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The GPS app that can find anyone anywhere


A UK-based startup has developed a geocoding tool that could revolutionise how we find places, from a remote African village dwelling to your tent at a rock festival

Friday, Jun 22


The truth about gaming disorder, from Fortnite to World of Warcraft

As the number of young gamers has risen sharply, so have addiction narratives

'He was terrified of people': when gaming becomes an addiction


Huge popularity of online games sparks fears over young people’s mental health


The engineering sector needs more women | Letters


Young women should be inspired to work on some of the world’s most exciting innovations, says Yasmin Ali


Tesla downsizing residential solar business bought for $2.6bn

Company to close facilities and end Home Depot partnership after buying company founded by Elon Musk’s cousins


What is Google doing with AI? Chips with Everything podcast

Jordan Erica Webber chats to a panel of artificial intelligence experts about what Sundar Pichai’s seven objectives could mean in practice


Driver was streaming The Voice when Uber self-driving car crashed, say police

The Guardian / AU

Rafaela Vasquez looked up half a second before Arizona crash that killed woman, report says

Thursday, Jun 21


Tesla whistleblower claims company is 'doing everything it can to silence me'

The electric carmaker is suing a former technician for alleged hacking, but he says he’s being scapegoated for leaking concerns


Screen time harm to children is unproven, say experts

The Guardian / AU

Researchers say World Health Organisation’s warnings over ‘gaming disorder’ are premature and say other factors affect child wellbeing

Internet firms are failing to tackle child abuse images, police chief says

National Crime Agency also reveals rise in sexual attacks on and interest in children


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich quits over relationship with employee

Tech firm says relationship was in violation of the company’s non-fraternization policy, which applies to all managers


What is the best laptop drive for students?


James wants to know whether he should opt for an SSD or HDD to save his files on


Smartphone use in NSW schools could be restricted after review


Victoria says it will stick with decisions being made by individual schools

Wednesday, Jun 20


Instagram launches long-form videos in bid to lure YouTube generation

Videos of up to an hour are effort to pull young users away from rival, and to allow Facebook to sell more ads


Parents urged to set boundaries around children's use of the internet

Culture secretary condemns unsupervised access to smartphones and urges more heads to ban them in schools


YouTube faces paying billions to music stars after copyright vote

Platforms could have to seek licences for videos after European parliament action


EU votes for copyright law that would make internet a 'tool for control'


MEPs defy warnings from internet pioneers, civil liberties groups and commercial interests

'Facebook is taking everything': rising rents drive out Silicon Valley families

The Guardian / US

Property companies advertising their proximity to Facebook’s campus are giving low-income residents a choice: pay a huge rent increase or move out


South Korea's Bithumb loses $31.5m in cryptocurrency heist

Virtual coins stolen by hackers, exposing risks of trading the digital asset


Matt Hancock: schools across the UK should ban mobile phones

The culture secretary who heads up the digital brief says tech makes parenting harder

Cambridge Analytica-linked academic spurns idea Facebook swayed election

Aleksandr Kogan, who harvested Facebook profiles, dismisses idea as ‘science fiction’ during Senate hearing

Tuesday, Jun 19


The 14 best video games of E3 2018

The Guardian

From samurai to cyberpunk via ancient Greece, here are the most exciting games from the 100-plus on offer at this year’s expo


Campaign volunteers hit with obscene images after sending texts

The Guardian / US

As peer-to-peer messaging becomes a popular campaign tool, volunteers face a new danger – unwanted replies


Flying cars: why haven't they taken off yet?

Despite their potential, no one has managed to take them from flight of fancy to everyday reality


Man 1, machine 1: landmark debate between AI and humans ends in draw

The Guardian / AU

IBM shows off Project Debater, artificial intelligence project designed to make coherent arguments as it processes vast data sets


Apple fined $9m for misleading Australian customers with faulty iPhones and iPads


Consumer watchdog took tech giant to court over complaints about repair and replacement

Monday, Jun 18


'It consumed my life': inside a gaming addiction treatment centre

The Guardian

As the World Health Organization classifies gaming disorder as a mental health condition, one UK treatment centre reveals how it is trying to tackle the problem

Sunday, Jun 17


Fears mount over WhatsApp's role in spreading fake news

App blamed for circulating false information in India, Brazil, Kenya and now the UK


How Peppa Pig became a video nightmare for children

James Bridle’s essay on disturbing YouTube content aimed at children went viral last year. Has the problem gone away – or is it getting worse?


Why does Trump hate Jeff Bezos: is it about power or money?

The Guardian / US

The owner of Amazon and the Washington Post keeps his counsel, spurring the president to ever-greater rage