Jun 21


V is for Virgil: Abloh makes debut for Louis Vuitton in Paris

The Guardian / Fashion

US designer rewrites the dictionary as artistic director for French fashion house